Friday, April 11, 2014

A Fly By Post

I believe this with all my heart - and my heart, as most of you know - is so deeply planted in home.
I find it a spiritual practice to mop, wash windows and prepare meals.
These are important things - things that bring order and routine into our lives.
Things that bring comfort and security to our family.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It's been challenging for me to be as occupied (I avoid the B word at all costs) with all the things I find myself occupied with - and the fact that my pea seeds are still resting somewhat comfortably on my desk fills my chest with a tightness that only getting my hands in the soil will ease.

Now is the time to prioritize and discipline myself - and neither of those have been strong points in my life - I live by the winds of moods baby - and sometimes it serves me quite well.
And at other times - it certainly does not.
Today I ache to eat cheeseccake for lunch, and scrape and paint the eaves.
Not a very good plan.

Working away from home for the better part of four days a week, at this time of the year - along with the extraction plan for my sister, and the installation of the bees, and the garden beds just begging to be tended - let's just say has been slightly trying.  To those of you that work away from the home 8 hours or more a day, come home and cook, clean, wipe fevered brows, love your husbands, and find time for yourself - you are my hero.

Today is my day off and my hair is haphazardly tied on the top of my head, my breasts are free wheeling it, and I'm still in my pjs.  My housework is done, the clothesline is full, and I'm as happy as a glamper outside washing windows and setting up the back porch with high hopes of ridiculous amounts of flowers filling the containers very soon.  The bees have been checking me out, the frogs are singing a song of joy in the pond, the grass has decided to green up, the girls are proudly proclaiming the laying of eggs - and I - I am in my glory.

I just wanted to stop by and say hi.
I ran in for the pea seeds.

: -)


  1. Hi Jayme...just me. Relaxing for a short period. Peeking in to see if you posted, and Lordy Be...Lookie here! Hasn't this week been wonderful? Warm weather and sunshine again today. The past three days brought just about all day out in the backyard cleaning out the flower beds. I should be edging them right now, but here I am. I have to say, now that I am retired I am really feeling content with my my home, even though I have a list of projects for the next couple of months that will hopefully all get done? I get what you are saying about just daily chores/responsibilities grounding you, as it should be. I have to tell you, it is funny you mentioned cheesecake too in your post. We have really been doing well with no sweets around the house. Well, I went to go grocery shopping at Aldi's yesterday and what did they have, but a cheesecake sampler. I wanted that for my husband's recent birthday but they didn't have it then, so my daughter made him his favorite pineapple upsidedown cake instead. I didn't eat any, as it is not my favorite. Well, confessions..... I crumbled at Aldi's. Am I bad or what!! One slice, but I could of ate half the platter myself, I swear! Thank goodness there are four of us and it will vanish quickly. Happy weekend...get ready for some needed rain and let the daffodils and tulips grow....smiles at ya Jayme.


  2. Jayme, You are doing thing happily that I grouse about. Like cooking. I do not mind it all the time...but other time.. I would love some room service. Could you show us your bees some time. I like to see them. and the chickens. I really wish I could have some g.daughter Emma now has 12 chickens. She is very proud of them . I hope she gets to gather eggs at least once. Keep hanging in there dear girl. Blessings to you, hope you enjoy your weekend, xoxo, Susie

  3. I have been outside for the past few days sun up to sun down. Who can blame us after being boxed in with the winter we had?! Have fun!

  4. It is a good day in your world, Jayme. I am so happy for you! xo Diana

  5. You make me so happy!! Been thinking about you a lot as I finish up another tax house could use your tender ministrations! My chicks are growing fast, the "big girls" are all laying again (finally)- Glen's been knocking that fast growing lawn back every few days- and life is good!

  6. Hi Jayme,
    Hope all is well with you! I enjoy your blog so much but I also loved all the blogs you had links to on your sidebar and now they're gone. :( Is there a way to put them back? Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Oh I'm so so sorry! I was just decluttering my blog (I'm running out of things to declutter!) and took it off to give the blog a cleaner look. I'm so, so, so sorry! There isn't a way to replace it - I honestly can't even remember all the blogs that were on there! Darn it! Sorry!


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