Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love Changes Everything

It's me.

I wanted to share my Tuesday with you.
It was an interesting - lesson filled day.

I still clean houses, well house.
One house, every other Tuesday.
An absolutely lovely family - very clean, uncluttered home.
It's quite an easy job, and I enjoy the people as well.

This particular Tuesday it was literally painful to leave the house to go - not because it was cold, not because I had to put on a bra, not for any other reason than I flat out didn't want to go.

It's three hours.
In a lovely home.
With lovely people.
Making good money.

I decided I needed a swift kick for even THINKING of complaining, so off I went.

Before I left - I topped off the water on my bone broth.

Oh, I'm all about the broth these days.  All about gut health.

I had no idea that 'bone broth' was any different than making stock.
Guess what?  You've got to cook that stuff for between 24 and 48 hours!

I had a turkey carcass.
It had been cooking for approximately 14 hours.
I've left soup simmering before, and there was no issue.

Like I said, I topped it off with water, double checked to make sure the flame was low - and went on my merry, non complaining way.

As I was getting home from my cleaning job, Glenco was pulling into the driveway as well.
I was beyond giddy because I was home - but even seeing Glenco, I knew that he was a bit off. 

We both walked into the house together, and talk about something being off - there was the worst smell you can imagine, and a bit of a black cloud in the kitchen.

My bone broth was charred. 
I've never seen anything so burnt.
 The carcass could have only been identified by dental remains, but that's just the kicker - the head was missing, and hen's have no teeth anyhow.
I was flabbergasted, and didn't understand how, after almost four hours, it could have done that after simmering all night long and being fine!

I got the biggest kick out of it after I was over the disappointment of losing a
broth I'd been babying for 14 hours.

Glenco - not so much.  

In his defense - the poor man had gotten up at 3am for work.
He was starving.
He just needed to get in, get something to eat, and rest a spell.

I'm going to admit something to you - this is going to SO burst your bubble of me...

Sometimes when he's crabby, I get a little mad about it, and tend to clam up and pout.
Sometimes I take it personally.

I decided that since I was on a roll of going to work without complaining, and burning a broth and laughing about it - that maybe this time I could manage to be mature about my husband being overtired and hungry - and being a bit grumpy.

So I left.
: -)

He was napping, and I decided to go out on a 'let's bless the man' mission.

I filled up the gas tank, I had the car washed.
I took care of some bills, and even took the car in for emissions testing.

Then I went to the grocery store and went on a shopping spree for him.
I even bought shrimp.
Girls, I haven't bought shrimp in about 20 years.
I find it to be Fear Factor food - I wouldn't eat it if you paid me.
Plus, I'm allergic to it.
But I bought it to make him a shrimp dinner.
Polish sausage, butter pecan ice cream, assorted mustards and sauerkraut.

I spared no expense!

And then I had another test....

As I was checking out.  I realized I was missing one of my gloves.
Not just any glove.
The hand knit, finger-less glove, that I had just finished knitting the week before.

I was tired.  I was hungry. 
Sound familiar?

Now my beloved glove was missing, and I had to retrace my steps to try to find it.
Back to produce, back to the meat department. 
I scanned every aisle.
No glove.

I found myself thinking that this was one of the worst things that could have ever happened to me.
I truly believed in my heart of hearts that a king-sized Snickers bar would help.
I felt that I deserved it at this point.

The worst thing.
A lost glove.

I collected myself and just told myself I'd have to make another.
And I smiled.

I talked to the cashier, and helped bag my groceries, and decided to be happy.
And I didn't get the candy bar.

I stopped at the Customer Service booth, and there, right next to a happy, smiling woman, sat my other glove.


I left the store and met a very kind woman on the way to my car.

When I got home - Glenco came out and carried all the groceries in, and was in the sweetest mood.
"I didn't know you left!  I would have gone with you."

When we came in the house, he had Jackie Gleason Orchestra music playing, and he grabbed me and twirled me around the kitchen.

He ate Polish sausages and sauerkraut for supper and I gave him a foot rub on the couch, as we Netflixed the night away.

Love changes everything.

The end.


  1. Thank you for the reminder that the love of my life may just need pampering as much as I do.
    I am so glad you found your blog and started posting again!

  2. Thank you for topping off the tank! It was so great to finally read your blog again and I gobbled the first post right up but had missed you so long that the tank wasn't quite Loved this post even topped off the tank and I may can go a few miles before I will need a refill....:) (Not many though) (as in you must post at least once a week). Love and hugs!!!

  3. What a day of learning you had, my friend! Isn't it just the way with us gals? I mean, isn't the natural tendency to go into the silent mode when the man is a bit grumpy? Ah...yes, in this world it is the natural tendency...but you, my friend, went to The Source...found your need met and then went on to use the Word to bless your man! Thanks so much for sharing with us about your day, Jayme. xo

  4. Love Jackies music, I bought a cd at a garage sale and have all but wore it out! The best to listen to while crocheting. Glad you had such a great day and love that you spoiled your sweetheart, any man that works for his family deserves it everyday in my mind. Thanks for sharing.xo

  5. What a great attitude! You could have lashed back at him and then things would have turned out way different! Way to go! :)

  6. It's great to see you back, Jayme, sweetheart! I love this post and I especially take to heart the message ... choose to be happy and turn toward love. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Laughter . . . Love . . . Loving . . . . . . .
    Perfectly wonderful post!

  8. Just beautiful Jayme!
    Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    Love never ends.

  9. laughing... tears... yes!! Love changes everything!!

  10. And they lived happily ever after...... ;) Thanks for sharing this Jayme! We could all learn from it. :) Now, I would love to see a post about bone broth. I have some chicken bones in my fridge.

  11. Love this! So happy for you! Thanks for sharing. Bless you and your family. Beth K.

  12. Delightful!!! I love the "twirl" should be full of them!

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  15. I'm so glad you are back. You are a ray of sunshine in my work day :~)

  16. Ok, the beginning of this post made me nervous and as I read along, I was holding my breath, in that I would not read that the fire department was on its way. Thank goodness, you got through your day, your beautiful home was intact, that Glenco didn't blow a gasket, you were able to find your beloved glove and shop for that "meal to a man's heart". Tell me Glenco isn't a keeper, but are too! Dance on.... :)


  17. Love this post! Your outlook and acts of kindness hold so much power!

  18. Oh Jayme girl. I just adore you. I haven't been around commenting or writing in blogland much, but I still adore you. Your tirade reminds me of a skit form one of my favorite comedians. Look up Tim Hawkins That's The Worst skit when you're having a bad day ;)


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