Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Great Breakfast Idea...

I was surprised and delighted to find out that most of you do not consume fast food on a regular basis!

This was my go to breakfast before I found out that dairy bloated me like a tick and caused a severe hole in the ozone layer in Northwest Indiana.  Now, I just stick with my turkey sausage and fruit.  I do try to have this once in a while as a change - but I get so danged gassy!

It's quick - it's inexpensive - it's filling - and it's balanced with carbs and protein.

It's also versatile.
This might sound gross to you at first - mixing oatmeal and cottage cheese together - but trust me on this one. 
I'm a real texture kinda girl - and if I don't like the texture of something in my mouth - no matter how much I love the taste - I just won't eat it.

This - I really like.

1/4 cup of old fashioned oatmeal
3/4 cup of water

Cook the oatmeal in the water - and add your choice of fruit.  I like apples or blueberries - bananas are good too - but if you choose those - add them after cooking.  Use about a 1/2 cup of fruit.

Add a dash of cinnamon, almond or vanilla extract (depends on what fruit you are using).

Add 3/4 cup of lowfat cottage cheese.

I usually put the pot back on the stove at this point and warm the whole thing up again.

Now - the sweetener - I used agave nectar - I really frown upon the artificial sweeteners - perhaps you could use honey - again - I'll leave the sweetener up to you - it's personal preference.

Some nuts would be delicious on there, wouldn't it?
I'd refrain from doing that - even though 'it's a good fat' - it's a fat nonetheless - and with the amount of carbohydrates in this dish - you want to avoid any extra fat.

Let me know what you think!
Start your day out right girls - get protein in your craw first thing in the morning.

This recipe has been approved by Scarlett - she has often been the lucky chicken that gets little bits of it leftover.


  1. I'm gonna be honest...I had a little urge to gag at first blush, but I am looking for that go to breakfast for the winter. I may just try it. If I don't like it I know my chickens will. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This just looks wrong. I eat a few weird combinations of food too, but this is wrong. LOL

  3. I too have done this, only I found out that I'm allergic to dairy. But I cook my steelcut oats, then throw on some soy yogurt and cinnamon (sugar-free, organic) applesauce. I don't find I need any other sweetner. Yummy! I usually make more than one day's oatmeal at a time and heat it in the microwave on subsequent days. You can also stir in protein powder if you need a little more staying power :)

    Btw Jayme, your transformation is inspirational!

  4. Soy Yogurt? I'm curious. I can't take the dairy in any form, and my doc told me the oatmeal was hard on my tummy but sometimes I just need a big bowl of oatmeal with soy milk and dried blueberries. I'll try the apple sauce next time- I make it without any sweetener- just some cinnamon sometimes.

  5. Isn't cottage cheese a diary product? Jist askin. It does sound wonderful, really! Oh and lucky chicken!

  6. JUST had oatmeal this morning...'cept I just start off with skim milk instead of water. (*never thought of the cottage cheese add-in, but I LUV cottage cheese, so I'm sure I would like it...) cinn/honey/blueberries...YUM! I will try the cottage cheese! and just saw I missed your last post on FAST FOOD! girl...I don't eat fast food except for a road trip if there is no other choice, and I look for the salads... although I will eat chic-fil-a if there is one nearby . Yum...(every once in a blue moon when I am out running around and about to STARVE ) I quit McDonalds a while back, and yes my sister told me years ago about the mom who put the wrapped burger in the bag in her pantry and those preservatives (or whatever are in it) kept that thing from spoiling or just got hard, {:-o thanks. I do like their yogurt fruit parfaits just to give them credit for something that I might pull through and buy from them. ...gave up soda a while back too.. I can't stand the thought of all that corn syrup going into my heart and veins...It's hard enough keeping the flow running smoothly at 51 as it is...!!! WATER with LEMON...WATER with LEMON...RAH! Hugs to you Jayme...thank you for continuing to inspire me to STICK TO IT! xoxoxoxo Love your chicken pic. *found the SWEETEST vintage pic of a girl feeding chickens yesterday (thriftin') ~ will have to email a pic of it to you. :-)

  7. Thankyou for the idea!!! We had it for breakfast and, much to my sweet hens dismay, there were NO leftovers!...(the hens were watching through the kitchen window) insert 5 sad faces here!

  8. I'm still likin the turkey sausage patty, every morning, just love it with a piece of fruit. I do add fennel seeds to your recipe, only because. . ::::sigh:::: sausage? it just makes sense I say.

    My in-laws have 3 fig trees in the garden, love them fresh, but never cared for them dried, but now with the clean eating lifestyle which does not include cookies, apple turnovers or carrot cake, man those figs are delish. . .

  9. I make oatmeal like this all the time, sans cottage cheese.

    Try ground loves for seasoning. Just started using that, YUM!

  10. CLOVES!!!

  11. Yum - I do mine with choc protein powder and PB2 - !

  12. I think I'll just leave this one for Scarlett Jayme! :o)


  13. And yes, I love it! oats and cottage cheese w/ fruit were a staple for me in 'the good ol' days' of Body4Life. No gags here, but I may have enjoyed making my co-workers gag at my yummy breakfasts I took into work.. such as this lovely creation ;) -T

  14. Your Canadian FriendJanuary 9, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    I've eaten this many times thanks to you. In the past..with "sweetener", gasp! I also thought I'd give it a try with a teeny bit of agave nectar. I'm going to give your turkey sausage a try though...


  15. I eat cottage cheese, and greek yogurt, few berries and about 3 T. of oats just mixed right cooking. I mix it up in the morning before work, and eat it 3 hours later, no sweetner...yum


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