Sunday, March 16, 2014

Like I Tried to Tell Ya

Believe it or not, this post is going to be about chickens.

I am so doing this to my new chicks!

I'm half tempted to change the name of the blog - since it seems that I talk about everything but.

Anyhoo - 

We are selling eggs like hotcakes.
We're not getting rich quick or anything, in fact - we are just breaking even - so - at least my addiction is sustainable, and I'm not eating eggs at every meal.

Today - as we got four dozen ready for a gal to pick up, Glenco mentions -
 'maybe we need more chickens'.


This coming from the man that told me we had too many?
This coming from the man thought I was fencing off too much of a run?



He's caught the 'bug'.
He wants more beehives, and thinks we need to double the chicken run to give the birds more room to range and cut down on feed costs, and consider adding more to the flock.
Gosh - maybe one day he'll hanker for goats.

I really must say, I love having a partner in crime.
: -)

Mornings with the hens- best way to start your day!

You know how you have those sayings between yourselves - things that make no sense to anyone else, but always brings a smile to you and your spouse?

For us - one of those is ' I tried to tell ya' said in a thick Southern accent.

I said that as we were crating eggs today.
He cracked a smile and said 'we have our work cut out for us'.

Amen and indeed.

All the photos in today's post were found on Pinterest - this photo in particular I find hauntingly beautiful.


  1. He's coming around to your way of thinking...I have to prepare a safe run and proper housing for them...and I will have some free range chickens too here at the farm...I worry so about the darn raccoon's...dislike them critters!!

  2. Having a partner in crime is fantastic! Enjoy!

  3. Mmmmhmmmm.....this sounds perfect. Can't wait to meet um.......:)

  4. The knowing smiles and eye contact are everything, aren't they!
    I think there will be more chickens and I wouldn't be surprised at some goats . . .
    Like, why not . . .

  5. Your husband is thinking if you can't beat them, join them. LOL. So funny. Goats are good lawnmowers. But don't trust them around your flowers. Hope your week is a great one. xoxo,Susie

  6. Oh Lord that last picture will be me in about 30 years, lol!!!

  7. Goat cheese is quite a business. That last photo is simply amazing.

  8. That's so sweet....mmmmhmmmm

  9. Brilliant!! I love all of the photos . . and - following your story sure gives me JOY.

  10. OMG, where do you find some of these photos? That little chick pic is too cute! Well, at the price of a dozen eggs at $!.79 these days, well, just curious what you charge for your organic eggs? Isn't it time to be thinking about a new brood of chicks? Oh, to have a few hens.. a.dream... but, the bees I'll let you "Keep".


  11. I would love chickens! Someday, someday! It's so good when the man of the house backs an idea, it then feels like you have free reign and that is a great feeling! Good for you!!

  12. Oh, do get a goat...or two! I love those darling Nubians and if I had a fainting goat I swear I would die from joy!

  13. {{Smiles}}

    happy smiley post today... Mmmmhmmmm! love it.

  14. Well my hubs does not say no...he is fine and he will feed and water if I cannot one day or two weeks. But he would be just as happy without them, so he says...He talks to them, he calls them the girls, he is not fooling me at all. But the goat thing..he said no very gruffly a few years a ago and again not so very long ago. So I guess I will just be the chicken lady and not a goat lady. Although I think goat lady sounds a lot better to me.


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