Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Big Fig Newton

Two posts in one day!
I just had to share this - I find it so funny - and so typical Jayme.

(Sorry to make some of you gag on that last recipe - that just cracked me up - it's really good!  No - really it is!)

I've been in the figs again.

I really thought that I could buy them and control myself - but I've proven twice now that I can't. 
If they are here.
I will eat them.
Like all of them.
Like the whole package in one day.

I'm that way with nuts and raisins too. 
It just is, and I'm just realizing that my compulsive food behavior is not fully worked through yet - and I'm OK with that.

So - I'm extremely gassy again.
In fact, I feel like I look like the Big Fig Newton guy.
I'm having spontaneous sphincter eruptions.
There's absolutely no controlling it.


As soon as I post this, I'm leaving to go to an hour and a half hot yoga class for the first time.

God help us all.


  1. Sounds like Montesuma's Revenge in the making . . . Oh my, I am happy I am not down wind of you in yoga . . . SMILE!

  2. LOL....oh my are too hilarious! Those poor people in your class!

  3. Jess and I sing the jingle from the fig newton commercial all the time. I loved those as a kid. love you, me

  4. Oh no! Bikram yoga and a gassy belly.... I pitty the fool on the mat next to you! Curious to see how you like the yoga, I found it to have the most positive effect on my body and mind. I hate doing it but I love how it makes me feel.

  5. Oh forgot to mention. Ever try figs cut in half with gorgonzola in the middle? Yummy!

  6. I think I would have to treat them like Thin Mints. I throw them in the freezer, and only allow myself 4 at a time. Most of the time:)

  7. oh, to be a fly on the wall in that class... could be interesting. ha. ha!! (:

  8. Oh Lordy If you participate in that yoger class it best be from the BACK of the room. Preferably next to a door!

  9. Wow, I thought I heard an explosion from the Midwest!

  10. You should so make a video (your character) of this... boy child would laugh his little head off!!! LOL

  11. You are a hoot!!

    Still smilin',

  12. Your Canadian FriendJanuary 9, 2012 at 9:17 AM

    Hilarious! Pity the gal who's on the mat behind you! Like you, I cannot keep nuts in the house. I can go through a pound of almonds in a week.. I will eat them three times a day- and not just a few. Add dried cranberries into the bowl and I'm in heaven. I bought more this weekend because we were out and Jake likes them too... He took them to work at my instructions. I'm learning...AGAIN.


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