Thursday, February 19, 2015

Love Does Laundry

I was just up on the stove dropping in some carrots and onions into yet another pot of bone broth.
Oh, I'm not leaving today!
It's like 4,389 degrees below zero.
Uh uh.

Today has been working on the mallow business, making sure I'm ready for a show this Saturday.
Alsip Nursery, in St. John - 10 to 4 - for all you locals.

As I was dropping the carrots in, I looked at the laundry basket I retrieved from Aaron's room today and realized that I'm doing something I said I'd never do.

Aaron's laundry after he turned 18.

I have no idea where I got the notion that the BoyNowManChild should just be doing up his own briefs by that age - and that I would be promoting an irresponsible lifestyle if I did his laundry - where do these notions come from?

My mom was still doing my laundry until I got married.  
For reals.

Have I turned out to be an irresponsible oaf?
I don't think so.

Truth is, BNMChild is here maybe a day a week.  
When he is here, I like smashing him, laughing with him, kissing him, 
talking with him and feeding him.

Laundry schmaundry.

So I'm doing it.
The way I see it - he's got a good 70 years to do his own laundry, and there will come a day when I'm no longer able to do it for him.

So for now - I love.
And I separate colors from whites.
And I tumble dry, and press things.
And I fold them.
And if I'm honest, I will tell you that I kiss his clothes and sometimes hug them.
I'm so grateful for him in my life that it's impossible to contain.

Love does.


  1. Wonderful post. You are surely blessed.

  2. Yes! I felt the same about my now married adult sin and do about my 12 and 10 yr olds. We have them for such a short time in their lives.

  3. I just love eVeRyThInG you just said...sMiLiNg now as I usually am after I read something the Coop Keeper writes :)

  4. So nice to hear, I love doing laundry! You see life's changes just in everyone's laundry. From outfits you picked out for them when they were little to the outfits they pick as teens etc. You can see where they have been and how they've grown just by doing laundry!

  5. I can relate. Our adult son works in the town we live so he has spent the past three nights with us because of snowy/cold weather. Of course I have been in heaven. :) I have cooked and baked up a storm and have loved getting up early to cook him breakfast before work. :) I took joy in washing his clothes today. So, enjoy it while you can!!

  6. I was away for much of the winter- sick...yuck...anyway, I was so happy to see a post from you here today ...and to know that you are well....and happy. I so understand that kissing the clothes!;>) Hope you have a great rest of the week. xo Diana

  7. I still do my 18 year old's laundry... he's a working man now and saving for his own place. He's responsible and caring and generous and if someone thinks it's enabling that I do his laundry, still, I say.. no.. it's just love. Yep. Love Does Laundry.

  8. I read once that serving is a way of showing love ~ I think of that when I am doing my sons' laundry. I also think of that when I am doing things I don't like ~ dishes and dusting... I am showing my family that I love them. It does make it feel better :)
    Blessings, Patti
    p.s. I'm glad that I am not the only one that holds my families clothes to my cheek and give them a squeeze now and then.

  9. Yes, love does laundry. Love cooks. Love makes beds. Love smiles and says "everything's gonna be O.K." Love sacrifices. Love forgives. My heart is full of love for those I love and so I do all those things. It has nothing to do with an irresponsible lifestyle :)! You are right, he has the rest of his life to do all those things for himself. I bet he appreciates you more than you know. Blessings from Missouri my marshmallow making buddy!!

  10. And some time in the distant future...I see BoyNowMan folding and hugging your clothes as he does your laundry. Yes, Love Does Laundry!

  11. Love does many things including laundry. This post made me smile as I still do my girls laundry when they come home. It brings me joy and makes me feel needed. Also, how blessed am I that I can do their laundry. yes, Love does laundry....

  12. I totally agree with you! All of my kids are 'capable' of doing laundry, and they do help on occasion, but as general rule - I keep up with the laundry. (they all put their own away though...) and I really fail to see how doing their own laundry makes or breaks them as responsible human beings, as some would have us believe. (plus - I like things done 'just so'... ;-) And when I am mindful (as opposed to orchestrating other tasks while folding) it gives me an opportunity to pray for them in unique ways as I fold various items....
    yes, love does laundry :-)
    happy folding ~ Tracy

  13. You just never get old. Literally or figuratively.

  14. My son did his own laundry before he went on to college. When he is home for a day or two, I find myself doing it as well. Makes me feel useful in his grown up life.

  15. A shirt fresh from the dryer is like a strong warm hug....laundry love. ;)

  16. You write of pure love. Mine is 23 and 6'4 and I enjoy doing his laundry when he comes to town. When he leave a t-shirt behind, I launder it lovingly, smell it fresh from the dryer with the Gain detergent I buy especially for him, and finally I kiss it before leaving it in 'his' room, waiting for him the next time he visits.

  17. Hey girlie----where are you? I am missing your wit! xo Diana

  18. Perfect attitude...he is so lucky to have you and I bet he knows it!


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