Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Happiest of Happys

I'm sitting up in here, my living room, wrapped in afghans, too tired to move.

I thought it a good time to check in here.
I've been feeling a blog post stirring for a while.
It's hard to describe the rhythm that you get when you blog often, and it's no more apparent than when you don't blog often - you feel stumbly and awkward, as I do now.
A first date.
A job interview.
Stuff like that there.

I've been working 14-16 hour days for quite some time with the the marshmallow venture.
We've up'd and re-named the business...cause everyone thought I was selling soap at the shows!
Hopefully there's no misunderstanding now.

And how fun is this?
We took the Squirrel (our vintage camper) to a recent show - Glenco made this Mother Wilma figurine out of one of my exercise balls.  May I just interject here that Glenco has been my right hand, left arm, right foot man?  I couldn't do this without him. 

I'm kind of having a ball.
Yes, I'm working 14 hour days - being stretched in every way - but I feel like I'm living a dream.
I love, love, love meeting all the customers and other vendors.
There was one point where I was roasting a marshmallow for a customer, and the sun was coming in the window at the venue at the loveliest angle - where it just cast a warm glow on everyone and everything - there was some jazz music playing in the background - and I just thought
"this is my life?"
Love it.

We will be doing the Chesterton European Market in Chesterton IN on Saturdays May -Oct.
The Griffith Central Market on Friday nights in Griffith, IN May - Oct.
The Pedlar's Market in Whiting, IN the 3rd Thurs of every month - May - Sept.
Hunt & Gather - Crown Point - June & November
The Blue Moon Vintage Market - Three Oaks MI - the last weekend of every month - starting this weekend!

And I have to make everything in between!

This little business venture was just what the Dr. ordered.
I've been able to quit my last cleaning job.
Glenco and I work together all the time.
I'm too busy to be so introspective.  

Oh, did I mention Aaron got an apartment in the city?
I'm okay.

Actually, I've almost never been better.
Life feels as if it's got a whole new start to it.
I feel like a kid on his way to the first day of school with fresh pencils.

I feel ready to share my story with you. 
 The story that I like to call
"The Dark Years"
You know how transparent I am here - why, I'll never know - but it's time to share what's been happening behind the scenes here at the Coop.

I'm not divorcing.
I don't have cancer.
Calm your nerves.

I didn't share all the ugliness of what I went through from July - December of 2013.
I almost didn't survive it - and that's a true story - and I'm not even being dramatic.
In fact, the repercussions of those six months were felt until just recently.
When I scold myself over gaining some of my weight back - I remember to be happy to be alive.

I lived to tell the tale - and tell the tale I will.
That's why my life today seems so much sweeter.
I made it.
I didn't let it destroy me.
I hope my story will help someone - for that's truly my reason for sharing it.

Not to be dramatic or anything...
stay tuned.
: -)