Monday, March 10, 2014

The Story of Mother Wilma

Good afternoon dear friends!

My darling Aunt Jean

Just in from a decluttering and deep cleaning job.
Oh my - I live for this stuff - I swear.
It's my most favorite thing to see a mess get cleaned up, organized, and have the homeowner happy.
And don't even get me started on how much I love throwing things away.

I know what an incredible feeling it is to feel that you've got things 'under control' in the house.
I want to share the love.
: -)

Today I awoke to feathers lying about.
My heart is heavy, and the general tone of the coop today is one of bereavement.
Two fallen hens.
I suppose the blasted varmits are stirring again now that the temps have risen.
It's been a while since I've had a loss, but I never get used to it, or take it lightly.
It just upset me so, that the poor gals endured the Epic Winter of 2013/14 only to be slaughtered when the weather finally started changing.
Life is just too freaking cruel at times.

I'm not entirely sure - but I would suppose that the pecking order may need to be re-established somewhat. I did notice Lord Grantham being a bit skittish this morning.
They are all on edge.

In other news - I'm still clean of the demon sugar.

Anyhow - today I wanted to tell you the story of Mother Wilma.

Mother Wilma Note Cards - Set of 4

My mother Irene had four sisters.  They were all very close - Gladys, Jean, Pauline and Fran.
After my mother's passing, I became extremely close with my Aunt Jean.  Wilma Imogene, to be precise.

Aunt Jean and Aunt Gladys
I adored my Aunt Jean, and regretted that I didn't become close to her sooner - I was a little carbon copy of her.  We both loved to cook, bake, garden, knit, sew - you name it - she loved it.  She was also the type of person that just seemed that she had all the time in the world.  No matter when you'd visit or call - she was just very present with you.  You never felt rushed - you never felt that you were an imposition - it was as if she had been waiting for you all along - and you were her sole focus.

May I learn that lesson.

The woman could turn out a biscuit that would literally hover over the bread basket.  So light - so tender.  All without a recipe, just by feel.
When she fried chicken, you were in for a treat.  She'd literally put a chair in front of the stove and tend that bird - turning it over and over - putting the lid on - taking the lid off.  I never tasted anything like it.
Her pie crusts?  Ridiculous.

She gardened her heart out - and she was utterly heartbroken to finally have to give it up in her later years.

My love for her ran deep - and she was in Missouri, so I traveled there just as often as life would allow.  We became very close and I loved that I could see traces of my mother in her eyes, her hands and her smile.  What a comfort it was.  

I wanted to call her mom - but felt that well - maybe that was TOO much - and honestly - I do have such a tendency to be TOO much - so I called her jokingly 'Mother Wilma'.
She absolutely hated it - but it stuck!

I think it has a great ring to it, and I'm smiling now as I type this - remembering her beautiful spirit.
  She laughed with her whole body.
  The day she passed, I literally was on the road to Missouri within an hour.  I told my manager that if I had a job when I got back I'd appreciate it, but if I didn't - I would understand.
I did by the way.

As my beloved cousin Jim and I were going through things, we came across a little notebook where she had written down how many eggs she'd gotten each day from her chickens.

Oh how I loved her.

So - when I first drew my cartoon chicken, it just seemed fitting to name her Mother Wilma.
You might not be able to see it on here - but there is a little "W" brooch on her collar.

If you'd like to purchase some Mother Wilma cards - click here
I hope to have some new designs out soon - birthday cards and the like. 

And lest ye think I forgot...the winner of the serum and a packet of Mother Wilma cards is....

Comment #8
Congrats Mari!

Y'all come back now, ya hear?


  1. the cards are even MORE special to me now! excited to use em! Love ya.

  2. How sweet, gave me the goose bumps. Mother Wilma was one special lady.
    Love love the picture on the porch at the end of the story. Made me smile, I want to hug her and hang out. Cards---yipppeee!!

  3. I love this story. My mom is not a sharer, she's very closed off, and isolates family members. I love my mom uconditionally, but I long for a mother or mother-like figure also like your aunt to absorb knowledge and wisdom, and well... Be mothered. you're very lucky to have that, not just once, but twice. Congrats to the winner!

  4. I am reading this just as we are packing to leave Florida. There is no food in the fridge but I found some chocolate chips in the freezer that i put on a little pretty plate and I'm eating them. How pathetic is that?

  5. Oh my goodness, is that her on the porch? How adorable. You have some really precious photos of this lovely lady. I just love the making pie one. I'm sorry to hear about your loss of two hens. That would just break my heart and I'd be some p'd off too. Can they be put inside at night so that they are safer?

  6. Happy Sugar Free . . .
    You go girl!
    I tried to place an order for cards, not sure what happened but it didn't go through. I love your Wilma Girl!

  7. What a sweet lady she must have been and what a blessing to have become so close to her...better late than never. Love the cards.

  8. Jayme, I just have to tell you how perfectly you captured our Aunt Jean in this post! Everything you said was spot on. A lovely tribute, Iindeed.

  9. Jayme, I love this post. I really like that your chicken on the cards is named for your beloved aunt. Your aunt sounds like a wonderful person. Sorry about your chickens . Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. I love you're Aunt Wilma. . . just love her, she's the epitome of life, baking cherry pies, quilting, two of my great loves, i love love the quilt. . . that's all I want to do is quilt and bake, you are so blessed to have had her in your life. . . oh if we could all live Aunt Wilma's life . she reminds me of my Grandmother, she had those same chubby arms, extra chins, and were filled with love. . . the best

  11. Love the cards. :) Could you draw some of Momma Wilma quilting? Quilters would love them.

  12. of fancy coops, this is the most amazing chicken coop kits I have ever seen (click on the photo at right for a larger image). It does require cleaning out

  13. wow, she was sexy!


  14. I had a great aunt Wilma that I loved very much. She had a wonderful sense of humor and was always laughing. She has been gone now about 15 yrs. The first family reunion without her just wasn't the same. Seeing your pics and hearing you talk about you Wilma makes me miss being around older people. I still have aunts, uncles, and many different cousins however many times removed, but I only have one great aunt left, and she will be 91 next month. Maybe I need to start visiting nursing homes.

  15. Oh, sorry about your lost hens. Ugh, that does seem so unfair for them to weather through this tough winter and to have that be their end. Oh, get ready Jayme, more snow to come... Really, Mother Nature!! Enough already! So dreaming green right now!! What an endearing story. Love your last picture of her.


  16. (sniff} Why you always gotta make me cry, Girl?!
    Your Aunt Jean sounds fabulous! What a treat for you both that you took the time to really get to know her. I am so sad with you about the state of your coop. I am always heartbroken when I lose a chicken, too. It does seem especially cruel for them to survive the winter, only to be killed :-(
    ~ Tracy

  17. How lucky you have been in your life to have such wonderful "mom's"!! May we all learn the lesson of being totally present with our guest :)

    Went to etsy- didn't see the serum? I need to order a bottle please!


  18. Oh my... I'm in love!! This is the cutest story and memories share of your auntie Wilma. (loved her name!) Cute how you added a "W" brooch.. to your chicken cards.

    I LOVE that line/paragraph/section... whatever about how she was "present" with you or whoever was there... that is absolutely wonderful!

  19. Was digging around looking to do some reading about chicken coops and somehow found my way here - glad I did. This: "You never felt rushed - you never felt that you were an imposition - it was as if she had been waiting for you all along - and you were her sole focus." is just perfect and such a good reminder/challenge. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Lovely lady! Lovely, touching story! Your Aunt Jean looks like my Aunt Charlotte. Thank you so much for sharing. Going to try to remember to be present for my loved ones.
    p.s. so sorry about your chickens!


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