Monday, March 31, 2014

March Monday Musings

There's sure signs that a scenario such as this one may be a possibility in the future.
I do declare that this has been the longest winter in the history of time.
It's been the kind of winter that wears your hopes thin.
The kind of winter that beats you down, and  the color green, or any color for that matter is but a faint memory.  You swear you saw it at one time, or maybe it was just all a dream.

Just in the last few days, my hope has been restored.
The cleansing rains are about to begin, and there is a real tangible feel to the air that I will indeed be able to enjoy life outside these four walls once again.

What my mind is most wrestling with now is balancing the excitement of the season without the dread of the physical work. 

 It gets to be a bit much, and if I'm not careful - it all seems like this giant mental boulder that must be picked up at once - instead of a pile of gravel that can be easily managed by one stone at a time.

May is an explosion of activity.
The chickens, the bees, the garden.
Oh. My.

But - it's still technically March - so why is my head in May?

Because May rocks..that's why.
God help me live in the moment.

God help me live in the March and the April, and not
 long for May, nor dread the work that May brings.

God help me be as happy today as I am in May.
God help me not worry about May in March.
God help me not to worry about May in May.

God help me find rest in the midst of the storm of activity.
God help me not miss the beauty of each Spring day.
God help me.
God help.

God help me and my dear blog friends as we struggle with life's uncertainties
God help me and my dear blog friends as we struggle thinking we need to be perfect in every way.

God give us strength as we -much like baby chicks are so fragile, and struggle to find our place in the pecking order.
God give us strength, as we - much like the bees - work so hard, strive so hard - and sometimes it seems that our colony collapses.
God give us strength, as we - much like the garden - work so hard to be beautiful and fruitful in the midst of drought, floods, storms, and the insects of life.

Thank you for the hope of Spring.
Thank you for the hope of fresh starts.
Thank you for do overs.
Thank you that it's never too late.

Thank you for the clean slate of a new season.
A new day.
A new hour.
A new moment.
A new breath.
Thank you.

And thank you blog readers for being here.
You are each such a gift to me.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day -
and I'm feelin' good. 



  1. I only know you through this blog and yet I feel like I've known you all my life! And you are a good friend. Love that you are asking God for help, thanking Him and that you are feeling good!

  2. What a heartfelt prayer. Enjoy your final day of March!

  3. It's a new dawn. It's a new day. And I'm feeling good - also! Must be that beautiful SPRING.... does make sunshine, freshness, growth and blossoming step into your soul, doesn't it?!! Happy that your winter is winding down and you're feeling good, Jayme! I A.D.O.R.E. the photos of your garden!

  4. What a wonderful post, and somwhow it was just what i needed to hear. Im glad to have you as a blog friend.

  5. What a wonderful blessing for us all... thank you for speaking to God on our behalf. I am also itching to get going in the yards/pastures/gardens. Your gardens are beautiful. And you are too.
    Best always, Shannon, East Texas

  6. Dear God--
    Thank you for Jayme and her honest down to earth blog posts!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  7. RRRRRhoooooonndddaaaMarch 31, 2014 at 12:08 PM

    Love the pics, love being there, it's so beautiful while everything is in bloom. I love it when there's clothes blowing on the line and the chickens are running around and the rooster is calling. It's my haven out of the burbs. God bless you heart. xo

  8. Thank you for praying for all of this this Monday morning- what a blessing!!



  9. Amen Jayme. Beautiful pictures of your lovely estate. Take each day as it comes. I am rejoicing in the sunny skies of today and the warmth that is hopefully coming. I'm looking forward to getting out in the yard, tilling the dirt and enjoying green grass, aren't we all? I dream of my apple trees in is coming. I am realistic though to know where my limits are and not to push this Ol' body of mine. The saying goes, what doesn't get done today, there is always tomorrow.... Words I am living by these days... Know your limits woman! ..That is what I say..Ha..though its hard to do sometimes, isn't it Jayme?


  10. What a beautiful garden you have and your chickies are just too cute! And you, dear Jayme, what a gorgeous gal x

  11. Amen! Your beautiful yard always inspires me!! So ready to dig and plant! I am also trying to love each and every day and what ever it brings!!
    Thousands of Reasons ~By Doe Zantamata
    If every morning, You can find a reason to say, “Yes, it’s going to be a beautiful day.”
    And every day, you find a reason to say, “Yes, it is a beautiful day.”
    And every night, you find a reason to say, “Yes, it was a beautiful day.”
    Then one day, You’ll look back and easily say, “ was a beautiful life.”

  12. Oh, Amen! You just brought tears to my eyes as I sit here with a sinus infection from this blasted winter and its germs! :) We had a snowstorm Saturday night and I could have cried then, too. But today there is sunshine and it's 60 and yes, the rains they are a comin'. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful GREEN garden with us. Your words are so kind and soothing to my soul. Bless you, Jayme!

  13. LOVE this post! Such great pictures.

  14. Amen to that…. Spring is around the corner, I just know it! ;)

  15. Such a bunch of cheer and hope you bring to the table . . .
    Thank you Miss Jayme!

  16. Such great photos of your garden. I know what you mean about worrying about all that work. I do that every year - everything has to be perfect. And I am planning to put in a few new flower beds this year. Yikes! We can get through this, I know it:)

  17. I couldn't get past your little camper! We camp with a group of teardrops & tiny trailers.

  18. Up here in Northern Wisconsin it has been a brutal winter, actually it reminded me of the winters when we first moved up here from Illinois in the late 70's and early 80's. We are expecting more snow this week, maybe some rain, mostly snow. We are dreaming of spring!! Love the pictures!

  19. The robins have reappeared, buds are popping up and today.....Spring coats were the flavour of the day! Can I say that your pics. were like the sprinkles and your sweetest of words.......well, the bloom of 'hope springs eternal' was weaving all along your beautiful, prayerful post Jayme. Prayers are lifted for your needs too Jayme - I think I caught a huge dose of Spring Fever from you here Jayme -- that's a grrrrrrreat bug to catch! :o)


  20. I couldn't agree more with the comments above! I often dread the heat, humidity, and work of summer and fret about it even now as I rush to get spring cleaning & sorting done. Summer means very little will get done inside...but outside...the flowers, taste of sweet honey, the snap of sheets on the's wonderful! Thanks for the reminder of savoring every bit of each season.

  21. May is overwhelming and wonderful, I know. This year, with such a long winter finally beginning to ebb, I am relishing the extra two weeks that we have been given ... since the garden is at least that far behind its usual schedule. In addition to continuing to try to reclaim my poor neglected abused rose gardens, what business do I have trying to figure out how to put in and care for a cutting garden of zinnias? For now, I will start the seeds and see if the rest will work itself out.

  22. One of the best posts ever! Just what I needed this am. Thanks Jayme--I have been feeling this same kind of love/fear of May. Going to focus on the beauty and what gets done, gets done! Your pictures are wonderful!

  23. Amen! The weather the last couple of days has been very promising!

  24. Have I told you lately that I love you?
    I just don't know what it is, it is so much harder to focus on the moment at hand and not have the brain jump to all the bazillion things on our to do list, dayummmm. . . ok maybe not a bazillion Ü
    Such discipline . . . all about discipline isn't it though. . . thanks for this post jaymster, you just make me feel so normal.

    You're wonderful blog reminds me of the song I've been singing in my head these days

    When I'm stuck a day, that's gray and lonely, I just stick out my chin and grin and say Oh!
    The Sun will come out tomorrow, betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow, they'll be sun


  25. Amen! Thank you for sharing this so that we can pray right along with you :)


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