Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ordinary Life

I thought it high time to stop in and say hello.

The kicker is, I haven't really a thing to say.

Nothing funny, nothing profound, nothing.

It's just an ordinary day here in NW Indiana.

But with these beautiful, ordinary days come extraordinary opportunities.

Opportunities to trust in the midst of fear, hope in the midst of despair.
Life lessons that encourage us to answer back in kindness when spoken to in anger.
To treat respectfully when we are treated disrespectfully.
Opportunities to love instead of judge.
A gentle reminder that we control so very little in our lives.

With each new ordinary day - we are given another chance to love ourselves and others unconditionally.
With each passing click of the second hand, with each new drawn breath - it's a new beginning.
How can one not hold on to hope and joy in the midst of 86,400 new beginnings in each day?

I feel quiet today.
Humbled by kindness.

I got my sister and brother-in-law moved.  
It ended up being a very emotional time for me - seeing her come into the apartment that I set up for her.
Oh gals - it was a little dollhouse too.
My friends were so kind and generous, everything fell together perfectly, and honestly the only thing my sister didn't have in her apartment was plastic wrap - it completely slipped my mind.

She was overwhelmed, in a most delightful way.

I've been exhausted, and just now, at this very moment - do I feel rested again and ready for the next round of shenanigans.

I've stopped working so much - even in the face of a bit of lack.
There's just flat out too much to do here right now, and me being gone so much was not a good thing.
Not quite sure what's going on with Glenco's job - but he's working part time it seems.
Not sure what we'll do - but for now - all is fine.

When I was at the laundromat washing my sister's clothes in hot water - drying on hot for 40 minutes... 

(the Interweb said 20 minutes would kill bedbugs - so I went 40.  Die suckers!  In the entire move, I never did see one bug - and my goodness I don't think anyone could have taken more precautions than I did.)

....while I was there - I just stared at the dryer going around and around.  One man joked and asked me if they dried faster if you stared.  I told him 'most certainly they do!  By 30%!'

I stared at those clothes going around and around.  
I looked around at the people.  I thought a lot.
What does life really boil down to?
Love and kindness.
That's my thought anyhow.

I flat out don't care how good looking you are, how popular you are, how much money you have or don't have.  I don't care what you drive, where you live, or how you live.  I don't care what you do or don't do for a living.

Are you kind?

Today - right now - that's really all that seems to matter to me.
Are you kind to yourself?
Your husband/wife?
Your family members?
Are you kind to your children?
Your dog?
Your cat?
Your chickens, goats, cows, and pigs?
To strangers?

I believe kindness makes an ordinary life most extraordinary.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Fly By Post

I believe this with all my heart - and my heart, as most of you know - is so deeply planted in home.
I find it a spiritual practice to mop, wash windows and prepare meals.
These are important things - things that bring order and routine into our lives.
Things that bring comfort and security to our family.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It's been challenging for me to be as occupied (I avoid the B word at all costs) with all the things I find myself occupied with - and the fact that my pea seeds are still resting somewhat comfortably on my desk fills my chest with a tightness that only getting my hands in the soil will ease.

Now is the time to prioritize and discipline myself - and neither of those have been strong points in my life - I live by the winds of moods baby - and sometimes it serves me quite well.
And at other times - it certainly does not.
Today I ache to eat cheeseccake for lunch, and scrape and paint the eaves.
Not a very good plan.

Working away from home for the better part of four days a week, at this time of the year - along with the extraction plan for my sister, and the installation of the bees, and the garden beds just begging to be tended - let's just say has been slightly trying.  To those of you that work away from the home 8 hours or more a day, come home and cook, clean, wipe fevered brows, love your husbands, and find time for yourself - you are my hero.

Today is my day off and my hair is haphazardly tied on the top of my head, my breasts are free wheeling it, and I'm still in my pjs.  My housework is done, the clothesline is full, and I'm as happy as a glamper outside washing windows and setting up the back porch with high hopes of ridiculous amounts of flowers filling the containers very soon.  The bees have been checking me out, the frogs are singing a song of joy in the pond, the grass has decided to green up, the girls are proudly proclaiming the laying of eggs - and I - I am in my glory.

I just wanted to stop by and say hi.
I ran in for the pea seeds.

: -)

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Last Word

I really, really dislike the word 'busy'.
It's a word I used to hide behind a lot.
It's the new 'I'm fine'.
How are you?
If we aren't careful - we find our worth in that four letter word.

With that being said....
This might be it for a bit.

The train is about to leave the station.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blogging for the next few months, but if I know myself at all - I'm sure I'll be here more than I think I will - it's a place of solace for me.

Recently, I've had thoughts about 'the last word'.
I live with an 18 year old boy that really likes having it.
: -)
And he happens to live with a 52 year old woman that has grown quite fond of having it.

I realize now that the one that is silent is truly the one that has the last word.
Think about it.

The bees arrive tomorrow.  I can't believe it - the weather isn't optimal at all.

I have 100 heirloom tomatoes plants growing in my basement.
The spring rains have begun and the basement is, shall we say 'compromised'.

Glenda, Me, Cindy (Aaron's mom)
I'm moving my sister (not Aaron's mom) and her husband from an apartment in 
Chicago to an apartment here in 
Crown Point, IN.
They are walking out with the clothes on their backs.
I hesitated to tell you why - but I'll just say it - 
bed bugs.
They've been in what I call a 'Ralph Cramden' apartment for years.
My brother in law is disabled, and neither of them drive - so they have stayed in a very poor area of Chicago far too long.  They've been fighting bed bugs for 8 mos, and it's not getting better
The apartment building is infested.

I've been busy as a one armed wallpaper hanger accumulating everything you could possibly need to live.
Soup to nuts.  Oh if I'd only known this would be happening when I started decluttering!
My beloved enclosed front porch is a storage pod at the moment. 
 Mattresses, dishes, you name it, it's out there.
I found them a nice place here in Crown Point where she can be pretty self sufficient - walking a block or two to whatever it is she'll need.

She has no idea I'm planning of working her like a rented mule in the garden this summer.

Because my sister has been in a bad, sad situation for so long, my goal is to set her entire apartment up for her, have chili simmerin' on the stove, cornbread baking in the oven - and she comes 'home'. 
You don't need a thing - here it is - you are home.
I want the apartment completely cleaned, set up and decorated.
If I'm honest - I have to tell you - I'm having an absolute ball doing it!
My friends have been so generous to me, I can't get over how quickly it's all coming together.

I'll be honest in saying that I'm flat freaked out even to go into her apartment to collect her. 
I actually bought a disposable painter's outfit.
We have to empty her old apartment to the dumpster.
Help me.

The chickens are laying eggs like nobody's business.
I've begun selling them, and I'm proud to say that I've made a whopping $4.00 profit this month.

My last chicken seemed funnier in my head.  
I've begun decluttering and cleaning for people - truly a passion of mine - and now - I'm working four days a week, and turning people down.  Interesting.  
As soon as I let the whole idea of working go - this rather blossomed.
But for now - it's a good thing, and it feels like what I'm supposed to do.
I'm saving one day of the week for me like my life depended on it - cause it rather does!
Friday is soul day.  A day for me.  Hiking, thrifting, napping, reading, whatever my big heart desires.

So I feel a bit busy.
That - and I'm really struggling with the Whole30.
I really can't even talk about that subject at the moment.
I also need to get myself to Missouri to visit my sister - she is ill.
Say a little prayer for Viv.

The lovely thing is that these are all wonderful things to be busy about - passions of my heart - things that make a difference in people's lives.
Ain't get no better.
When a women I'm helping unclutter her home cries and hugs me?
That feels pretty good my friend.

The very bestest news is that even in the flurry I'm keeping my peace, finding my center, breathing and taking time for me.

Aaron is highlighting my hair as I type, and I've got a hot date with Glenco and Kevin Spacey on the couch at 8pm tonight.