Monday, December 15, 2014

Too Much Fun

Happy Monday Morning!

I've just been having too much fun with these marshmallows.
Thank you for all of your kind, encouraging comments!

My week didn't go as planned - I was unable to take the trip to Missouri because I fell ill on Wednesday night.  Spent all of Thursday/Friday/Saturday up on the couch - coughing, snotting, sleeping and crocheting.  I'm about 89% better today.  I managed to discard the pumpkins and fall decor just yesterday - the Christmas boxes are down from the attic, and I'm ridiculously excited about decorating for Christmas this year.  At this point, I may be celebrating Orthodox Christmas, but we will celebrate, nonetheless.

I also spent a bit of time reading some old blogs.  Goodness gracious, I was flat cracking myself up - also reading some that I sounded bat guano crazy.

Y'all are some good people to stick around for the show.

I feel like we are through the years of introspection, and sisters, that feels pretty danged good.
I just don't think I realized the heartbreak I had over Aaron growing up and all, the whole empty nest made me feel like I had an empty life.

Au contrare.


Meet Mick - 
Even cowboys have a soft spot for marshmallows!
My friend Sue from Bloomington, Indiana ordered some mallows and posted these pics of Facebook - smiled my head right in half when I saw them.

The marshmallows seem to be spreading joy - and it's been so fun.  Glenco is so excited, and is truly a 50/50 partner in all of this as we discuss display ideas and flavors.

My friend Sue suggested I have a little fun and offer a free sample box of marshmallows in a little contest.  Send me a picture, or post to my Facebook page - you eating one of my marshmallows - the best photo will win a Spring Sampler box - with flavors like Honey/Lavender, Orange/Chocolate, Very Vanilla, and Simply Strawberry.  Be the first to taste the delights!
I'm going to leave this open until the end of the year - hopefully Mick won't be the only entrant, but I'm sure he hopes he is!

Speaking of fun - I watched this video again whilst I was in a bit of a feverish state.
I laughed until I cried.  Oh my goodness, I've got to dust Helene off and get her back here!

Have a wonderful week!

PS - for mallow ordering info - email me at


  1. Okay- I have to go back and read about the mallow thingy. I have missed your last couple of posts somehow, I guess. I have been sick, too. UGH...NOT fun this time of year! xo Diana

  2. No wonder you missed Aaron so much. You two had an absolute blast together, making videos and such. Glad to see Helene again, especially at this time of year when so many need advice.

  3. What a hoot you are . . . I will be smiling right on to bed . . .
    Goodness gracious, look at the time!
    (So thrilled for you and your Marshmallow venture!)

  4. Well now how can we resist an offer like this?! what a fun adventure you and Glen are having!!

  5. So, so happy for you and your marshmallows! I am planning to order some but I also wanted to tell you that you going through what you did with Aaron happened at the same time I went through a similar experience. My daughter was single and I cared for my granddaughter for 10 years. I truly thought she was mine. Then my daughter got married and a year later they moved 6 hours away! It just about killed me. I could totally relate to the feelings you shared about Aaron. And reading your blog helped me. But you know what? So many great things have come of this ---my granddaughter survived, my husband and I survived and we are all the better for it! Thank you for having your blog! My granddaughter is a gorgeous, growing young lady now and comes to stay with us whenever she can and my daughter gets to deal with the every day teenager! haha! Enjoy this crazy adventure you are on! Looks so fun!

  6. Oh gosh how I miss Helene! LMAO So glad she lives on forever on YouTube!

  7. Yippee Ki Yay...a Distinguished Cowboy, Mallows and Helene. Always loved that one and the driving lesson one too. It was always funny seeing Aaron trying to keep a straight face when you were up to your antics. Too cute. Jayme, you are a stitch! Hope you feel better. Today was a cookie bake a thon...and more tomorrow. Crunch time. Hope you have a Happy Holiday.


  8. I always love checking in to see what you are up to! You never let me down!!! Marshmallows? I have often thought of trying my hand at making them! Looks like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!!! Happy New Year Jayme!!! Nancy


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