Monday, April 2, 2018

What Everyone Wants to Know....

How's Aaron?


Walking on Shelf Ice at Kemil Beach, Lake Michigan

This is the question I hear the most - so I thought I'd talk about it first....

That...and I really have no idea what else to talk about!

Life is so very different now.

I do not presently have chickens.
Or bees.
Truly - my house has that 'I think that lady died' look about it now.

I kinda cringe when I come home - and see alllll the work that we really need to do.  I've pondered selling so very often, just walking away from it all, 
there's just something here that keeps me.

Newest Feline Acquisition - Baby Louie

Now that Aaron has grown the heck up, I haven't much to love on and nurture, other than the three cats, a canary, and
And Glenco of course!

I'm  finally learning to take care of myself above all things.
It ain't easy sisters.

Aaron is 22.
Do you know that it was Easter of 2009 when I first decided I would blog and talk about chickens, cakes and homeschooling?

I absolutely couldn't believe that I got comments from my last blog post!
It truly felt like a family reunion of sorts.

I am so very rusty at this, not that I ever wasn't - but it feels clunky and awkward at the moment, trying to blog - hopefully it'll flow again soon.

So - this kid Aaron.
He's 22.
He's engaged.
He lives in Chicago.
He still does hair.

I don't know how this is supposed to work - once a boy grows up, gets engaged and moves away - but if I look upon Facebook enough - at all the big family pictures, and grandbabies, and full houses on the holidays - I'm apt to feel a bit left out.

We go through spurts of talking often, sprinkled with a few weeks of no contact.
At times, the emotional Jayme peeks out and has thoughts like 'it feels like he died! We were so close!' - and then the rational Jayme takes over and remembers what it was like to be 22 - and I get it.
Also, the business has had me so busy the last few years, I'm not sure which way is up at times.

I did get to see him yesterday, and short of kidnaping him, I enjoyed every stinking second of it.  I drank him in with hugs and kisses, and really was able to control myself with firing a million questions at him like 'are you eating enough? did you pay your bills? do you sleep enough? etc, etc.'
We had a fantastic visit.
My heart felt good after seeing him.

Honest to Pete, I feel like you guys helped me raise the boy.
We did a good job guys.

I sense that he's going to be ok.
I've learned so so much, and matured in so many ways - Aaron has been the greatest gift in my life.

Aaron, Andrew and Diva
He's engaged, but there is no date set - and for that I feel glad.  Honestly, I don't think he's (they) are quite ready.  We've come to love Andrew like a son, and we absolutely adore his family as well.

We've decided to set dates to see each other, every three weeks.
I literally cannot wait til April 15th.

So there you have the Aaron update!

I have no idea what to talk about next.....



  1. I'm so excited I'm the first to comment!!
    Great to see Aaron happy and settled (and hello-those eyebrows of his are amazing!) You must be very proud of him but I understand the mixed feelings at times -it's bitter sweet seeing them grow up..
    I'd love to hear what a general day/week is like for you-as someone who talks herself out of taking risks, I'd love to hear how you have found the experience of growing your business and would you do things differently?
    I have loved your blog Jayme because it is written by you-so anything you write will be fab �� Vicky from London

  2. Thank you for the update! The only surprise was Diva....I would have guessed he would have chosen some felines for a companion after growing up with them.

  3. Just to clarify-the 'someone who talks herself out of taking risks ' is me!

  4. Jayme, I guess that is how you do it...make time for one another. You son is beautiful. 22 is very young, He will learn as he ages...I am very old and hopefully still learning. I hope you get to be with the fellows more and do family things. Gee I still miss my girls and I have great grands now. Blessings and hugs, xoxo, Susie

  5. Love hearing from you - whatever it is - you're a genuine soul and that comes through in your writing - is SORELY NEEDED in these trying times. Great to see how well Aaron is doing, I love DIVA! And wish he and his partner the best.

  6. So glad to hear from you. Aaron is soo good looking. Please write more often.

  7. Handsome one that Aaron . . .
    Happy for the update, that he is happy and doing well.
    Can we hope for any more . . .
    Keep on “making time” with him . . .
    Always a treat to see your name pop up!
    I did just that with one of my grands late this afternoon.
    Love those squeezed in moments . . .
    “Bringing dinner is a winner” . . .

  8. Hi! It sounds like you were with Aaron this Easter weekend! Ooh, I understand all too well that empty nest thing going on. It is so difficult to turn that page and start a new chapter. I feel like Lynne-it IS a treat to see your name in my e-mailbox. Please continue your writing. You have such a way with words. (Actually, I think I've told you that before!) Happy Spring!

  9. I got very excited to see a blog post from you... and an update on Aaron, too! I love your cat in the sink. -Jenn

  10. Aaron is so beautiful. I'm happy he is finding his way. I am interested in how you view your 'marshmallow business;' has it taken off and you are just watching, or are you actively engaged in the day to day workings still? How do you satisfy your creative side? Any 'me time' plans? Just talk to us! I like hearing how other people live. (Oh and lots of pics, pics are good!)

  11. I second what everyone else has said LOL!!! Loved catching up with Aaron. I know you love him so much!!! I too would love to hear about the marshmallow business. How often you are gone. How much time you actually spend making the marshmallows. What are your future plans. Details girl. We want DETAILS!!! So awesome to read a post from you. It sounds like you are doing well, and that warms my heart. You are just a special person to all of us and we care so much about you. WELCOME BACK!!!!!

  12. Oh it's so nice to see you back here!! I rarely check blogs anymore since I'm not keeping up on mine, but tonight I did and there you were :) And Aaron? What a hunky guy!!! So glad to hear that he's doing so well and loving life!! Thanks for always sharing him with us!
    Blessings to you both!

  13. Oh Jayme it's so good to hear from you!!! We want to know all that is going on in your life. You have been missed!!!

  14. That boy-child is beautiful! You can see it in his eyes.

  15. Thank you for the Aaron update! It is hard when our kids grow up...I recognized that feeling of "we were so close" and then their world broadens and it is up to us to make good of what is taking place in their lives.

    I think we would all just enjoy eat up pretty much anything you would chose to blog about! Honestly!

    Hugs to you!

  16. So glad Aaron is happy and settled but I do sympathise with you, it's hard when you don't get to see them as much as you'd like. Sounds like he's found himself a good partner and I'm sure there will be plenty of holiday get together's in the future. Baby Louie's taking a bit of a risk sitting in that sink!

  17. I couldn't refrain from commenting. Very well written!


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