Friday, April 4, 2014

The Last Word

I really, really dislike the word 'busy'.
It's a word I used to hide behind a lot.
It's the new 'I'm fine'.
How are you?
If we aren't careful - we find our worth in that four letter word.

With that being said....
This might be it for a bit.

The train is about to leave the station.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blogging for the next few months, but if I know myself at all - I'm sure I'll be here more than I think I will - it's a place of solace for me.

Recently, I've had thoughts about 'the last word'.
I live with an 18 year old boy that really likes having it.
: -)
And he happens to live with a 52 year old woman that has grown quite fond of having it.

I realize now that the one that is silent is truly the one that has the last word.
Think about it.

The bees arrive tomorrow.  I can't believe it - the weather isn't optimal at all.

I have 100 heirloom tomatoes plants growing in my basement.
The spring rains have begun and the basement is, shall we say 'compromised'.

Glenda, Me, Cindy (Aaron's mom)
I'm moving my sister (not Aaron's mom) and her husband from an apartment in 
Chicago to an apartment here in 
Crown Point, IN.
They are walking out with the clothes on their backs.
I hesitated to tell you why - but I'll just say it - 
bed bugs.
They've been in what I call a 'Ralph Cramden' apartment for years.
My brother in law is disabled, and neither of them drive - so they have stayed in a very poor area of Chicago far too long.  They've been fighting bed bugs for 8 mos, and it's not getting better
The apartment building is infested.

I've been busy as a one armed wallpaper hanger accumulating everything you could possibly need to live.
Soup to nuts.  Oh if I'd only known this would be happening when I started decluttering!
My beloved enclosed front porch is a storage pod at the moment. 
 Mattresses, dishes, you name it, it's out there.
I found them a nice place here in Crown Point where she can be pretty self sufficient - walking a block or two to whatever it is she'll need.

She has no idea I'm planning of working her like a rented mule in the garden this summer.

Because my sister has been in a bad, sad situation for so long, my goal is to set her entire apartment up for her, have chili simmerin' on the stove, cornbread baking in the oven - and she comes 'home'. 
You don't need a thing - here it is - you are home.
I want the apartment completely cleaned, set up and decorated.
If I'm honest - I have to tell you - I'm having an absolute ball doing it!
My friends have been so generous to me, I can't get over how quickly it's all coming together.

I'll be honest in saying that I'm flat freaked out even to go into her apartment to collect her. 
I actually bought a disposable painter's outfit.
We have to empty her old apartment to the dumpster.
Help me.

The chickens are laying eggs like nobody's business.
I've begun selling them, and I'm proud to say that I've made a whopping $4.00 profit this month.

My last chicken seemed funnier in my head.  
I've begun decluttering and cleaning for people - truly a passion of mine - and now - I'm working four days a week, and turning people down.  Interesting.  
As soon as I let the whole idea of working go - this rather blossomed.
But for now - it's a good thing, and it feels like what I'm supposed to do.
I'm saving one day of the week for me like my life depended on it - cause it rather does!
Friday is soul day.  A day for me.  Hiking, thrifting, napping, reading, whatever my big heart desires.

So I feel a bit busy.
That - and I'm really struggling with the Whole30.
I really can't even talk about that subject at the moment.
I also need to get myself to Missouri to visit my sister - she is ill.
Say a little prayer for Viv.

The lovely thing is that these are all wonderful things to be busy about - passions of my heart - things that make a difference in people's lives.
Ain't get no better.
When a women I'm helping unclutter her home cries and hugs me?
That feels pretty good my friend.

The very bestest news is that even in the flurry I'm keeping my peace, finding my center, breathing and taking time for me.

Aaron is highlighting my hair as I type, and I've got a hot date with Glenco and Kevin Spacey on the couch at 8pm tonight.



  1. Please poke your head in a say "HI" now and again...or we'll have to hunt you down!

  2. You are such a saint for doing this for your sister! Bedbugs!!! Yuck!!!!! Don't even let her bring her purse! Those little rascals could be everywhere.

  3. Jayme, Prayers for your sister, for all of you. See you back here soon , I hope. xoxo,Susie

  4. I live in the city. Bedbugs are terrifying and moving in all over! I'm so thankful your sister has you to help. I'm so thankful this has been fun for you!

  5. A quote I saw recently........"Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens". ~Jimi Hendrix. I have it taped to my mirror!
    I can tell that setting up your sister is your 'hearts desire', such a wonderful way to spend your time! I too have been struggling with the the food thing, but it's all part of the journey for me.

  6. I knew you had wings! Your an angel!!!!! Bless you honey for making the world a better place.

  7. Enjoy doing what makes you happy. I will be on the lookout for blog posts in the future!!

  8. Wow! I'll thinking of you. and praying! You're amazing.

    Your family is blessed because of you! You know that?

  9. What a wonderful blessing you are to your family. It sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but you're the right person for the job! Prayers to you and your sisters.

  10. Our kids (Kristen next door with Robyn and baby Walter) lived with us for 3 weeks while their home (where we lived for 9 months last year) was treated for bed bug infestation. She dealt with it 9 months pregnant.....they stripped to their skivvies on my back porch before coming in. That's why she had to deliver her baby at our house again. Bed bugs are THE WORST. So sorry your sis has had to deal with them. :( Glad you're there to help, but yes, do pitch everything including your clothing after you fetch her....

  11. What a big, loving heart! Blessings to all . . .

  12. I popped in before and read but didn't have time to comment. God bless you, Jayme, as you deal with your sister(s) and all that you have going on in your life. If you can keep your food good you know that your life will be manageable- and I know that you struggle with that as do I! xoDiana

  13. Bedbugs...shudder. Thousands and thousands to treat. What an amazing gift you are giving them with that apartment. You are my hero!

  14. You are truly amazing!! Wish I had your organization and skills!! Hugs.

    Bedbugs are terrible I had friends bring them home from a hotel..and ughhhh. They struggled!!


  15. Those bugs are pretty resilient. Its a shame they can't be squashed. Thanks for the heads up about not posting Im actually worrying if a couple of my favorite bloggers are even alive right now.

  16. I wish I lived there to help set your sister's apt up, I love doing that kind of thing! What a wonderful sister, friend, person you are to give so much of yourself. You are an inspiration! May God keep you and your family in the palm of his hand.

  17. Oh, I'm going to miss your posts if you turn into a once a month girl with this blogging in the near future, but I will have to understand. Aren't you a great sister. You just have so much nurturing in your soul Jayme. It is how God made you. Aren't all your loved ones so fortunate. I helped set up my daughter and her boyfriend's apartment years ago. I agree it was too fun. I know the kids appreciated it a lot. Oh boy, bed bugs. Yikes. I would be crazy checking myself and itching upon leaving if I had to contend with that. My sister in law had a similar situation with her in laws townhome. Didn't move them, but had to throw a lot of things away, buy them some new furniture, two exterminations and so on. They live in Vegas and frequent the casinos, so they are thinking that is where they came from. Ugh! What an undertaking. Well, keep us posted Jayme, even if it is a little extra midnight oil ya gotta burn girl. Your awesome!!


  18. You continue to be a blessing to me even when you are scarce around here! Be well my friend...

    Many Blessings,

  19. You are being a wonderful sister. What a big heart you have. I'm selfish enough to hope you get a chance to write once in a while because I love to read your blog. But, if you don't, we know what you are doing. And it's not busyness, it's doing good.

  20. Jayme, you are a precious soul who cares deeply, I like that!!! Your sisters are blessed to have you!!! Wish I lived closer I could help you out with a ton of stuff…. We downsized last fall and I am patiently awaiting the town yard sale to get rid of stuff… I would of gladly gave it to you!!! Nancy

  21. You are some serious kind of Giver Jayme. I'm always surprised when I read your blog and you have yet another round of 'redoings' or tasks or adventures up your sleeve........this time I think you've toppled the list -- bless you for showing what sisterhood looks like. This world has the givers and the takers.......tonight I think we readers innocently sign up under the 'taker' list as we have gleaned the how to's of just stepping out for another in need. I know you didn't share the above to gain applause, but, I'm giving you a standing "O" for being such a generous 'do-er'.....I love that! We will miss the regular 'reads' -- first things first and you just take on with that ever-lovin', amazing gusto we become so familar with Jayme..........

    Blessings and Prayers for the needs that are before you and your Family,

  22. Oh mercy, am I ever glad to read this post. Visiting from Hartwood Roses and I despise the word busy as a response to How are you? Well, aren't we all? What do people think, oh, never mind. I don't actually want to know. LOL There's another not favorite word...actually.
    Wish I lived near enough to buy eggs from you...wowzer! Go chickens go. And I do like biscuits, especially with home churned butter and home made jam.Tucking Viv in prayer and you, that you're able to visit. soon.

  23. I have a son who likes to start texting conversations that no matter what he has to have the last word, even if all it is is "k". Makes me chuckle. I will literally see how far I can push it. He never gives up. Always the last text.

    That said, you are a special person. Your family and friends are blessed to have you in their lives.


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