Monday, January 30, 2012

The Great Stirring

Has your winter been going as planned?

I had visions.
Visions of simmering.
Visions of knitting needles clacking.
Visions of cozy times with tea and library scented books.
Visions of the oil lamps lit at night, and a sense of quiet and calm.
I planned a lot of time in this chair.

I've had glimpses of moments like that - but here it is pert near February.
Time's a running out on me!
There has been something quite different about the sun shining lately - you can feel it stirring the earth back to life.  You can see the different slant of the sun in the sky and it's got me thinking about seeds and chicks and the barbecue grill.
I just feel this stirring inside.
I'm excited, and overwhelmed.

If I remember correctly - January jilted me last year too.

Soon - very soon - bootcamp starts and I'm a Coach in training - I'm not even sure what that all will entail - but I'm sure it will take time.

Soon - very soon - it will be time to make a decision for REAL about raising meat birds - and even if I decide not to raise meat birds - I have to decide what to do with my aged flock that nary gives us an egg or two a day.  Common sense would say it's time to cull.  Glenco says we need a fresh flock cause he ain't feedin' birds for nothin'.
If I do decide to raise meat birds, I have to get the area all ready.
And - well - I have to learn about raising meat birds and choose a breed, and decide on feed - and find a place to butcher them - cause I ain't having that devilment here in my yard!

Soon - very soon - I will have to start building a couple more bee hives and continue praying that the bees I have now will overwinter for another month or two.
I'm trying to come up with a name for my little bee business - and I have to design a label, etc.

Soon - very soon - like next week I'm supposed to be meeting with the Small Business Bureau about starting up a real, legitimate business for the skin serum.

Soon - very soon - I need to begin the projects that I'd planned on finishing this winter!

Today I began my 'action phase' again - to get the last of this blubber off - being able to run a 5K in it's entirety, build my endurance and start getting some real muscles.

When I think of it all - I just really want to crawl back in bed.
I want to pick up the remote and grab a bag of potato chips.

I get a bit overwhelmed.
Nitrous - take me away.

I've got two more toothaches.
Can you believe it?
I don't know what's going on.

One is hurting so bad at the moment that it has it's own heartbeat and the eye over it is twitching.
I can't chew well on either side of my mouth.
I have knots under my jaw bone.


Will I ever get outta debt?

What's overwhelming you today?


  1. I could never cull my flock, no matter if they lay eggs or not. They are sweet creatures and depend on me to keep them safe.
    Dental work is so necessary and so darned expensive! We spent enough last year on updating our crowns, etc., that we could've remodeled our kitchen.
    Overwhelming me? Nothing really. Some days are like that, but relatively few. We are healthy, our animals are healthy, and I just try to treasure each and every day.

  2. I just read something on another post today, about Matthew 6. That God gives us 'daily bread'. He helps us through each day, one at a time. So just try to get through one day at a time and you'll do great!

  3. Oh- You have so many decisions to make in a short time, Jayme. May the force be with you!;>) It will be hard for you (I think) to raise meat birds. Somehow, I just can't picture you doing that.

    Good luck on your boot camp kick off. You are gonna be a GREAT coach. xo Diana

  4. You're not alone in having so much that you want to do but don't know where to start and going back to bed seems like the best option, lol! Even though all the things that we want to do are things that we decided we want to do and not things we have to do! Go figure! It's good to have goals though. I think that's what keeps me motivated from day to day.

    I wouldn't be able to raise meat birds or any meat animal for that matter even though I know that the day may come where it's necessary.

    My old hens? I usually let them live out their life even though they're not laying. They served me well when they did lay so now they're free to enjoy their 'retirement'!

    Good luck in accomplishing your goals and TO DO list!

  5. Hey, did your dentist do x-rays on your hurting teeth? Turned out to be a sinus infection which his prescribed Amoxicillan didn't quite clear up. DO believe the neti pot helped me get over the suffering. Wishing you well today.

  6. "I am Your Father, Luke". hee hee... could not resist.

    My dentist would have freaked had I whipped out my camera in his office.. eeks. You look great in wearing a hose on your face by the way. LOL

  7. I hear you.

    I had so much planned for January and it's sort of ending on a fizzle.

    Personally, I have NO ambition for anything, sigh.

    I raised meat chicken once. I got about 150 chicks and the feed about killed me as they got bigger.

    But man, were they good eating. I'd love to do it again, if I only had a coop.

    Sorry about the teeth. I still have $600 left on a $900 bill from last year where my 16 year old had to have a root canal. Not fun.

  8. Girl, I do NOT see you ever eating your chickens. Not unless you name them Delicious, Succulent, or Scrumptious. So then you could say, "This dinner is Delicious". My overwhelming things that I have GOT to conquer before Spring are getting all of my paperwork organized and filed, and to make some sort of order out of my freezers and pantry. Like a master list that gets marked off, so I know how much I actually have of stuff, or so that I can know when I have something ready to expire so I can use it up instead of wasting it. And I am feeling that spring is so close I can feel it's breath! Thanks once again for sharing.

  9. I'm overwhelmed at my grocery bill from this morning. :) Eating healthy fruits and veggies costs a lot! But it ain't nothin like sitting in that dentist chair! Yikes! I can't wait for spring too.

  10. I hear ya gf, I come on line because I have so much on my to do list, so overwhelming I could hyperventilate, so I make me a cup of coffee, and go visit Jaymee! what the hay. . .

    I am frugal, as to not have to work, I am home all day which you would think gives me plenty of time to get things done :::sigh::::

    I have to finish Jaymee's bd gift, no excuse, it should have been finished already (your going to love it) . . .mail out the scarves I made for my Aunt for Christmas Ö, so many books I planned on reading, including The Leanness Lifstyle, omyyy 452 pgs., quilts to finish, friends to get together with, time with Mom, business ventures to start up, dr.'s appts to make, which I delay, because that means I would actually have to go Ö

    I need more prayer time, need to put the hour in to exercising daily, trying to get an etsy business started, I had a bazillion ideas through the years, let's just say, I had approx. 5 etsy sites in my head, that never did come to pasture,

    Can you repeat the question Alex?

  11. You have a LOT going on so I fully understand why you're not getting much time in your comfy chair. . .I don't know anything about chickens but unfortunately I know a lot about toothaches. What a Bummer!! Hope you get some relief soon - then there's the HUGE bill. Either way it's an OUCHY for sure!

  12. Overwhelming me? I try hard not to think about it all and focus at the task at hand. Currently, I am frustrated with Verizon {our internet provider}. We've had approximately 4 hours of 'up' time in January and even that was rationed out in minutes giving me little to no time to read and comment on favorite blogs.
    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your tooth aches are soon healed. Have another snort of Nitrous and let it all go.
    PS Stop by and meet my 'baby'.

  13. I started writing an entire letter here, but fortunately for you,I've decided to give you the Readers Digest version. {0) Congrats on your weight loss - so proud of you! I'm working on that too, 15 lbs. and a walking/exercise regime since last July - consistency is the key! Sorry about your teeth, hope that problems ends soon, sounds very painful. On the chickens, although I don't have any yet (used to growing up)I've decided on 1) laying hens - can get attached to these. 2) Meat hens, maybe 6 or 12 to start with, no attachment. Take them to offsite processing facility. Will have to see how that works out in real life...:0)
    PS: Loved the nicknames by debbierose, LoL funny! Will have to remember that.

  14. You'll be a GREAT coach, Jayme are enthusiastic and inspiring and oh so much fun!

    It's funny, we bought new chicks last spring to replace our three old hens who still lay ...but not consistently at all. The plan was to put the three old hens in the freezer next month. Yes, I love them ...but we raised them for eggs and (eventually) meat. Then when I saw that hawk attacking Dora, all I could think of was to save her. Not because she was destined for our freezer ...but because she was Dora and she needed my help. I don't know if that makes me a 'good chicken mama' or just a nutcase.

    Sorry your teeth are bothering room. I'd rather endure almost anything than a visit to the dentist!

  15. Mercy, I got dizzy just reading all you have plan and boot camp thrown in there too. Huff.. puff...

    Breathe girl... Maybe you have too many irons in the fire and could be gritting your teeth in your sleep from stress? This can cause tooth pain. More Gas Please!

    Whatever is down the road for you and your choices you have to make, I pray the lord will guide your mind and heart and bless your decisions.

    You do look good even in pain! You have makeup, lipstick and earrings on... That is more than I would do with a toothache.

    GOD bless you!!!

  16. Overwhelming me teenage son. Jeepers! Hope things come together for you, Jayme. I am certain it all will.

  17. Jayme, I have a MAJOR toothache today!!! Pain like nothing I can remember since say giving birth to my children. The right side of my face is so swollen every time I walk past a mirror I'm a wondering "who the heck is that "...The Pain...UGH!!

  18. I just had a workshop all day and had to sit and listen to WHA, WHA, WHA....but no toothache or headache or anything that isn't tolerable...
    sorry to hear of your toothache and well, here in NC I enjoy the cold just so I can stay inside and hibernate but this weather certainly isn't allowing me to...

  19. I had chickens once, and did the whole meat I am meat free for the last 3 years, and I would never go back.
    I feel better, and it feels right.

  20. 1. old teeth happen. welcome to old.
    2. i am a bit frightened of my new coach. she has bad teeth.
    3. bee business name ...i will beeseech my brain and help you.
    4. we raised meat birds once. awful.
    the butchering, not the raising.
    5. stuart is putting a butchering room in this new barn. ugh.
    5.i can't wait to see you and hug your neck.

  21. 50 almost FEELS like spring already!! And I am with you...I had SO many slouchy cuddly things planned for my snuggly winter...knitting, reading, digging around in some study books...but it aint happened yet! And I cain't 'zactly tell you WHY either! which is frustrating.

    oh well! February is another month entirely...

  22. I'm heading to the dentist on Thursday for some work done too. I don't like it, I don't like, I don't like it. Hugs.

  23. I just don't see you raising those beautiful chicks and then butchering them for meat. Save somewhere else. Sorry about the dental problems-life keeps throwing curves, doesn't it?

  24. Ok, since you asked....I am overwhelmed trying to decide what to do about my stupid knee!! It needs to be replaced and I'm told that at age 50, I am too young! (imagine that!)

    Do I get another opinion...keep plugging along...amputate? In the meantime, I am down in the dumps and gaining weight....hey, you asked!

    PS...if you are ever in Reno, stop by!

  25. I've got a friend who raises chickens for meat. She has a deal with the butcher where she will take 10 birds in, and he will butcher them, send her home with them AND an additional 10 anonymous birds. That way she has no idea if it was "fluffy" or someone else's chicken when she's eating it. Not a bad idea!
    I'm worried about way too many things. Ever since moving to this new state we live in, there has been a serious Eeyore Curse cloud that has stormed over this here family of mine. TOO many terrible things have happened that it has become a near constant running joke among my family and friends if it wasn't so ding-dong sad.
    My dad used to laugh at troubles and say something funny like, "Worry always works for me. Whatever I worry about never ends up happening."

  26. Bless you heart, a full plate as Moma would say. Some of it good, some bad but all of it has your brains in a tangle. You'll plow through those bills cause you aren't afraid of hard work. I need to order serum, I'm completely out. My biggest worry right now is our oldest daughter Stephanie is facing kidney surgery. She is having one removed, and the complications are very scary. I just face it a day at a time or I wouldn't make it. Hope that toothache of yours settles down sweetie!

  27. I'm getting a tooth pulled Thursday. Wonder if my dentist would mind me bringing my camera and taking picturs?e Hmmmmm.

  28. I've had a lot of toothache pain lately and so has my menopausal cousin. My eye Doctor (of all people) told me that there is a nerve, I think it's number 8, but maybe 5, anyway, it is the largest nerve in our body and runs down the back of the skull, all across our shoulders, and into our sinus cavities. He said sometimes it goes haywire and we don't know why. Apparently it is what is causing my tooth ache pain. I also had some other issues from that same nerve, called burning mouth syndrome. Got some drugs and am doing better. You have too many projects on your mind. Pick one, and work on that one only, then on the next, then the next. If you act like me, you'll get a portion of each one done, never finish any of them, and always feel overwhelmed!

    Cindy Bee

  29. I just felt like plugging my ears and saying "la la la la" when you were talking about (gulp) culling your flock. I just can't think abou that yet. My oldest chicken is only 3, so maybe it will still be a while before they don't lay???? Yes, please say yes!

    Your tooth problems also evoked the same feeling in me-- "la la la la" I can't hear you! Dentists make me cringe. I think it was my childhood dentist that gave me this cringing feeling when he told me, while giving me a filling with only nitrous, "If you don't stop whining, next time I'll have to give you a shot" muuhwhahaha!

  30. such a cute dentist!! i need to try your serum. jan

  31. I can always count on your posts to be entertaining! And this one is no exception. I too now have tooth pain. My dentist tells me he sees only a bruised ligament. How does one bruise a ligament in their mouth? Too much jabbering?

    I'm working on a label for a honey/bee company right now and thought of you. If you need any help with label design, let me know. We can work out a deal. You can see my design work here:!i=1613453843&k=9qZdgmG
    The honey labels are the last five in the gallery.


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