Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Happiest of Happys

I'm sitting up in here, my living room, wrapped in afghans, too tired to move.

I thought it a good time to check in here.
I've been feeling a blog post stirring for a while.
It's hard to describe the rhythm that you get when you blog often, and it's no more apparent than when you don't blog often - you feel stumbly and awkward, as I do now.
A first date.
A job interview.
Stuff like that there.

I've been working 14-16 hour days for quite some time with the the marshmallow venture.
We've up'd and re-named the business...cause everyone thought I was selling soap at the shows!
Hopefully there's no misunderstanding now.

And how fun is this?
We took the Squirrel (our vintage camper) to a recent show - Glenco made this Mother Wilma figurine out of one of my exercise balls.  May I just interject here that Glenco has been my right hand, left arm, right foot man?  I couldn't do this without him. 

I'm kind of having a ball.
Yes, I'm working 14 hour days - being stretched in every way - but I feel like I'm living a dream.
I love, love, love meeting all the customers and other vendors.
There was one point where I was roasting a marshmallow for a customer, and the sun was coming in the window at the venue at the loveliest angle - where it just cast a warm glow on everyone and everything - there was some jazz music playing in the background - and I just thought
"this is my life?"
Love it.

We will be doing the Chesterton European Market in Chesterton IN on Saturdays May -Oct.
The Griffith Central Market on Friday nights in Griffith, IN May - Oct.
The Pedlar's Market in Whiting, IN the 3rd Thurs of every month - May - Sept.
Hunt & Gather - Crown Point - June & November
The Blue Moon Vintage Market - Three Oaks MI - the last weekend of every month - starting this weekend!

And I have to make everything in between!

This little business venture was just what the Dr. ordered.
I've been able to quit my last cleaning job.
Glenco and I work together all the time.
I'm too busy to be so introspective.  

Oh, did I mention Aaron got an apartment in the city?
I'm okay.

Actually, I've almost never been better.
Life feels as if it's got a whole new start to it.
I feel like a kid on his way to the first day of school with fresh pencils.

I feel ready to share my story with you. 
 The story that I like to call
"The Dark Years"
You know how transparent I am here - why, I'll never know - but it's time to share what's been happening behind the scenes here at the Coop.

I'm not divorcing.
I don't have cancer.
Calm your nerves.

I didn't share all the ugliness of what I went through from July - December of 2013.
I almost didn't survive it - and that's a true story - and I'm not even being dramatic.
In fact, the repercussions of those six months were felt until just recently.
When I scold myself over gaining some of my weight back - I remember to be happy to be alive.

I lived to tell the tale - and tell the tale I will.
That's why my life today seems so much sweeter.
I made it.
I didn't let it destroy me.
I hope my story will help someone - for that's truly my reason for sharing it.

Not to be dramatic or anything...
stay tuned.
: -)


  1. I am anxious to hear your story, Jayme...and so happy that you came through it even stronger than ever. I am happy that your business is taking off and I LOVE the name of it. Please -more more more and don't be making us wait WEEKS to hear more either, ya hear? lol xoDiana

  2. I love the glow on your face!! Your are beaming with joy and peace! So happy you made it through to the other side! OOOXXX

  3. I feel like I've been following your story of your life like an old friend these past few years, even though we've never met. Maybe some day! I'm in're always welcome! Proud of you with your new adventure! Kelly

  4. Love reading your posts! So glad you are in such a good place in your life.

  5. Using the Squirrel at your booth at shows is pure GENIUS! It's the perfect prop, especially with Glenco's creation on top like that.

    1. Amen!! (I agree with Hartwood Roses, here. Ditto!)

      Love this new venture, you're on, Jayme!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
      I can't wait to read/hear the rest of the story...wish it were over coffee and marshmallows. :) wink!

  6. I've just spent the last hour catching up on your blog posts...I never understand why Google doesn't send on your posts like it should. I have missed you and am thrilled to hear your new business venture is going so well. You are just amazing and will be a huge success! I love how Glenco is backing you up all the his chicken!

  7. Aw Jayme, I'm so happy for you. You have found your niche. What a fun business for you; I love it.
    Hugs, Deb

  8. It is SO GOOD to hear from my marshmallow making friend. When you don't post, I get worried about you lol!!! You look so VERY HAPPY. I think being REAL is all we have, and I appreciate your realness. Looking forward to your sharing what's been going on. And thankful that the outcome is a good one. Blessings from Missouri!

  9. I'm always so excited to see a post from you Jayme. I miss you but I am so happy you are happy!! ;) Mother Wilma's Marshmallow Factory sounds like it is right down your alley. I only wish I lived close enough to attend one of the shows to meet you!! :) I am so glad you are going to share your story. I know it will help others. Love the sign and you look awesome in the pictures!! :)

  10. Soooo Happy For YOU!!!.... we all miss ya, but boy, that's just joyous living and you so deserve it.

  11. I am so glad that you are thriving in your new business venture. I miss your regular posts, the updates on Aaron and the chickens. I only wish that I was close enough to visit for some of those glorious marshmallows....who knows, maybe one day I'll feel like a long drive!!!

  12. So glad tohear from you! You look great and happy. What more could you ask for. Good Luck with your new business+You have worked hard and you deserve everybit of happiness and success

  13. .....glad that there was some 'blog stirrings' Jayme -- your journey is going strong and this 'sweet spot' is extremely supportive and glad for you (although your writings are sorely missed I must admit). :o) Luv hearing about your 'going the distance' Jayme -- we're rooting for you!

  14. Speaking of The Squirrel.... I think you need this. xox

  15. girl i pinned those easter mallows and now i see they are sold out! way to go. so happy for you!!

  16. Congratulations on your business venture! And...I'm so glad you're back. I've missed you. Look forward to hearing your story and so happy you came out stronger than ever.

  17. I've always thought that you were an undiscovered celebrity and if "the powers that be" ever discovered you then your fame would skyrocket. You are a marketing dream!! You are precious, and smart, so very talented, funny and who in their right minds wouldn't buy something from you (who can draw the cutest chickens ever!)? I was almost (selfishly) hoping that you wouldn't be discovered because I wanted to hoard you and your blog all to myself but I am so happy for you. I KNOW that this is just the beginning for you. I wish you all the happiness that you deserve just as long as you check in on us from time to time...because we are so dependent on your ability to make us all smile...:)

  18. I am not surprised that you have discovered your HAPPY and are soaring.
    And I am thrilled for you . . .
    Looking forward to hearing more of " your story."
    I think th s what this blogging thingy is all about . . .
    Connecting Through Our Stories . . .

  19. Hitting the "M" period of a woman's life, let alone losing a loved one and Aaron spreading his wings, (empty nest) ...well, its a new season in your life, Jayme. I am happy to read, you are happy! Life is full of hills and valleys and I am so glad to read that you are flourishing, though I am curious of your journey.... I'm so envious of your beloved squirrel and what a wonderful marketing tool. That past honey sign was sweet, but that Wilma creation is too adorable. Who knew, Picasso Glenco?!! This new adventure in the world of "mallows" looks fun. You are such an extrovert, so what better than to be out there and "selling" it girl! Wishing like others, that I was near by to sample. Happy Spring....




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