Friday, January 27, 2012

The Post With No Name

I'm clean out of names for this post.
How in the Sam hill do I begin to thank you for all of your wonderful wishes!?
I loved reading them all - in fact, I read them each more than once and it just put such a smile on this 'old' gals face!

Shall I list my gifts?

Brooks running shoes - custom fit from Glenco. Swoon worthy.
Now I have to do something to honor those shoes!
An electric tea pot from Aaron - cutest thing ever - red - adorable and the boy knows I'm having a serious love affair with tea.

A Spiderman belly ring from my cousin Jim.  Uber cool!
Dinner out from my fab friend Donna.  Thanks girl!
Flower arrangement from my bosom friend Gina - a shopping trip and a new outfit to come - after I lose this last ten pounds!
Tomorrow night out with my sis and new brother in law - dinner and more fabulous gifts to come (according to Aaron).
Something handmade from my dear friend Renee - to come.
A personal workout with my Coach and a vintage apron from my New Zealand kindred spirit Fiona.
The crazy hat you see in my pic from my Boot Camp buddy Laura.
I even got an beautiful card and key chain from a blog reader Lisa!
Thanks Lisa!!!

My day ended up being nice and quiet.
I love me some quiet.

In between birthday phone calls, texts, flower deliveries and UPS gift deliveries (a girl can dream - although I did get one lovely bouquet delivered!) I got out me paint brushes.
Ever since I saw this picture on Pinterest - I've been a woman obsessed.

Pinned Image

I've got to do something similar in my office.
I want it to be a space where I just long to linger - and sew - and write - and create.

Because I have such a small, 'charming' home - my studio will have to be an office/craft room/pantry/storage area.
I'm OK with that.

Orange has been my new favorite color - and I had some orange paint - so this is what I did.  I'm not sure the photos are going to translate well here - but let's give it a go.
I didn't plan on 'decoupaging' when I painted it orange, it was just a fly by night decision - and after I did decoupage it - I wasn't happy with the orange - which is just really - whatever, aye?

I have to apologize for the photos in this post.  I actually took pictures of the process, had nice photos of the shelves without food so you could see the vintage recipe ads that I had decoupaged on the walls - and now they won't transfer to the computer.  I had to quickly take photos with my phone and then email them to myself just now, and well, honestly, I'm mortified at how terrible they are!
  It really looks MUCH cooler than this.

As you can see, I don't have much food in my pantry. 
Most of my food is fresh and in the fridge.
Please note that the canned goods - although sparse, are alphabetized.
Don't hate.
I have some rogue crackers left from Christmas dinner.
The chickens will probably end up with them.

I'm hoping to have this project done real quick like.
Glenco's been taking measurements for the desk, and I'm thinking about paint colors for the walls.

I cooked what possibly could be the best beef stew that ever was.
I bought some meat from Whole Foods on the way back from my weekend away (eek!  just realized I never posted pictures!  I'm so discombobulated!)
It was grass fed, humanly raised beef - and it tasted like the meat I remember as a kid.
I'm ruined.
How will I ever just buy beef at the regular store now!?
I have to share the recipe with you - it's from 'Clean Eating' magazine.

Picked Aaron up from school - which I normally only do on Wednesday when he spends the night - but he gave me the 'but I want to spend time with you today' spiel and I fell for it.
: -)

Enjoyed his company through dinner.
The child is amazing.
He's not all sullen up like I had worried he would be as a 16 year old.
He's charming.
He's affectionate.
He's super chatty.
He's quite mature in many ways, and immature in the ways that it seems he should be at this age.
And that's OK.
You've got to give the people you love room to grow - room to be themselves.
I love watching him blossom.

Pinned Image

After he left, I hunkered down with my lemon tart and my favorite polygamist family 'Big Love'.
Lord.  That show.
Talk about guilty pleasures.

I've got to get myself running now - so no more time to chat, and yet - so much more to chat about!
I want to share my two new recipes with you - and I want to encourage you that eating gluten free is EASY!  You can do it - and I would so encourage you to try it - you'd be surprised at how much better you'd feel.  Trust me, I was so hesitant to do it - because it was trendy - and I'm the furthest thing from trendy.  In fact, I'm quite rebellious.  If gluten free is the rage, then I'm eating some serious gluten!

I also wanted to remind you that my Coach's Boot camp sign up is MONDAY!
You only have a few more days to get signed up on the Early Bird Email List.
If you are sitting on the fence about this - and you want to join, but you are scared, or otherwise me your phone number and I will call you and talk to you.

It's life changing.  : -)

So much to say, so little time.
I'm literally bristling with thoughts and ideas and hopes and goals and assorted nonsense.
Bristling I tell you!

Til next time - be kind to each other.


  1. You go and enjoy your time with that sweet Aaron. He'll be gone before you know it.

    I am sitting here on pins and needles waiting for your post about the good deeds you have done. I think you should issue a challenge with it.

    It could be a revolution. Started by you in your 50th year.

    Law. Am I getting teary-eyed over this?

    Don't mind me.


  2. Jayme -- I've peeked in on your from time to time, but never commented. So funny that I decided to pop in today! I LOVED your post. Did you make THE tart???? How was it! I am going to need that beef stew recipe! I loved all of your gifts and hearing who they were from and what they mean to you. How nice! And you are looking great! I love your profile pic transformation photos!

  3. Jayme! Happy Belated Birthday! Wow, you are old. Ha! Just kidding. I am so proud of you and your weight loss. That is just amazing. I'm still trucking on with mine too. I'm down 30 lbs now since May. We went to Disney World a couple of weeks ago and I road all of the rides and we walked and walked and walked and I had no pain in my feet/legs whatsoever like I did last time we went 4 years ago. It is life changing this weight loss stuff. I have a question for you. How much weight did you loose before people started really noticing and commenting? I've gotten a few "did you change your hair" comments, but no one really notices unless I say something. I think it's probably got to do with the fact that we're all as narcissitic as the other and people don't notice because they just don't pay attention to stuff like that. Anyway awesome job, keep it up and good luck to you as you close in on your goal!

  4. I am motivated this morning. After reading your post I am oober-motivated ;-)
    Happy Birthday girl! Wonderful gifts fit for a queen like you are. The tea kettle I love! Those shoes too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Happy 50th . . . . I need to say it every time I comment . . . the HAPPY is for an entire year!

    I too am moving to gluten free . . . changing the purchasing/cupboards is taking a bit . . . but you are "right on" . . . in the feeling better department.

    I would love your beef stew and lemon tart recipes??

  6. It looks like you had a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL birthday. God bless ya- you deserved that! I am happy that you cave to spend the time with your "boyo" when you can. It will be gone soon enough and he will be grown and on his own. Sad to even think about, isn't it? But one day it happens so enjoy every moment you can with him now.

    You are right about the glutten free. I stumbled on it quite by accident and didn't even realize that was what I was doing. It is life altering.

    Blessings to you, sweet Jayme! xo Diana

  7. I'm so glad you had such a great day, spending it in just the way you wanted. Can't wait for the recipes!

  8. oh, my goodness i love your b-day hat. so cute!!! you look so lovely in that fabulous hat. so glad your birthday was one to remember. "for the books. ha. ha!! (:

  9. Happy Birthday, late...I've been taking a short break from blogworld and just now catching up! You look fabulous by the way and love the direction you are are quite the inspiration! xoxo

  10. What a great birthday!
    ORANGE is one of my favorite colors and I love what you're doing with it. GOOOOOO Girl!!

  11. Happy 50th Jayme!! I read your Sally O'Malley post and when I saw 70 comments (!) I thought my wishes might get lost in the shuffle. You are so cute! Can't wait for the Clean Eating recipe for sure!!

  12. Happy belated birthday. 50's are the best until your on the down side and looking at 60, which I am. Yikes! Hope you had a great celebration.


  13. What a fun day you had to remember 50 by! You are lucky to have the love and good wishes of so many friends!
    Just think what a dismal 50th this might have been if you hadn't made such changes in how you're feeling physically. It always bothers me when people mourn their birthdays, I'm so glad that you celebrated the day!

  14. Love that office setting. Happy Birthday, my newly skinny friend!

  15. Love the painted cupboards! You got some super gifts, but I think the very best is that you have such wonderful loving friends and family. You are one super girl and a lucky one too. Enjoy, Jayme!

  16. Wishing you success and happiness for your coming birthday year, and I shall look forward to following your life's journey through your blogs. God bless you.

  17. You Rock it Sally O'Malley...a celebration filled weekend...stretch that birthday out just like one of those KICKS! lol...Have fun with the ones you love special bloggy sis...Love that you got shoes...a GOOD gift! woot... xoxo

  18. Hi Jayme!
    You look great and sound very happy. 50 is a wonderful age. Enjoy!
    The OCD in me says you need one of those awesome little label printers for your storage jars. Once you get one, you will never be without it.

  19. Have a MOOOvelous Birthday week!!!
    Grass fed beef is healthy for the soil, healthy for the cow and healthy for you!!
    The herd and I wish you the best!
    Janis in Vermont

  20. Belated Birthday Wishes. Nice to hear how wonderful your special day was, and I wish for you to have many many more days just like the one you just enjoyed.

  21. Happy Birthday!! jan

  22. Happy Belated! Welcome to the club! I've been a member for *3* years, now.
    I'm catching up this evening. Started a new job last Monday and it has been crazy.
    xo, Cheryl

  23. Jayme, what is the original addie for that beautiful sewing corner you found on pinterest? I LOVE it and I cannot find it. I even searched for your name on pin terest - to no avail! :(

  24. never mind Jayme :) I can't spell!


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