Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coop Keeper Down!

Good morning!
As I sit and type this, I was supposed to be on my way to meet my Coach for a workout and lunch.
Beyond disappointed that I can't make it - but the CoopKeeper is down.
I do believe I gots 'the bronchitis'.
It rears it's ugly head every year around this time.
I've just now managed to get vertical and here it is nearly 10 in the am.
The chickens are feedless.
The cats are chowless.

I just want to give huge kudos to you mothers - who have woken up on days like this - and had a brood to tend.  A brood that isn't content poking around in the hay looking for yesterdays leftovers - but a brood that needs diapers changed, etc.
My hat is off to you.
I just can't imagine tending anything today.

So here I have a whole day open.
Tomorrow's plans have been cancelled as well - so that makes two.

What ever will I do?
Maybe I'll rest.
I should.
Maybe I'll knit, maybe I'll not.
Maybe I'll answer all my emails.
Maybe, Mabel.

Just wanted to thank you for yesterday.  Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
I just think it's so important that we do share our stories, and that we do stay real and transparent.
Truth is that we all feel crazy sometimes, we all struggle, we all get mad and throw tantrums, we all act ugly, and we all think everyone else has it all together.


We all have 'stuff' we think that needs to be hidden from the world.
Look at that bird right there - if she ain't hiding something, I don't know who is!

I'm in a really good place right now.
I'm quite content.
Life is calm, quiet and just the way I like it right now.

I just want to remind you again -
take care of yourself.
Really.  I'm serious.
Stop trying to control everyone and everything.
You can't even change yourself!  Good luck changing someone else.
Put yourself first for a change.
Quit being a martyr.
Do it.
Do it now.
It sounds selfish - but truly - it's the opposite.  If you take care of yourself first, you'll have SO much more to give.

Shoot - I suppose today I should heed my own advice.
If only there were some chicken soup up in the house.
: -)


  1. I was just going to tell you to mind your own advice. Get a warm cup of something, a snuggy blanket, a couch, and a good book. Or even take yourself to the doctor :). So sorry you feel so bad.

  2. If you need a to-do this here it is:

    1. Get your blanket.

    2. Put on extra socks.

    3. Drink something warm.

    4. Take a nap.

    5. Shower Optional.

    6. Write a new Chicken Poem.

    7. Have some soup.

    8. Take another nap.

    9. Check on Aaron.

    10. Drink something else warm.

    That should keep you busy.

    Feel better. I need you.


  3. Sorry you are DOWN...but I can see that your spirits are UP! I am down, too, with an ankle up..but that is a whole different level than being ill. I hope you have a good day. Do something you enjoy TODAY AND TOMORROW! Love to you~ xo Diana

  4. I know where you can find some....your backyard....sorry, I know...I just couldn't help myself.

    Yes, please take care of YOU!

  5. Chicken Soup! B'gawk! When we put chicken on the grill, we always call it beef because the flock is watching us.

    Take care of yourself and stay warm.

  6. Feel better!! I am fighting a little bit of the upper respitory crud myself -- wishing for a day of knitting :)


  7. gosh, i sure hope you feel better really soon. put your feet up, some thing warm to drink & a cup of soup & please just relax. mr. coach will be there when you get better i'm sure that. (:

  8. Trying to control everyone and everything around us is called being a control freak.... it's hard on a person's health too! Sorry you are sick. Chicken soup does work wonders... even if the mention of the word makes your fowl a bit nervous. LOL

  9. Oh, Jayme, I wish I was there to take care of you. I'd get you some hot tea, some soup, bring a quilt to wrap you up in and then insist you take a nap.

    I hope you are aware that you are so loved by so many.

    P.S. Maybe you shouldn't say "chicken" soup too loud. Just saying...


  10. LOL.. I love that last clucker.

    and Amen, sister, Amen.

  11. Hope you get to feeling your have a nice afternoon.

  12. Awww...feel better and get some rest! I love the way you tell it like it is. You are such a strong woman.

  13. Today I have a bladder infection. perhaps we can swap diseases?
    Honestly though, I take comfort in knowing I'm not alone in the world. Sick people unite! WhooooO!
    Feel better pumpkin.

  14. That last chicken picture looked like the chicken was saying, "What!!!!" to your comment about chicken soup.
    As for not being able to control someone else you hit the nail on the head. I spent too much time worrying and stewing about how I could change someone's life and when I finally let go and let God, I felt a great burden come off my shoulders because, of course, I can't make anyone do what they don't want to do. They have to want it themselves. Man, I'm glad I found your blog.

  15. I sure hope you feel better, Jayme! But yes, please rest. Let Glenco and the Boy Child take care of YOU for a change, k?

    : )

  16. Take care of your self. And follow your own advice! (((hugs)))

  17. Sorry to here you are "down." But after all those photos of your chicken friends, maybe you should eat beef and vegetable soup, not chicken.

  18. wow I just love your chickens I think some day I should get me a few. Any suggestions on them. Hope you get to feeling better. Warm liquid is always good.

  19. take care of yourself!!! hope you are up and out of those pj's soon!! When i had the pneflubronch a couple of weeks ago.. i lived in my pj's!! lol

  20. :( Im sorry you are sick, gosh wish I lived closer, Id bring you some chicken noodle soup. Take care of yourself and get better for you and Arrons next adventure! :)

  21. Jaime, you are one of the most genuine and open people I have ever encountered. Thanks for sharing your blog, it is very inspiring and refreshing. Take your own advice and take care of yourself today. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  22. awwww...Feel Better Jayme...Yes...REST!...wish I could bring you some chicken soup...{{hugs}}

  23. I love how honest you are. We are all, indeed, dealing with our own stuff and I applaude you for sharing your story. That is what I love about your blog, you tell it like it is and makes me feel like I am not the only one dealing with stuff...Hope you are feeling better!

  24. 3 words - Braggs Cider Vinegar. I start taking a dose at the first sign of a cough or cold. I use to get a couple colds a year and followed by the dreaded bronchitis at least once a year. I haven't had a cold or bronchitis in 2 years since I discovered Braggs. It's good for chickens too!


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