Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jayme's Day of Happiness

I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate Google and all things related to Google, and yet I'd be lost without the Google search bar.
I'm torn.
I don't have the computer knowledge to even begin to explain what happened, 
or what I think happened.

Suffice it to say, for the last couple of months, I thought I'd lost my blog.
Every photo, every bit of drivel, every.thing.
Since this has been more of an online diary rather than a 'blog', I was a bit heartbroken.
I love going back and reading about my adventures with the BoyChild.

All I remember is opening a Gmail account for the marshmallows - and it apparently took over my computer, and truly, that's all I know.  
Blood, sweat and tears my friends.

I'm sure you thought I was gone, but for good.
Up from the grave I arose!

As usual - there's always something going on up in here.
A few of the highlights - I've turned 53.
I can't think of anything clever to go with 53 as I did with fifty-one-derful, and fifty-two-
good to be true.

So far, I have to admit - it may be one of the best years yet.

Many reasons...not limited to - 

I'm really enjoying my new business venture!

I've added homemade graham crackers to the mix, and ridiculous s'mores.

I'm really loving having something new to throw myself into.
I've just come to the realization that I really do have to have 'something' going in order to be happy, and there's not a thing wrong with that.

I've got shows nearly every weekend for the rest of the year! 
I can't get over the reception it's all had.

I've got my Etsy site up and running too, and a Facebook page.

Another reason it's been such a happy time - we've got snow!
If it's gonna be January, let's have it then.

I'm about to make a statement that I hope doesn't come back to bite me.

I am about the happiest I've been since Aaron grew up.
I really think I'm through the empty nest.
Deep sigh....

I've started a weight loss/wellness group here at my home every Monday morning.
I have the marshmallows.
Everyone I love is happy and healthy.
Aaron is grown.
He's in a relationship, for a year now!
He's working in Chicago, loving every minute of it.
He's bought himself a bright shiny new Volkswagen.

I feel like we now have an adult relationship - 
that I survived that awkward stage of not quite letting him go.

He treated me to a fabulous restaurant for my birthday - spent a fortune.
It was SO hard to see him spending his money - so hard - I just hugged him and said 'oh honey - you just spent a fortune on me' to which he replied 'well Marmie, you've given up a fortune to raise me'.

He's such a great kid.

I just feel like things are really good right now - and I'm so incredibly grateful for it!


  1. So glad your blog wasn't permanently lost! It is a priceless diary for sure! Beth K.

    1. thank you Beth! I know, I would have been so heartbroken. I've always imagined that I would look back on my blogs well into my 70's and 80's and relive all the memories!

  2. I read all your Facebook posts and honestly I don't know how you find the time to blog. I envision you knee deep in marshmallows. Glad to hear you are happy and didn't lose your journal!

    1. :-) I stay pretty busy most of the times, but it's not frenetic, it's just a nice steady pace, like a locomotive. I've made a good schedule for myself so that I can still have a life outside of the marshmallow factory.

  3. How about 53 and happy I will be!!! So happy for you, so many blessings are in the everyday things so many take for granted. First thing every morning I say "Thanks!"

  4. So happy to see a post from you! Today was my 72nd birthday and I am so grateful to be this age and be so healthy! Thank you God!
    Glad to hear Boy Child is doing so well. It is really hard to have our children grow up, but so rewarding when they do it so well. Keep writing please

  5. I'm so glad you're still alive and kicking free at 53! You go girl!!

    I'm probably just as grateful your blog is still alive. Hey - I have a question... do you still roast your own coffee? Cuz, there would be nothing as divine as a cup of your very own coffee with that decadence your making there in those marshmallows and grahams.. I'm telling you!!

    1. Oh girl - wouldn't that be something? Yes, we do roast our own beans! Glenco likes floating the mallows in his coffee! There just not for cocoa! Thanks for sticking around here through the 'dry spells'. : -)

  6. I'm all misty eyed about the man child and your moving forward. I am so happy for all of you! Now where's the tissues!

    1. Awe, thanks Nancy. I get misty-eyed too. He's a gem. It feels SO good to finally be getting over the grief of the empty nest!

  7. welcome back and happy 53! glad you didn't lose the blog, that google stuff can be a mess lol.

    1. Thank you! Yes, Google is a bit of a nightmare to me right now - even now, today, when I logged in - it kept taking me to pages about security, etc. I still have a fear that I'm going to hit the wrong key one day and lose everything.

  8. Have ANOTHER happy happy day!!..week... month...year....

  9. Happy for YOU!!!!

  10. I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering why we hadnt heard from you. Now i know. Aaron is the great young man that you helped raise him to be. He sounds amazing...and happy to hear he spoiled you for your birthday.

    1. Here I am! : -) Everyone should have an Aaron. True story.

  11. OH, yes, that G word! :) I can't even run Internet Explorer since I let G chrome load on my computer!
    I am still in the inbetween stage of letting our oldest go and enjoying that adult relationship! Oh, it is so hard! We still want to protect her from everything!
    Glad to see you back, please keep the snow! :)

  12. This gave me GOISE BUMPS . . , everything about it . . .
    Seeing your name pop up in my Bloglovin . . .
    Marshmallows . . .
    Aron thoughts . . .
    Happy Jayme . . .
    I still have GOOSE BUMPS . . .
    Stay on the roll . . . you deserve HAPPY,

  13. 53 and FREE! Happy birthday and so glad to see a two-fer on your blog. Yay! Two posts to read!

  14. Life really has a lot of surprises in store for us. And it surely poured down on you this year. It started with a great treat from your loving son. Then there’s your new business venture, which is a great idea -- because who doesn't love a good treat? I hope your business becomes a hit! Cheers!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match

  15. Happy to finally see a post or two. Look at you!! 53...your still a young'n ....try being on the brink of embracing the 60. July is gonna come with a bang alright and it won't be from 4th of July fireworks, I tell ya! On the empty nest front, I think I might have to look at pulling that IRA money and look into a little 2nd home/lake cottage somewhere.....then maybe hubs and I might experience some empty nest, if only on weekends.... Ha.. How nice that Aaron treated you to such a nice birthday. You deserved it. Oh, I have to say you are one busy gal. Knitting, making mallows and now even crackers! Oh, you are such an achiever! I am drooling just looking at your little s'mores creation! Yummo.


  16. Wow! So happy to hear you in such a terrific place and Aaron's statement....tears, I tell you! No better compliment or show of appreciation.

  17. Do you plan to come to Michigan this year? So much of your stuff I want to try, and I can try so much more with no shipping!

  18. You deserve great things! Thanks for sharing your JoYs!!! I feel uplifted from your recent posts!


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