Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm Still Scared

Let's be honest here. 
I'm still scared.
It's safe here at home. 
It's cozy. 
There's furry things to pet, books to read and tea to drink. 

I can talk a big talk. I can post inspirational memes all day. 

But when you get right to it, I'm a big fat 

You see, right now I'm on the cusp of going all in. 
Full time commercial kitchen of my own.
Commercial mixers and what not. 
Glenco retiring. 
Wholesale. Retail. Corporations. 

The 'you know what' is getting real. 

What if I fail? 
What if I don't?
Will I ever have another moment of life for me?
Shall I work my fingers to the bone?

Is this what I REALLY want?

Can you share a story with me of you doing something that 
scared the bejeebes out of you?
Did you live to tell the tale?

I keep "worst case scenario-ing" this. 
I sell all my equipment and work at Whole Foods. 
Someone has pity on me and starts a "GoFundMe" page for the poor ole Coopkeeper. 

Why am I so scared??