Thursday, December 17, 2020

How the Heck to You Respond?

How the heck to you respond to comments!?  Ha!  I'm just stuck in this weird loop - seems that I have responded, but nothing shows up...

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the warm welcome back - gosh was it a balm to my soul to see you guys!  Consider this post a response to your comments.  I can't figure out how to do it properly!  

I have just a few more days in the marshmallow mines - then we'll just enjoy a quiet Christmas - and I'll be up on Instagram catching up with you guys.

Thanks again - I've missed you all...

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Just in Case.....

Just in the off chance that anyone is still here - anyone is still checking - come on over to Instagram and follow me

I'm well!  All is so well!

Would love to reconnect.


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lessons from the Lilacs

It’s the glorious month of May in the glorious State of Indiana. 

What a wonderful time to be alive. 

May has always and forever been one of my two favorite months. 
May and October, October and May. 
Utter deliciousness. 
Polar opposites. 

My love of this fabulous weather and greenery makes a good argument to leave these parts for more temperate lands...but alas, a Midwest girl is what I am. 
It takes gumption and moxie to live here, and dadgumit, I like it. 

In May, every thing is fresh and new, nothing’s been ravaged from the heat and bugs. 
In October, every thing is nearly gone, kissed by frost's kiss of death. 

Usually by this time of the month, I’m standing on street corners begging for money, so I can go get my next fix at the garden center. This year, I’ve only been twice. 
I look around at the work that I need to do, and as usual, it’s overwhelming to me...especially working 24/7 slinging marshmallows. 


This year something happened. 

The lilacs bloomed as they do every year, albeit what seemed a bit late because of our unseasonably cool temps. I reveled in them as usual, exclaiming to anyone in earshot how I did believe it to be the most wonderful time of the year. 

And then my analytical, 'let’s think about some morbid things' brain kicked in...and I did the math for the best case scenario of how many more times I’ll witness these blooms bursting. 

You guys. 

If that doesn’t sober ya up, I’m not sure what will. 
I’m thinking best case scenario, I’ve got maybe 25 more times to witness this wonder of May.

I had to have a come to Jesus meeting. I’ve been working, to my detriment, like a fool, for three solid years. I feel like I’ve aged 20 years. I don’t laugh that much anymore. I don’t find the joy in homemaking anymore. I seriously barely recognized myself. 

I took a day off. I went to the garden center, and I went and bought four young hens. 
I took out my calendar, and erased nearly half the markets that I’d planned on doing. 
It’s still going to take a little doing, but I’m aiming to work only four days a week. 

I know it’s been said ad nauseum, how fast life goes by, etc, but seriously...I’ve watched the lilac bushes bloom here 30 times this year...and I’d be sore pressed to believe I’ve got another 30 times. 

20 Blooms later.

I pray so hard that I’ll remember this lesson of the lilacs this year. 

The photos dispersed about in here are from my yard!  Do you even recognize it?  I keep telling myself it’s got good bones...and I’m doing my best to get some things done when I can, and be grateful for what I do have...but some days I’m just mad as a hornet that I don’t have the time!

I’ve so much catching up to do!

Monday, April 2, 2018

What Everyone Wants to Know....

How's Aaron?


Walking on Shelf Ice at Kemil Beach, Lake Michigan

This is the question I hear the most - so I thought I'd talk about it first....

That...and I really have no idea what else to talk about!

Life is so very different now.

I do not presently have chickens.
Or bees.
Truly - my house has that 'I think that lady died' look about it now.

I kinda cringe when I come home - and see alllll the work that we really need to do.  I've pondered selling so very often, just walking away from it all, 
there's just something here that keeps me.

Newest Feline Acquisition - Baby Louie

Now that Aaron has grown the heck up, I haven't much to love on and nurture, other than the three cats, a canary, and
And Glenco of course!

I'm  finally learning to take care of myself above all things.
It ain't easy sisters.

Aaron is 22.
Do you know that it was Easter of 2009 when I first decided I would blog and talk about chickens, cakes and homeschooling?

I absolutely couldn't believe that I got comments from my last blog post!
It truly felt like a family reunion of sorts.

I am so very rusty at this, not that I ever wasn't - but it feels clunky and awkward at the moment, trying to blog - hopefully it'll flow again soon.

So - this kid Aaron.
He's 22.
He's engaged.
He lives in Chicago.
He still does hair.

I don't know how this is supposed to work - once a boy grows up, gets engaged and moves away - but if I look upon Facebook enough - at all the big family pictures, and grandbabies, and full houses on the holidays - I'm apt to feel a bit left out.

We go through spurts of talking often, sprinkled with a few weeks of no contact.
At times, the emotional Jayme peeks out and has thoughts like 'it feels like he died! We were so close!' - and then the rational Jayme takes over and remembers what it was like to be 22 - and I get it.
Also, the business has had me so busy the last few years, I'm not sure which way is up at times.

I did get to see him yesterday, and short of kidnaping him, I enjoyed every stinking second of it.  I drank him in with hugs and kisses, and really was able to control myself with firing a million questions at him like 'are you eating enough? did you pay your bills? do you sleep enough? etc, etc.'
We had a fantastic visit.
My heart felt good after seeing him.

Honest to Pete, I feel like you guys helped me raise the boy.
We did a good job guys.

I sense that he's going to be ok.
I've learned so so much, and matured in so many ways - Aaron has been the greatest gift in my life.

Aaron, Andrew and Diva
He's engaged, but there is no date set - and for that I feel glad.  Honestly, I don't think he's (they) are quite ready.  We've come to love Andrew like a son, and we absolutely adore his family as well.

We've decided to set dates to see each other, every three weeks.
I literally cannot wait til April 15th.

So there you have the Aaron update!

I have no idea what to talk about next.....


Monday, March 19, 2018

No...Seriously....I'm Back : -)


You have no idea how I've missed sitting here....cursor blinking.  No idea.  If anyone is still here reading this, that would be rather amazing.  Perhaps you are.  Thank you.  

I have no idea what to say, but on this last day of Winter 2018 - I just wanted to say - I'm well.  I'm happy.  Business is great.  I'm back.  I'm so uber determined to blog again.  I've been able to meet so many of you in my travels.  It's been so humbling, exciting, and sort of embarrassing at times.  : -)

This is just a quick hello - I will be back tomorrow.  You have no idea what I went through just to get ON this dog gone blog...ha ha!  I mean, I'd forgotten the email address, the password.  Almost gave up.  I'm just now seeing comment that were posted nearly a year ago.

Here's a few recent pictures of what I've been up to.  Oh goodness, I have tales to tell.  

SO much has changed, SO much has stayed the same.
I'm really eager to share life with you again.

Til soon.