Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January in Review

I'm reposting this from one year ago today.
I KNEW January jilted me last year too.
I have a confession.
The upstairs bedroom remains the same, I'm still not out of debt, still having dental issues - I swear - nothing has changed in ONE WHOLE YEAR! 
Except I've lost 80lbs and now only use about a half a pound of butter a month.
Hey - that's a great change - I'll take it.

Get this.
Aaron might be coming back to homeschool.
We are calling a family meeting.
If you could see my face right now...oh if you could just see it.
I'm Beaming with a capital B.

Oh - and rest assured that there shan't be any culling or killing up around in these parts.
Foolishness talking yesterday!  Foolishness!

And now - the repost from one year ago today.
Warning - drivel ahead.
Refill your coffee cups...this might take a while.

I know the majority of you are ready to kiss January goodbye...

I on the other hand, am not.
I feel like January jilted me.
It barely got started, and it was over.
It laughed at my plans and made plans of it's own.
Stupid January.

Did I take one photo outside the house this month?
These are pages from my 2007 scrapbook phase.
I'm a phase kinda girl.

Look at Aaron's teeth in this one.
I miss those teeth.
I'm planning on doing a post about the boy child this week - it's been so long since I've updated you with all of his shenanigans and devilment.

Oh I had big plans for January.
Big plans to finish up that upstairs bedroom.
Remember that mess?
(if you don't, you can click on the label 'Decorating with the Coop Keeper' and view the related posts)

I got a few things done...here's a bit of a sneak preview...

The bed skirt falling off and the tag on the quilt is a nice touch, isn't it?
And what's that you say...that picture hanging over the bed looks awfully high, and 'sideways'?
Why yes, yes it is.
I have plans to fix the bedding...of course...
And the bed is going up on risers, to be higher, ergo, I hung the picture where I wanted it to be when the bed is up....and I'm planning on doing an embroidery stitchery in the frame of that old print I no longer want.
I did get the bed painted though, and I'm oh so happy with it now.
Sorta kinda.

Stupid January.

Here's another view...

I'm not really big into Teddy Bears anymore - but I bought this mohair one during my
Teddy Bear phase (do you see a pattern here?) and it was so expensive, I haven't the nerve to discard it.
So here he sits, mocking me - reminding me of my dysfunction.
Stupid January.

I had plans of working on my dollhouse.
I finally got it put in it's final resting place.
I found a neat old dresser - beat to heck - on Craig's List for next to nothing back in November.
Finally got it painted, and the dollhouse fits perfectly.

A little elbow grease......
A little paint I had in the basement....

And bingo...
the dollhouse has a spot, and I have more storage
I'm realizing the dollhouse will be a life long project.
I didn't bother fixing the chips off a couple of the drawer corners, I felt it gave it character
 (translate - I was lazy).
I have no idea what I'm doing with the things on the wall there.  I'm just trying to use what I have-I thought some flowers in the basket would be pretty.
I'm not really inspired yet for the walls.

Stupid January.

I've made two rugs this month, and Saturday, I took all the warp off the loom to restring it - it was a tangled mess.  I'm new to this, and I know there's a learning curve....I also hadn't realized what a dusty affair this was, and I feel like I have a good case of Weaver's Lung.  I'm going to have to start using a dust mask when I weave.

Stupid January.

That wall there looked plain.  That's the side of the bed I've slept on for the last 20 years.
I can't be trusted near the alarm clock, I will just turn it off and go back to sleep.
We learned that the hard way.
Since the clock is on the dresser - I got the wall side.
Due to some hormonal fluctuations during the night - it's become a bit of a burden to sleep next to the wall  - oh, not for me!  For Glenco.

I had a couple of cans of spray paint to return to Lowe's and I exchanged them for the brackets.
I'm not completely in love with it, but it'll work.
I got the mirror at a yard sale for $2 years ago.
I love old beat up stuff!


The Pink Chicken Update....

Well, in case you didn't notice - or figure it out - I have the Internet at home again.
I'm sorry if I've disappointed you!  I tried - Good GOD I tried.
I was fine the first week.  I loved not having it - I loved the library.
The second week - my schedule was all catty-wompus and I got to the library on the wrong day, and it was a mess - the third week, I found a rogue wi-fi signal in the house and spent the better part of the day contorting my body to keep the signal as it roamed through the house like a ghost taunting me with it's connectivity.
Last week I called AT & T.

Total spent on groceries for the month:

This included cat food, toilet paper, and various toiletries, iceberg lettuce heads for the chickens, and we had people over for supper twice.
I cleaned my pantry and freezer out.
I can't say that I have any great 'money saving' tips for you right now - other than to eat less.
Ha!  You think I'm jesting.
I really cut back on the snacks....and I didn't buy any sodas.
I shopped sales and we had a few meatless meals.
It's just the two of us, most meals would last a couple of days for us.

For the entire month of January - I only spent $14 that wasn't essential.
On what?
A fancy latte and a margarita.
They involved social situations, and I deemed them worthy.

The dentist bill was an unexpected expense of $900, but I was still able to reduce our total debt by 8% this month, and I'm happy for that. By this time next month I should have ONE bill left to pay off.

Being vigil about the finances has been eye-opening.
Even when you 'think' you are watching - little leaks spring up everywhere if you aren't careful.

Being a Pink Chicken doesn't mean that you are a tightwad, or a cheapskate - it means that you put a value on things - and perhaps you value a family vacation more than spending $100 or more a month eating out.
Perhaps you value your time at home more than you value a new car or clothes.
It's all about choices people.

And now a confession.
In the month of January, I bought 10 pounds of butter.
I just checked and I have one pound left.
I feel like I could throw up thinking about it.
I'm calling the cardiologist as soon as I finish this post.
I had NO idea I used that much butter.
Move over Paula Deen!
I spend more on butter than I do my wi-fi!
So, I shall try to do with five pounds for the month of February.
I. will. try.

I will just have to kiss my dreams of a Butter Benjamin Franklin sculpture good-bye.

Are you still with me!?
What a trooper.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the chickens.

This is "Tales from the Coop Keeper" after all....

The girls are bored y'all.
This is the gloomiest January in my memory, and for some reason that will absolutely not come out of the chicken run unless it's sunny out - so they just sit there.
I've been putting heads of lettuce out there for them to play with - and next I'll tie some CD's on strings to entertain them.
They like shiny things - just like we do.

If you do not have chickens, and you want chickens...you might not want to read this - cause you will probably NOT want chickens after you do.

Remember Sissy?
My favorite banty hen eva?

OK - this isn't as UNCOMMON as you think...
well...she was the only banty in the coop....
and they used to pick on her....
they picked on her to death.
And then ate her...halfway.

I know I know!
I can't say anymore about it.
It's horrible.
Chickens are animals people!!
Even though I try to humanize them, and give them names and teach them to knit and help them memorize poetry, they are omnivorous cannibals!!

With that lovely thought - I shall end this post.

Be happy today.


  1. you are adorable. that much butter? good Lord I'm both in horror and admiration all at once! and good for you on the bills/money thing. I'm afraid I broke mine in the very first month.
    bedding I couldn't live with out and clothes. shoot me now, it's only the first month!

  2. Law girl!! Here I had my man get me internet last week, cuz I just had to have it...ha, and the whole time I kept thinking of you doing without. Kinda made me feel guilty and all. But now---I am rejoicing and laughing! Ha. This is GREAT news. (not that I keep up with the Joneses...or pink chickens, mind you, cuz I don't do that kind of stuff!) Truly I am thrilled for you, and you really have got me thinking.

    On a side note, I am NOT ready for this ice storm that is supposed to come our way tonight and tomorrow. Oh how I pray our power doesn't go out too. If I'm home bound I sure want to play on the internet. Ha. (I'm so spoiled!!)

    Love you dearly.

  3. Pie crust tutorial, please! That's my vote anyway.

    So glad to you know that we can look forward to more frequent posts from you now that the internet is back up at your house! That is what you plan to do, isn't it? More frequent posts? lol

    Missed ya...glad you are back!


  4. Cannibal chickens!? I've known them to do that, even though I don't have any. Poor hen.
    Thanks for your wit and humour, it cheers me up no end.
    I hope the storm isn't too bad; keep warm.

  5. Oh my gosh! I've been sitting here refreshing the page for the last hour! Jayme, what can I say? You make me laugh when I need it the most. Yours is my first and favorite blog to read every morning. Now that I have my daily Coop Keeper fix, I can go on with my day. So glad you got your internet back!

  6. ohhh Jayme - I got the croup. Fever, can't stop coughing, congestion, achy - my skin even hurts to touch. Did I ever tell you I weave rugs in a log cabin at the county fair dressed in pioneer garb! yup, I do. And don't feel bad about the internet thing...you tried. I gave it up for a week because my bartering buddy lost power and took off for a few days. The nerve of neighbors! Anyway, I'm hoping we don't lose power tonight, tomorrow, the next day. I'm hoping this storm misses us altogether. What? It could happen! BTW-maybe those chickens are peri-meopausal. I know there's been times I could peck something to death!!!!

    Cindy Bee

  7. You're too much fun. Love your posts and I am thankful you are here.

  8. Oh Jayme,
    I am so sorry that January has been so stupid. Especially sorry for dear Sissy. And.the.butter. Other than that it sounds like a very good month - I mean margaritas and lattes and rugs and redecorranging are awesome! And your budget progress is cause for more margaritas. And internet. My stupid (newISH) camera is not working right (lens) so I have been stalled even more on posting. I want to post about farm snow days - which include cabbage and shoveling for the coop, lest they become too pecky. Mine nearly killed n blinded HennyPenny last year. Oh well, here's to brighter and smarter Feb!

  9. The best part of the post was imagining you walking around with a laptop searching for a signal.
    Hello my name is Jayme and I am a blogaholic.

    Glad you're back [again.]

    Your Friend,

  10. how could we possibly get bored. You and Pioneer Woman galavant all over the place and we never know where you might be posting from. But we are long for the ride and speaking for myself I have and uncanny desire to know everything about you. Creepy I know, but I love the inside looks into the Goffin bedrooms and now this post I have the ultimate bit of insider knowledge...you grocery list! You like butter beans, mint is your chosen mouthwash flavor and someone is needing Tums. I'm betting it was you since you said January was a difficult month! With savings on groceries you can easily afford the internet. It's all about the bottom line!

  11. Oh, Aaron really does have a nice set of chompers. I'll drink to that.

    And I often think of something you said to me once, "I want to be frugal, not cheap."

    Also, when can I sleep up in that divine room???


  12. I applaud you for your effort but that darn internet seems like a necessity these days.


  13. Well, YEA on the internet! I was starting to feel guilty for sending you emails b/c I didn't want you to have to stay at the library one minute too long just to tell me HI! And you know I don't call you much...b/c I don't want to waste your minutes! So...this is wonderful news to me!!

    I LOVE that rug. Oh yes I do!!

    The room looks cozy. Winter reminds me of cozy. It needs a down comforter! How bout that? :)

    Wed., Thurs. or Friday. Which day will it be?? HMMMM???

    And btw...I have a paint chip to match the weird green paint I got a sample of. It's more on the lines of an apple gold/green...with a spring flare. Might just be what you need...to continue your happy streak!

    I'm baking bread this afternoon. Honey Oat Wheat. I'll share the recipe, since it's not mine and all! Ha!

    ttyl...and I didn't like the part about your banty. Such a shame.

    the end.

  14. be Happy today???... how can I when I now carry the image of Sissy being pecked to death. *sigh*

    Things that are seen cannot be unseen. Alright I read it... but still.

    UGH! I'm thinking of raising cannibals?

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  17. falling bedskirt or no, your house is delightful. as is your dollhouse.

    and poor sissy. i do not think i am made of stern enough stuff to handle those chickens after all. (are you bawling your eyes out? just me? alrighty then.)

    ps i hope you do not develop weavers lung as i like you and that sounds painful.

  18. I enjoyed your January in Review! I am new to blogging and just found yours! I will be adding you to my blog list on my blog! My husband & I used to have chickens and are debating on getting some more. I do miss the fresh eggs and like you said, they are very entertaining! Hopefully you will have a Fabulous February!

  19. You are a hoot and holler...I just went back to watch your video because our volume was wacky last week on the computer. I had the biggest smile on my face as I watched you while I had my cup of tea. I kept thinking now this is someone I could be friends with.And yes you do have a lovely speaking voice. I'm off to make the pound cake, even though I should be at my home office desk working...

  20. Thank you for the update on life at the coop keepers...I do love your "phases". First things first, your guest bedroom is BEEAAUUUtiful. I love the pretty blue is it? painted side table. I just sold one almost exactly like it because it looked so boring unpainted...wish I would have thought to just PAINT it! Also, the doll house. I have a hand me down dollie house too. I love how it looks with white christmas lights stuck in each of the rooms and plugged in. It creates such a beautiful glow. One more thing (I promise), what does that little list say by your grocery receipts about what children should learn? I'm just curious, it looked interesting...

  21. Rouge wi-fi signal...I am still laughing! Thank goodness you can post more now. ;)I am ready for January to be over. And February for that matter. :)

  22. I'm so glad you're back!! :-) That upstairs bedroom is turning out very pretty. I love the painted bed. The crooked bed skirt and the tag could be on my bed, too. At least you have a headboard!
    I know what you mean about unexpected expenses. Our fridge is acting up, the "check engine light" in the van came on, both girls need new passports and my license is about to expire. Ouch...

  23. I just love you! Thank goodness you have wi-fi at home again! I totally understand about the banty incident. We have one chicken left at this point. We call her
    "The Black Widow" because every chicken we have put in with her dies. Even our Hanah Montana. Then my little girl was running to the house screaming "Hannah Montana is dead!!! Mom, Charlie killed Hanan Montana!!!"
    Our poor neighbors...

    Glad you're back!!!

  24. Word on the street (Blogger Blvd) is that you are back in wi-fi-dom... phew... I had to check it out for myself.

    That death by pecking is tramatic... poor little banty... they are my faves. We had twin bantie chickens when I was a kid... thot they were a girl and a boy... but they ended up being boys that were in love...

    Stay warm... if you are just north of me... you may be worse off then us central counties... take care...

  25. I think you deserve the internet, after such a good job with your budget.

    We have chickens, so I know what you mean. It can get gruesome, but that's life in the country. One time we had a possum get stuck in the hole on top of the chicken house where my husband had put a weather vane. We're not sure how it happened, but all that was left of it when we saw it was the head, just sticking up on top of the coop. Talk about gross!

    Can you believe the forecast for Indiana? I'm glad I got my shopping done!

  26. I'm a phase girl too :)

    Your taking requests!! Great :) How about a coffee one I'd love to see how you make your coffe from scratch

  27. Hi Jayme. I read your blog...introduced to me by the Queen of Whatever. I don't comment too frequently, but I do always enjoy your writing...
    I had a feeling that you were missing your internet...the more frequent posts and all. Shoot girl it's one of your outlets. You had to have it...Face it kid. You cracked like a home grown country brown egg at breakfast time. You buckled like a brand new pair of Buster Brown's on the first day of school. You caved like a souflee removed from the oven before it's time....you get the idea.... Welcome back. I like your chicken blog very much!!

  28. Goodness me, Jayme...so many things to say...
    1. You lasted a lot longer w/out internet than I woulda
    2. That's a lotta butter you went through
    3. Eww about the chicken. You have just dashed any chicken dreams I mighta had
    4. My vote is for a bread tutorial

  29. Your new disease, weaver's lung really cracked me up! I'm sure throngs will watch any tutorial you make. We can't get too many laughs in a day. Peggy

  30. I LOVE your house Jayme! So homey and sweet!

    And I agree with The Bee Lady. Your chickens must be peri-menopausal. Or they have PMS. Cause when I have PMS it can get very ugly around here...

  31. Love your phases....I have them too, I went through the bear phase also.....lordy, hubby spent a mint on some!
    Yep, I know what you mean about the chickens....this sounds awful, but a little bird flew into something in the barn and broke it's neck.....I let the girls (hen) have her, she was dead. There was nothing left when i went back out to the barn! I know, I know....just awful!

  32. I was so in love with this post that in my dreaminess I clicked off of it accidentally before I thought and had to come back and make a comment.

    I feel that January is always a cruel month. It's long, hostile, unpredictable, it drags by, it rushes on, it's cold, it snows, it rains, and then on Saturday it was 73 degrees. What. In. The. World. Pick a season, Jan, that's what I have to say!

    If Shannan comes to spend the night in the fancy farm room I am coming too. I just need about a 5 month notice, and likely a plane ticket. It does inspire me to redo my own room. I have commitment issues, so I've been thinking about a change for about 2 years now, It will come. I'm just not ready to commit.

    I have no update for you on the get-the-heck-out-of-the-debt-pit. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next.

    I will adore your chickens from afar, thankyouverymuch.

    There is a great possibilty that I may have doll house envy. I never had a doll house. I will still visit your blog anyway because I am hooked on it like Coca-Cola on crushed ice.

    Happy Monday to ya!


  33. Sorry about Sissy. When you have chickens things like that are bound to happen. Still sucks though. Right now I'm dealing with a pack of overly amorous roosters!

    Love the house pictures!

  34. You bring a smile to my face when I read your blog.
    I am selfish, but I am so glad you have the internet back. Give up the butter, keep the internet.

  35. Oh, so sad they picked her to death. We lost one a couple of months ago to a raccoon. It's that time of year I guess. It was a younger chicken, so I'm not surprised she got picked off. So far so good with no repeats. We have a chicken tractor for them to sleep in at night.

  36. Chickens can be S.O.B.'s. Don't ask me how I know. Just sayin'.
    And I think January has S.U.C.K.E.D.
    I can't wait till February. Oh..... yeah. I guess I don't have too long to wait. Cause after that lovely short month comes March. And we might possibly get a couple of 50 degree days in March. And then after March comes April, where we are certain to get a few 50 degree days. And then, mercy me, comes May! And we know what May brings, right? Flowers!!! And the circle of life continues....

  37. Jayme, Glad you are hooked back up. Will we hear from you more often? I hope so. My chickens seem to be fairing through the winter. Hubs shoveled a foot plus of snow from one end of the run and they went out for a while yesterday. The same one that has lost so many feather molting still has not gotten them back. I did have one day that they ate some of their own eggs but the next we collected them more often and did that for a week and that seemed to put them back in line. I think 200 -250 is our normal food bill but I will admit the dog, cat and chicken feed would not be part of that amount. This month we had grandchildren visit 3 weekends to it was up a bit. Again, Glad your back!

  38. I adore you. Any video will please me. I'm trying to figure out how to make a living off of 3 acres.....
    Oh, and I think I am getting sick, or maybe it is sympathy Weaver's Lung.

  39. Jamye,
    You are somethin else girl, funny as all get out. Love the colors of your rooms. I'm in the middle of a mini remodel in the kitchen so it's fun to see other peoples homes. I was hoping to save a bit of money this month and thought I was doing good until I found a walnut size lump on the pup. I have visions of thousand dollar vet bills swimming around my head. I hope it's just a fatty deposit. Yuck I know. Kinda like talking about the hen. Sorry to hear about Sissy. Awful, just awful what critters can do to each other. I don't get it but they act a lot like us sometimes.
    Can't say I am sad to see January go. Right now as I type this it's snowing, has been all day. I am so sick of the snow. I can't wait for February to start and be over.
    You though are a breath of May air when lilacs are in bloom. They are in bloom in May aren't they?

  40. In my dreams my grocery bill would be that low for a month we average 900-1000 a month, BUT Im feeding a family of six with two teenagers! we do not eat out and I go on senior discount day so I save even more, why I get the discount I dont know Im only 35, but hey whos complaining!! not me Ill take 12-14 dollars off my bill a week just by going on Tuesdays, it really adds up:)

  41. Just gearing up for the worst winter storm of the season! SOOO glad you are back 'online'. 10# of butter in one month for 2 people? Are you doing an IV or just using it for a main course? 'Sakes alive we love us some butter but that is excessive....Loved/LOVED/loved your video. You just make me SMILE. Your 'phases' remind me of myself. How they come & go. lol. I have been thru pitchers/elephants (figurines)/crochet/furniture rehab/salvage furniture/re-purposing & the list goes on & on.....
    Just continue to do what you do.You inspire!!!!!!!

  42. Yay jaymw I'm so glad you are back with internet at home! Please do a pie crust tutorial! I tried your recipe for crust and it was good but wasn't as flaky as I'd hoped. I kmow it has to be something I did. Traci

  43. A bread tutorial would be awesome! And it doesn't use up too much butter!

  44. Oh Jayme. I am so glad that you have internet back...and you know what? At least you gave it a try..and not succeeding at some goal you set for yourself is NOT failure. You gave everyone a good shake up in the process and made some of us reassess what we are doing ...and what we waste time and money on.

    You are right. January was QUITE a month. I didn't do nearly what I wanted to...or accomplish nearly what I thought I would...but I did get through and kept my sense of humor and that is a good thing.

    I am off to finish up a few things now because I have a really long work week coming up...work til 9 and then drag home to do it all over again the next day...and kids coming for the weekend...and....and...oh, bother...A Super Bowl game. Lord love us...I can do this...

    I hope your February is sooo much more than your January seemed to be. Love to you my chicken loving gal...and I STILL have to post that dream...which I WILL do... Hugs- Diana

  45. If it makes you feel any better I have spent most of this day running around the house doing crazy little chores like touch up painting the ceiling, measuring the window so I can by curtain rods, and sewing Christmas stockings (that's right CHRISTMAS stockings) all because they were on my January "to do" list and I am a pregnant woman in a nest FRENZY! I also just ate half a bag of chocolate chips right before I take myself to the treadmill to do my daily walk...makes sense right....need energy to make it through such exertion. That's what I'm thinking of telling my doctor on Wednesday when I see him next and explain once again that I didn't realize he meant gain two pounds a month...not two pounds a week. Those doctors can be so technical sometimes I tell you. I have a feeling February is going to be a very good month...I just know it will!

  46. I've been reading your blog a few months now and love your posts. I've noticed your references to having an interest in being a Starbucks barista. I thought about you this weekend when I walked in to my church to find that (1) we now have a Starbucks inside church, and (2) we need volunteers for baristas! Come on down to Tennessee! Not sure where else you can be a volunteer Starbucks barista and count it as church work!

  47. I will have to be honest I am pretty snowed out so I am looking forward to Spring.Leaving January behind is just a step closer to Spring! Really like your posts. Great Blog!

  48. This. is. the funniest post. EVAH!
    Even the chicken death, which is really quite said, is also hysterical...just because of the extreme violence that was imparted by (wait for it) CHICKENS! AHH!!!

    Dude. way too much butter. Who eats all the stuff you make? I make cookies and they collect dust. My husband doesn't like BAKED GOODS!

    I am a baker, not a cook. We struggle through.

  49. Dearest Jayme,
    I am SO glad you are back on the internet--not being to read your blog at least every couple of days was heartbreaking.
    Please keep on posting--I love every word!

  50. Lordy girlfriend do we have a lot in common. I have "phases" too! I had the Teddy bear phase( all but the one my true love gave me on my 19th birthday are gone now), I have scrapbooks in various phases of being finished, although I haven't worked on them in 5 years(I'm trying to get back in my scrap booking phase), and I have always wanted to do a dollhouse! Closest I've come is making a kid friendly version for my sweet grand baby. So you and I have things in common.
    I buy a ton of butter, which probably explains the size of my hips;-)! I like to bake, so what am I to do? You can't bake without butter!
    That makes me kind of sick to hear there are murderers amongst your chickens. That's as gross as dogs eating their own crap. Animals are mighty strange, but they probablybthink the same about humans.
    I have tons of projects I need to get done around here. They are on hold since I'll be busy shoveling a ton of snow tomorrow! Gees they are calling it snowmageddon!
    Glad you got your Internet back! I miss your frequent posts! Glad you understand that budget or not, a gal has to have a margarita!
    You make me happy!

  51. yay!! I'm so happy you are back! I don't usually comment but i just love reading your blog, you are just precious! I admire you and the "pink chicken" thing. I'm considering itbut, man, cutting corners is hard- and yes, I did want chickens, one day... now I'm not so sure. Although I have an incubator in the garage from my days of teaching kindergarten. I'm thinking this may be the spring we hatch some eggs at home. My kiddos will love it! have a great day!

  52. I'm so glad you are back! Blogland was quite boring without you.

  53. Hi Jayme,

    You are so fun! I thank God you have your internet back! I would love some help with the pie crust
    problems I have. I have too much butter in my fridge right now and I was going to make some butter cookies for Valentine's Day! But
    maybe I should make a pie? My pie crusts crumble a bit, any ideas?
    I started buying the roll out ones in the store and they are not too bad-but I miss the rolling it out part of homemade pie crust.
    I wish you all the best in February! It is a great month with Valentine's day fun!
    Carry on,

  54. You are still pretty in pink to me! I love that big tooth picture of Aaron. I hate when kids grow into their mouths. Stupid January indeed. I hope you are staying warm today. I'm praying we don't lose power.

  55. That guest room is lookin good, CK. It looks like it needs a guest to try it out. One of these days, missy!
    And Sissy?!? Poor Sissy. Life on the farm can be filled with harsh realities. Do you cover your eyes when you venture out to the coop each day? I think I would.
    Hats off on the ten pounds of butter. I thought my ten packages of cream cheese was something, but you win this round, for sure.

  56. I feel like I should say, "she's baaaack!" Yea!! And a welcome return it is! No disappointment from here I'll tell ya!

  57. Hey Jayme....I'm SO glad you are back! I couldn't live without my internet but in keeping with your original plans I've cut my computer time way back and can't believe how much more I can get done!

    So thank you for the inspiration...I know I'm not the only one you've touched.

    Many Blessings,

    PS - I would love a video on both the pie making and the bread making as I have yet to master either one of those things!

  58. You are too much of a writer to be without internet. Thank god for that!

  59. So, I started reading this post and had thought of something witty to say about the tags on the quilt... or the twisty bed skirt... I can't quite remember... that picture was so long ago. I got to the end and thought: "Was that picture in this post or the last one? How far back was that? Good gosh, did she really chat that much and did I really hang on her every word?" All that to say, I loved reading all of it and with every post I read I'm more thankful I found you! And my thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of chicken tragedy.

  60. I love the idea of raising chickens. The idea of them killing one another or of me wringing their little necks. Not so much. Poor little thing. I agree with Karens post that once seen you cannot "unsee".

  61. I meant to ask in my last comment what is Glenco's real name? Glen and what does he think about being a feature in your blog?

  62. I'm scrolling and trying to catch up. There is no way I could keep up with you! Where do you get all that energy?! Bottle it up, sell it.. I'll be your first customer. Poor banty.. chickens can be vicious. I have a similar story. I was shocked and appalled.. happily though, no one died. This time! -Tammy

  63. OMG!!!! I have been dreaming of having chickens and battling the township to allow chickens. Poopy butts? Ha!!! You haven't seen a poopy butt until you've had fluffy fannied little Pomeranians. That doesn't scare me. And I am always on the look out for fleas, and ticks, and larvae in their little terds. Occasional trails of doggy barf on the rugs. No big deal. But amputating toes? And murderous birds? Now you've got me re-thinking this, LOL. Well, not really. But I am loving the blog. I do already know to release crickets in the coop, punch holes in pop bottles and fill with seed for them to roll around and play with, hang a swing and shiny things, place a plexi covered mirror, pack a suet feeder with kitchen scraps and hang, etc. If I ever do get chickens the pen will have a permanent roof and the sides will get wrap in plastic in winter. That's a big big if. Crazy, backwards township I live in. Ugh! Thanks for all your wonderful posts. I'm hooked!


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