Tuesday, January 17, 2012


$35 in gas.
$10.50 in tolls.
 $13.39 in cold remedies.

$16.56 in odd, mystery food lunch.

Walking the store for 4.6 hours feeling like you are caught in a never ending episode of
House Hunters International.

Being caught making the display beds.
(who can walk by a mess like that?  Who!?)

Keeping my word to my favorite boy in the world?


  1. It is LOVE and PRICELESS . . .

    Be well soon!

  2. i totally get the making bed part. that would drive me nuts. what are they thinking. opening the store looking all messy like that. nuts!! Aaron is such a great model. glad to know you are one to keep your promises. very few of those kind of people left. 2 thumbs up!! the mystery meat is kind of scaring me. weird??! what will you make with it? i wonder? ha. ha!! (:

  3. Wonderful day! Thanks so much for taking pictures. It made me feel as if I actually got to go myself!

    I miss thee, Ikea. I miss thee.

    I miss thou too, Coops.

    Good day!


  4. I get the bed straightening. I have a terrible time walking by public flower beds and not stopping to dehead flowers and pull weeds. It's my nature. Glad you survived your trip-now lay low for a few days and recover.

  5. Stop whining! My nearest Ikea is an 8 hour drive.

  6. TOTALLY priceless. I like your comment about being caught in a never ending episode of House Hunters International, lol. I have to admit that my Ikea experience is limited - I've been once to the one at Mall of America. Enough to know that deep down (and maybe even closer to the surface, lol), I am NOT an Ikea kind of girl - give me a flea market or antique mall any day :)


  7. I really don't like Ikea. Everything there looks so uncomfortable. Glad you kept your promise though. :-)

  8. 4.6 hours?! eek!

    is that ikea? we don't have one :(

  9. Aww, but look at that face, that smile! You done good.

    I told ya to stay away from those meatballs, didn't I.

  10. I'm more the resale/fleamarket type myself, but the contented look on Aaron's face makes it ALL worthwhile! What a blessed young man and what a blessing he is to you.

    : )

  11. I love how skinny you look, making that bed!!!!!

  12. I have never been to Ikea, so thanks for the pictures! A never ending episode of House Hunters International-that is a hoot!

    So should I add a visit to my bucket list?

  13. Oh my goodness! I do the same thing in stores! Just can't walk by! What a lovely day you had. You just can't put a price on that. Hope you are feeling better :)

  14. Well, I am sure you didn't get the meatballs, right? Because if you thing the figs messed you up, well...let's not even go there. Steer clear, my friend. Steer clear.

  15. I can't help but tidy along the way, too. I think we are angels, don't you? You look amazing! Aaron is so beautiful. Am I the first one who thinks he looks like a Ken doll? He is too, too perfect! xo, Cheryl

  16. No Ikea around here. The one you were at is probably the one I would go to. Heard it is better than the one recently built near the Detroit area. Either way it would be a long drive and I have not found someone to make it with me yet.

  17. I'm so proud of you for honoring your promise to Aaron!

    Having had my own personal experience at the IKEA store in Denver recently, I would have cancelled the trip and blamed it on my ill-health! I purchased a darling ironing board cover from there, only to discover that it is THREE INCHES too short for a standard AMERICAN ironing board! Everything is made in China, except perhaps the Swedish meatballs, so nothing special to drive there for!

  18. I take it that is Ikea. I have never been because our closest one is 4 or 5 hours away. My daughter frequents the place though.

    I am so glad you kept your promise to the Boy-Child. THAT is priceless indeed!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week- xo Diana

  19. Ikea - been there one time - way too big - left my husband sleeping in a recliner in one of the display rooms while I wandered aimlessly...

  20. Keeping your word...priceless!
    So funny, do you clean a house you are visiting? LOL!!!! Jist sayin ha haa. Come visit me!

  21. I totally understand the favorite boy in the world feeling! My nephew Jason was mine <3

  22. LOL...that picture of you is beside your name in a profile directory!...Jayme Goffin - "improver of all places she enters...No place is the same after her visit." :-) I consider Ikea (for me) to be like a Gigantic Toys R Us for a two year old....exhuberant, ecstatic and excited when entering...worn-out, overstimulated, and frazzled when leaving. TOO much girl...TOO much.
    over the top choices. It's why I like thrifting...the items find me! :-) And as for you and da manchild? KUDOS! **I would never win on a show like: The Price Is Right...because I don't know or recall $$$ prices...It is the PRICELESS things I carry around in heart and memory for ever!!!! And you will remember that one...(shopping IKEA in a coma)..LOL!
    Hugs to you Jayme. so glad you and Aaron had a day of it together! yep...priceless. :-) xoxo

  23. Your photos reminded my of the joyous shopping trips I had back in the UK. Glorious browsy hours, with breaks for coffee and eats throughout those hours. Ah, happy memories!


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