Thursday, March 20, 2014

Choose Your Hard

Just a quick check in for today - I have quite a few things to do before my day is done today.
Aaron's been in Houston for a few days and I have to leave soon to pick him up from the airport - and my shoulder bursitis/tendonitis flared up again (interesting, isn't it?  It hadn't given me a BIT of grief when I ate clean, and now - doing nothing out of the ordinary - I had a terrible flare up) and I literally haven't been able to move my arm - and have even needed assistance in the potty.  This morning - it's 50% better so the last thing I feel like doing at the moment is being on the computer.  I can move my arm again!

I have to say - after the last couple of blogs - I've felt so vulnerable and just wanted to crawl in the corner and hide.  My finger hovered over 'delete blog' a few times.  
But naked I came into the world, and naked I'll go out - so I might as well remain naked while I'm here.

Day 1.
Who's still with me?

I had three slices of local bacon, two eggs scrambled with some peppers, onion and spinach - and a cup of black tea for breakfast.  I put a touch of coconut milk in my tea - and well - I'm not sure what I think of that.

Dinner tonight will be the Pakistani Kima that I rave about all the time, and lunch is going to be a grilled chicken salad.  

I needed to keep today easy.

What are you having?

Have you gotten the book yet?
Have you been on the Whole 30 website?
The Whole 30 Facebook page?
All great resources.

We can do this.
Here's a timeline of what to expect.
: -)

Photo: #Whole30'er @finallyaliveafter25 finds motivation in the most often-quoted line of the entire program.

As my Coach David Greenwalt always said - 'Choose Your Hard' - ya, this is kinda tough - especially at first - but you know what else is tough?  Feeling miserable.  Not living up to your potential.  
I'm choosing my hard.


  1. Sweet Jayme, I am still here.:) I thought your day's food sounds good and healthy. I like that first saying you posted...we are just human. I am going to stick with you......even if it's just to say, be strong. Hugs to you on this first day of Spring. xoxo, Susie

  2. I personally just sign up online for Weight is simple, and feels cleansing to me. It keeps me eating responsibly, but yet, I can have about anything. I lost 9 lbs the first week......just from not eating the carbs I usually consume. I have read every book out there on diet and nutrition .......speaking for meat, and "balance" is what I like, and what works for me.

  3. OK - I am still a "dirty" girl. I cannot be clean until I have real food in the house. This weekend works best for me. And I had a hot dog for lunch...with a Diet Mountain Dew. I ordered the book. I have gone to the website. And still, a hot dog and Diet Dew.

  4. I was investigating the Whole30 early this a.m. when I couldn't sleep. I need to look at it again. Safe driving to pick up Aaron. Thank you for saying all those things in the previous blogs, this is so where I am as well.

  5. Learning to drink coffee black is too hard!

  6. Hi Jayme, I checked out Whole30 this morning...I'm sure it's exactly what I usual I lack the motivation to get started on it though!
    I know you can do it...cause you have succeeded in so much already!!
    I hope you will keep posting your meal plans...cause that seems like one of the most difficult parts of the's difficult to come up with meals...with so many restricted food items. The recipe you posted today sounds good though...and I will try that!
    I always love reading your blog! Your last few blog posts have completely described how I feel! Sluggish, foggy, bloated...oh those words are very familiar to me...sad to say! I know what I should not eat...I know how much better I feel when I don't...but I do anyway! If I manage to avoid them for awhile...I start feeling so good (what I think normal people must feel like) then I begin to think I can handle eating it...why is so difficult to grasp that NO! I CAN"T! Our world around us doesn't make it any easier that is for sure!!!
    I'll be following hopes that you just might spark that motivation in me that I lack at the moment to to commit to it!

  7. Like so many, I am right there with you. It all started to go bad with my Mom's birthday. It just didn't feel like a day for a salad, and there was no way to skip the gorgeous dessert the restaurant put in the middle of the table with multiple forks. Then there was a quick trip to the grocery store for skinless chicken breasts and stuff for salads. But as I was leaving, two bad treats jumped in my cart. And I ate box #1 that night and package #2 the next day. Now I'm physically uncomfortable, but I'm over the bad stuff and back on the good. I am allowing myself those two days of bad choices, because I know what happened. They were bad choices by me. But that doesn't mean that's who I am. So, today, I started with a big breakfast of sauteed vegees and egg whites and have let go of those bad choices. They are history. We will do this.

  8. OMG woman! DELETE?? Hell No! Why in the world would you do that? Crawl in a corner and , hide? Come on girl. Ok, maybe the share of the difficulty in the bathroom well, maybe that was an unnecessary share.......I just got an image of you and the Glenn in my head...Oh, why did the bee incident just flash in my head too. Throwback. You are too much. You are my Erma and don't stop. You know Erma Bombeck..right.... I know there has been comparisons here before. Well, that recipe for dinner does look good. I had boring oatmeal, coffee with creamer and 15 blueberries for breakfast, then for lunch I just about skipped, had three ritz crackers and tablespoon of peanut butter and of course my cheat of 8 semi sweet chocolate chips. I know not healthy today at all, and I am making the gang Chicken Marsala tonight. I might just be chugging on the bottle wine while I am cooking, I swear. I have been craving chicken and mushrooms. I will Rah, Rah you on Jayme. For me, I live with a meat & potato guy and two 20 somethings that aren't too finicky, but make meal planning more involved. Geez Jayme, what is with the arm now? Do you feel stressed? I would if I was driving to O'Hare. Ha. Well, Aaron in tell?


  9. Don't you dare delete this, Jayme. If your messages touch JUST ONE PERSON-make ONE PERSON feel that they are not alone then you have more than done a service that only YOU can perform. God bless you- It is not an easy journey you are on and I so understand. xo Diana

  10. I love you so much for just being you and I don't even know you!

    I stopped by today and it was just what I needed. I needed to read your words. I needed to believe again.

    I needed to stop eating that blueberry coffee cake, that I was literally sick to my stomach from and would not stop eating.....need I say more?

    I need to remember that going back to school at 55, to support my husband, my mom and myself is scary and that is ok.

    I need to remember I am capable, smart, funny, and fabulous just the way I am.

    Today you made me remember,to have hope,to put my fear in a box and, to stop eating the coffee cake.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)
    You Rock Chicken Lady!

  11. I love that you are so REAL in your posts... Keep it real GURL! Safe travels and perk up soon. :) heading over to check out this Whole30 thing...:) stay you!

  12. You are my HERO!! Hugs, Jan

  13. Life is a journey made infinitely better with you along for the ride!

  14. Gentle 'cheers' for your 'day at a time' efforts Jayme -- stay kind to yourself along the timeline.

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