Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meet Calvin Carmichael Jones

I was awakened this morning by a full bladder, and a bad dream.
It was 3:18.
After emptying my bladder, I snuggled back in bed and thought about my dream - it was an odd one - I was going to Home Depot for batteries. 
I was with Aaron - we were in the Heep.
There was an epic storm brewing, and we were taking our life in our hands just to go out at all - it was like an end of the world ice storm - there were no cashiers at Home Depot to check us out - the store was abandoned, and people were looting.
I looted some Snickers bars.
I can still hear the brown paper crinkling in my hands.
Then someone stole the Heep and Aaron and I were in dire straights -
really dire straights - so I woke myself up.
At 3:18.
I layed there til the alarm went off at 4.
Is layed there right?
Did I lie there?
That always confuses me.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words yesterday.
It meant so much to me - truly it did.
Glenco and I read them all - and teared up thinking about that sweet Jinksie.
It also helped me get through the dental trauma.
I'll share that with you tomorrow.

I'd like to introduce you to CC Jones.
I have no idea why I like giving my cats middle and last names.
I just do.
Calvin was procured at the same time we bought our little vintage camper.

"What's that you say?"
"You have a little kitten who's mother has been killed?"
"It needs a home?"
Say no more.

Calvin is sitting on my arms now, making it nearly impossitble to type.
Yes - it's almost IMPOSSTIBLE!
You'd think I'd move him?
Not a chance.

While of course he isn't replacing Jinksie - he sure is soothing the ache.
At first he just made me miss Jinks more - and I constantly called him 'Jinks' which was just terrible to me.  I've come to the conclusion that I just can't live without something furry in the house.

Glenco was a bit surprised at how quickly I embraced another cat - perhaps he fears that he'll be replaced that quickly!

He's so different.
He's calm.
He's quiet.
He's just what the Dr. ordered.

I was concerned that he wouldn't want to stay in, and would break my heart further by rejecting my obsessive cat love - but alas -

this feline has become quite taken with the life of an indoor cat.
He's the quintessential lap cat.
Where I am - there goes he.
As I type this, he's on his back, massaging my face.
Oh dear.
I'm smitten with this danged kitten!


  1. Tis better to be smitten than not. :-)

    Nice to meet you CC Jones!

  2. Just catching up with you now, so sorry for your loss..and so happy you have a fur ball to love again. He is a handsome boy!

  3. Love of animal, (I have decided) is like no other. Your Jinksie (gosh I hope I spelled it right) and you "had something" going on together.

    Your talking about your feelings/sorrow, (yes, it was sorrow for you, I am sure) helped me get in touch with my loss of Ginger Peachy Queen who died thirty some years ago.

    And my/our Snickers, "love of our life" eight pound, princess, cuddle, who snuggles with pa more than ma . . . I can't even imagine life without . . .

    SO . . . my heart goes out to you . . . way across virtual waves to you . . . I think CC knows his place in life is to be NEAR to YOU . . .

    My caring . . . Love, Lynne

  4. Calvin is smitten with you and with his new role as house cat too. I love my cats (three at the moment) but am always, always partial to gray tabbies. I'm glad you have him and glad he has you.

    : )

  5. I sure know what you feel about your cats. We have always had several cats, just love them. But one kitty we have now is so special, so loved, I can't bear the thought of not having him.
    I'm glad you have another cat that you can embrace and soothe you.

  6. He is one handsome cat! Sorry to hear about Jinks, it's tough to lose a furry loved one.

  7. It's amazing how quickly a new furry friend can help mend our broken hearts after losing a loved furry friend. Loved the picture of you knitting with the kitty ♥

  8. So sorry for your loss! Our dog ran away a few months ago. We are still missing him!! We did get a new dog but it's not the same. BTW I give all our pets middle names :)

  9. He knows a good thing. I am happy you found a snuggler. No one could place your sweet Jinksie but it never hurts to add love.
    I always give my animals middle names Reta Rose, Stella Rue, Brenda Basette etc. and of course all the nick names too. We are the same person I am beginning to believe. This makes me miss you. BTW you look fab in the Coach's interview picture!!!

  10. Oh Jayme, he is adorable!! So lovey and sweet! Just what you need, obviously!!!!

  11. If you really want to know, you LAY there. But Vann always fussed at me for correcting anyone's grammar. So I'm not correcting you, just answering your question. My doggies have middle names too, and last names. Sophie Belle Patterpaw and Skipper Lou Blue. I love Calvin. He's a handsome specimen.

  12. I tried to reply yesterday, but my computer froze up. Here goes: Flash back to 2006. I hear a small 'thud' under the kitchen table that I'm sitting at. I look down to see my dear sweet Daisy not being able to get up. Daisy is my almost 15 year old Maltese...only 3 pounds. I bend down to pick her up and call my husband to come. I am in tears now as she continually tries to stand and fails. This goes on for a while until I know what I must do. I make that dreaded phone call. I am sobbing and trying to tell them I need to come in. I do not want her to suffer. I spend my last times with my little Daisy Do Little. Daisy Crockett. My Miss Daisy Mae. My husband drives me to the vet and we both go in. When she goes, she is in my arms and my husband and I are both crying. I never went to work that day. And hated going in the next. As I type this I again get tears in my eyes. I loved her so very much!!! I got another dog...he was a rescue. He is my boy. Then I thought he needed a friend so I got my daughter a puppy. The puppy's name is TinkerBelle...which we call TinkerSh__. She is a big ol' pain in the butt. Cute as the dickens, but N A U G H T Y. My boy, Snickers, is a great big momma's boy. I love them dearly, but they have never gotten the hang of being potty trained. TinkerSh__ is just a pain and would rather chase my chickens. In and out, in and out. Then in and pee. Lovely!!! So then my slightly special needs boy smells it and ... you guessed it! He needs to do the same. My point Jayme is I know your pain. And I feel for you. I think it's that unconditional love. Glad you have your new love in your life. They don't replace our old loves, they just let us channel all the love we give to something other than a broken heart! Enjoy him!!

  13. What a wonderfu kitty..he is embracing being your indoor kitten now and knows you need some extra lovin during this time!

  14. I think Jinksie had something to do with this. "Welcome Calvin. I'm sure we will see a lot of your handsome face (and the rest too) on this blog and I look forward to it. Take care of Jaime, now."

  15. Calvin looks like a keeper...isn't it funny how they just seem to know when we need a bit more love? I read your post with sadness, understanding so well your feelings. In December we lost two cats...one was 17, the other, only 2. While I'll try write that story sometime this month, what's funny is that a new cat has shown up and decided that this is his home. He's so loving and so sweet. Sounds like our new Milo and your Calvin are just what our hearts needed. -Mary

  16. I am so glad that your heart was opened and you were able to readily accept a new kitty-not one to replace your "baby" but a new love to create his own space in your heart.

    God bless you,Jayme~ xo Diana

  17. He's so snuggly and so cute!!! What a sweetheart....he's giving you the love you need right now.

  18. My cats always have first and middle names, too.
    Chelsea's name is Chelsea Kabob because she is my little Kabob.
    xo, Cheryl

  19. God has a way of easing our broken hearts with tangable love, something we can reach out and touch.

    He has perfect timing.

    Embrace GOD's love via Calvin.

  20. I am so pleased you have a furry little friend to ease the pain.

  21. That is the wonderful thing about love, it is boundless. Our hearts get broken, but there is always another furry friend who needs our love; it doesn't mean we love our old friends any less and it is not a betrayal.

  22. I haven't been reading blogs and did almost wish I had missed reading about the pain of missing your loved furry friend. That hurt... and brought back the loss of my loved cats and dogs. But, it is true, a new "one" is the best medicine... so glad you have the beautiful photos to brighten your memories... and CC Jones... more love seems to work wonders.

  23. Isn't it odd how you always wake yourself up just when you get to the really scary part of a dream?
    Calvin is a very handsome boy, and tabbies in general seem to have a very gentle and affectionate temperament. He seems to have bonded with you incredibly quickly!
    I am so like you Jayme. Yesterday I went to buy 3 chicks for my broody hen, and came home with 11!
    Kathy from Tasmania

  24. Oh and by the way, that is a great photo of you! (The one where you are knitting with an impediment draped across you) My cats love to do that too. Their other favourite trick is to sit on the newspaper every day when I am trying to read it!
    Kathy from Tasmania

  25. cats sure have a way about them and it gets me too! He sure looks like a healthy boy and huge helping with your knitting..and on that dream..where do those thoughts come from anyway? Now I can understand the snickers, cuzz you talked me into a new way of eating just recently, but the storm? Was the wind howling last night?

  26. Hey Crazy cat lady......from one to another.

    Love is love and those kitties know a good one when they get on.

    I'm so sorry for Jinksie....but Calvin is a lucky boy.


  27. I'm so happy for you and Calvin!

  28. you new addition is one pretty cat. Glad you could get a little joy after losing your beloved pet.

  29. Diane said it best, "Kitten Smitten".... it's a good thing!


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