Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just a Housewife

A friend of mine called me out yesterday on the fact that I haven't
 blogged since Oct. 4th.  
I had no idea that much time had gone by.
I don't understand how time is flying so!

I don't mean this sarcastically at all!  I say 'amen!'.

I've really had no energy flowing toward the blog at all - and I bet it's
 been over a year 
since I've even read another blog.

I don't find much use with the Interweb these days, other than finding a good 
recipe, or sending an email here and there.

I'm kind of over it.  
: -)

In the past five weeks, I've been pretty occupied.
I spent a week in Missouri, helping my cousin paint rooms, lay new floors, etc.
Got home and jumped right into a large cleaning project that required barrels of elbow grease.

My friend's father passed, and she's prepping the house for sale.
I'm deep cleaning every square inch.

I've ALWAYS felt that I could be a house flipper - but Lord have mercy, I'm aching all over!
Why is it more fun to clean someone else's house?

This very day is the first day off I've had in the last two weeks I do believe.
I've spent the better part of the day moving the heating pad about my body and catching 
up on phone calls and messages.

I just pulled a batch of these out the oven...

Cranberry Harvest Muffins

It was whilst I was mixing the ginger into the batter that I started realizing the worth of a 'housewife'.
I really do prefer the term 'homemaker'.

I feel incredibly grateful that I'm able to stay home, and just do a couple of cleaning jobs a week, and even more so that I'm the kind of gal willing to make the sacrifices I make in order to that.  
Many people aren't willing to make them.
I think long term - in twenty years I'll be thankful that I had more time with my friends and family -  I don't think I'll mourn the fact that I lived without cable TV and a cell phone.

In the last two-ish weeks that I've been gone all day working, we've suffered.
Our nutrition has been poor.  
Aaron needed me a couple of times, and I was unavailable.
There has been a severe lack of 'cozy' going on here.
Glen's been lonely.
I've been so, so, so tired.
The catboxes were shameful.
Need I go on?

I'm certain that if I worked full time, all of the time, I'd get a rhythm going and be fine.
I'm telling you what though - I like staying home.
I like being on top of things, and preparing good meals, and not being stressed over laundry.
I love being here with Glenco gets home, and offering a warm muffin.
I love being a homemaker.

I think this applies to working and stay at home moms and dads, for that matter

Please, don't ever underestimate the value of 'us' stay at home'rs.
Whether you are raising little ones, or big ones.
Whether your nest is empty, or overflowing.
It matters.

If you are home, be home.
Be present.
Love your family, love yourself.
Bake some muffins, fluff a pillow, hug a neck.

And, never, ever - forget this....

When the Queen is Happy...