Friday, January 13, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different....

Friday the 13th!
2 hour school delay.
Snow drifts - frigid temps.
Hello winter, where have you been?
The chickens got a warm bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.
Can a chicken scald it's craw?
I think so.
Don't give it to them super hot, y'alls.

Miscellaneous news.
Mammogram clear.  : -)
I'm fig free and have another hot yoga class tonight.
The bees were checked when it was the temps were in the 50's a few days ago - and they are alive!

My marketing meeting went well - and I'm just more scared and confused than I've ever been.
More to come on that.

my favorite snack as I wait to pick up Aaron from school

I thought this would be a fun way to wrap up this week.

current guilty pleasure: Kalamata Figs - but the love affair has to end.  100 calories in three, and a gassy butt to boot.

current nail color: The kind that makes your nails look all raggedy and ridgy.  Oh wait -
current playlist:  Mumford and Sons
current read:  Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Todd Gilbert
current drink:  Revolution Green Tea with Acai
current food swooning over soups recently
current favorite show:  Don't hate - I know it's going to seem out of character - but my favorite shows are Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Damages and Modern Family.  I just can't pick one!

current wish list: A T shirt that says 'Namaste, bitches' - although I'm not sure I would or could actually wear it - but it flat cracks me up
current needs:  to stop eating figs
current triumphs:  meeting my friend at 6am to walk at the highschool
current bane of my existence: the words 'yummo' 'sammie' and when people say 'nom nom nom' when talking about food.
current celebrity crush: Charlie Hunnam, aka Jacks Teller from Sons of Anarchy.  I'm sorry.  I know I could be his mother.  I normally go for the geeky musician type - but there's something about this guy...I just can't breathe now... 
current indulgenceplease see my list of TV shows
current blessing: you guys, for real
current outfit: black turtleneck from thift store - $1.00, Express jeans from thrift store $1.00 - super cute snowflake socks from KMart - $2.00. Silver hoop earrings.
current excitement: working out with my Coach in real life next week.  Scared excited.  He's been warned of my flatulence issues.  I promised him I wouldn't eat figs or broccoli
current mood: content


  1. Too funny when your socks cost more than your Jeans!

  2. Your Canadian FriendJanuary 13, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    YES! (on being fig free)

    Re "current celebrity crush: Charlie Hunnam, aka Jacks Teller from Sons of Anarchy. I'm sorry. I know I could be his mother. I normally go for the geeky musician type - but there's something about this guy...I just can't breathe now..." OMG Yes! I've never seen the show so had to Google Image him, but YES, YES!

    Re "current excitement: working out with my Coach in real life next week." I totally understand. The one and only time I worked with Coach I was sore for almost a week, and that is so not a joke. It was awesome. Oh, to have someone to push you that hard every workout- now that would be awesome. (and yeah, flatulence would be BAD). Enjoy!

    Have a great weekend girlfriend...

  3. I LOVE SoA but Kim Coates does it for me (Tig) yes he is scruffy on there but he cleans up oh so nice! LOL

  4. Love your kitty photos! So cute! Wish I could have a kitty, but both my superman and I are terribly allergic.

    Had to look up Charlie Hunnam... yummo! But I think I'm still partial to Anderson Cooper. So glad he has his own show now, so I can completely swoon.

    I'll be checkin out that gluten-free blog. Thanks for the link!

  5. Have you seen the movie WARRIOR???... I am not a fight movie gal.. but this one was incredible in a lot of ways. Gonna win awards, for sure. But I'm saying it only because... well, Joel Edgerton, go ahead, look him up. I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating crackers. I can see him swining bales of hay on a farm truck, too.

    Now you have me wanting to try those figs. And maybe not.

  6. I give my chickens warm oatmeal too, and I always do the finger test to make sure it's not TOO hot. Don't want any burned craws here!

    I can't stand that "nom nom" mess either!

    Have a great weekend, Jayme.

  7. Just had to say I'm a Modern Family fan. I love Cam and he's the main reason I watch.

  8. I like you even more if thats possible now. Whats not to love about Sons of Anarchy and Dexter.I like several of the guys and gals on there but yes Jax is my favorite one.

    I made oatmeal for my girls a while back and should probably do it again soon. They really seemed to like it.

  9. So excited for you to work out with your coach...know that has got to be really special for you!

  10. Happy Friday the 13th Jayme! It sounds like you had a good week. I am so excited to hear about your marketing plan...and getting your product out there. We all have faith in you, girlie!

    It is cold here, too. 19ยบ the last time I looked. Too cold to go out-too pretty to stay in.

    I hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  11. Happiness and giggles to my day, curtesy of Jayme!! I only have one thing to say about your list...should sock price equal the total price of shirt and pants? I think not!!! Love the thrift store...yours is much cheaper than ours around here!
    Enjoy the snow...we're supposed to get some this weekend...hoping and praying!

  12. Love your post.
    I wish I had a new wardrobe!
    I'll take your old one!
    You rock!
    Lemme see, I guess that's it. Hugs!!

  13. Hmmm... we give our chickens lots of treats, but I never thought of making hot cereal for them. If they like oatmeal, I bet they'd REALLY love warm corn mush! I'll let you know.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jayme!

    : )

  14. 1. I love that your K-Fart socks cost as much as the rest of your outfit combined.

    2. Hear that? That's the sound of Alton crying....

  15. Oh ..... Yummo and Sammie,those words make me fighting mad! So does the song,Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head! Just thought I'd throw that in there!

  16. have i ever mentioned YOU ROCK!! (not yelling, just saying really with much emphasis) i really love SOA ... they are awesome. can not wait until the next season comes out. ready to watch... i had to catch up thanks to Netflix. great show. can you believe peg bundy is a biker babe now. ha. ha!!

  17. Trying to figure out what is between the orange and the almonds in your snack...

  18. That is one snuggly kitty witty!
    I also like that your socks were the pricey part of your outfit!

  19. Love Mumford and Sons. Try Fleet Foxes!!!!Love your blog girlie!

  20. I am sitting here reading this post in my SOA hoodie :) I am with you on the Charlie Hunnam that boy is fine! Thanks for your blog. You inspire me daily and keep me laughing.

  21. Cute, snuggly kitty! and that's coming from a born again dog person. I've been known to take steaming oatmeal with raisins out to my hens on cold mornings. Today, even though it's snowing! they're wandering the yard scratching and playing tunes on the downspouts.

  22. I too am a SOA fan. Watched most on Netflix then most current season on Amazon. Cannot wait for the next season. I would also recommend The Walking Dead and Justified. The three above mentioned shows are my guilty pleasure so don't tell anyone.

  23. You lost me at Jax! SOA is the best. Love your blog and sense of humor. What happened to the dentist post? For some reason, I picture it being a total crack up.


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