Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ordinary Life

I thought it high time to stop in and say hello.

The kicker is, I haven't really a thing to say.

Nothing funny, nothing profound, nothing.

It's just an ordinary day here in NW Indiana.

But with these beautiful, ordinary days come extraordinary opportunities.

Opportunities to trust in the midst of fear, hope in the midst of despair.
Life lessons that encourage us to answer back in kindness when spoken to in anger.
To treat respectfully when we are treated disrespectfully.
Opportunities to love instead of judge.
A gentle reminder that we control so very little in our lives.

With each new ordinary day - we are given another chance to love ourselves and others unconditionally.
With each passing click of the second hand, with each new drawn breath - it's a new beginning.
How can one not hold on to hope and joy in the midst of 86,400 new beginnings in each day?

I feel quiet today.
Humbled by kindness.

I got my sister and brother-in-law moved.  
It ended up being a very emotional time for me - seeing her come into the apartment that I set up for her.
Oh gals - it was a little dollhouse too.
My friends were so kind and generous, everything fell together perfectly, and honestly the only thing my sister didn't have in her apartment was plastic wrap - it completely slipped my mind.

She was overwhelmed, in a most delightful way.

I've been exhausted, and just now, at this very moment - do I feel rested again and ready for the next round of shenanigans.

I've stopped working so much - even in the face of a bit of lack.
There's just flat out too much to do here right now, and me being gone so much was not a good thing.
Not quite sure what's going on with Glenco's job - but he's working part time it seems.
Not sure what we'll do - but for now - all is fine.

When I was at the laundromat washing my sister's clothes in hot water - drying on hot for 40 minutes... 

(the Interweb said 20 minutes would kill bedbugs - so I went 40.  Die suckers!  In the entire move, I never did see one bug - and my goodness I don't think anyone could have taken more precautions than I did.)

....while I was there - I just stared at the dryer going around and around.  One man joked and asked me if they dried faster if you stared.  I told him 'most certainly they do!  By 30%!'

I stared at those clothes going around and around.  
I looked around at the people.  I thought a lot.
What does life really boil down to?
Love and kindness.
That's my thought anyhow.

I flat out don't care how good looking you are, how popular you are, how much money you have or don't have.  I don't care what you drive, where you live, or how you live.  I don't care what you do or don't do for a living.

Are you kind?

Today - right now - that's really all that seems to matter to me.
Are you kind to yourself?
Your husband/wife?
Your family members?
Are you kind to your children?
Your dog?
Your cat?
Your chickens, goats, cows, and pigs?
To strangers?

I believe kindness makes an ordinary life most extraordinary.


  1. Amen! No act of kindness ever gets wasted! I tell our five year old twins can choose to be happy & kind or grumpy & mean! I choose kind!!

  2. Jayme- You have touched on something that is written on my soul. I have often told my kids that when I am gone that people will remember me as being a kind person....well, a funny, too...if there is a 2nd connective word. lol xo Diana

    ps. Glad your sister got moved and is not "bugged" anymore

  3. Such kindness you bestowed on your sister and family. Your friends who helped are awesome!
    Sorry to hear your hubby seems to have cut hours. Somehow things work out don't they? Have faith and do relax a bit. God Bless.

  4. I tell the grandkids, kindness matters. So be kind, even when someone may not being kind to you. God knows. Jayme, it was so good of you to help your SIL. That would be a job. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. This post has touched my heart! Your words are so true!

  6. I agree, when in doubt, LOVE is the answer, Love and kindness go hand and hand. . . thanks for this post, having a horrendous time with life right now. . . you inspire. . . you are an incredible person, to do what you did for your sister, God Bless You Jaymster xoxo What size is she Jayme, (you can email me) I may have some clothes for her.

  7. So with you on kindness Jayme. If we could just remember to be kind, this world would be a much better place. Love your blog xx

  8. Jayme, all I can say in response to your post is, "Amen."

  9. Glad your sister is all tucked in and closer now. :) you are so right... a simple life is a good life and kindness is a pleasure to pass around.

    PS. The chai tea is awesome. Made it as sun tea last weekend and I put in a little vanilla and almond milk. Perfect.
    Cedar Lake

  10. And you said you had nothing profound to share...ha, words of wisdom in every line!

  11. Kindness and Gratitude are not rated high enough these days. What a great sister you are girl. I get the watching of the dryer, as long as the gentleman didn't hear you chanting. (Smiles) You have been a busy girl. Well, Spring has finally arrived here in the Midwest. Grass is green and Sunday was such a beautiful day with family and home. I hope it was for you too.


  12. I do enjoy your posts and I love your philosophy on life. My mother used to say if you have a choice between being right and being kind, always choose kind. You are a blessing to your family and friends.

  13. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  14. Wise words--and just what I needed to hear at the moment I needed to hear it!

  15. I read another blog and he signs each post with the wins. I'm starting to believe it!

  16. Beautiful Jayme . . . so happy you are part of my life . . .
    Kindness and Love always win . . .

  17. Amen sister. Kindness and love are blessings, both when given and when received! Thank you for the beautiful reminder :).

  18. Jayme, You are a wise woman. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  19. What a lovely post, Jayme. Thank you, I needed that today, it's been a rough road over here in NH for a bit. ~Vonnie

  20. Beautiful post Jayme.
    Yes to kindness and gratitude.


  21. You are such a sweet soul. (Have you ever thought of writing an inspiration book, complete with drawings of chickens? I know, I know -- who has time?!) If it were possible, you would be one of my bestest friends. In some ways, I already feel like you are. Have a wonderful day - you deserve it! Pam (from Colorado)

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  23. Perfect. It is such a simple mantra, "be kind". You just can't go wrong.
    Love your blog and looking forward to your next post.

  24. Yes...kindness...yes. This is where I am right now. Are you kind. Empathy and compassion and less judgement, please.


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