Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Yammerings

I did my walk this morning and met who I do believe may be my new best friend.
I don't know her name yet - but was she adorable.
She looks about 75 and has had knee replacements.
She kept feeling bad every time I passed her, remarking "I wish I could walk that fast"
 - so I walked with her a bit and encouraged her.
I told her she's walking faster than everyone else that's just sitting on the couch.
I just know we'll be best buds one day.
She'll invite me over and teach me a new crochet stitch as we eat sandwiches with the crusts cut off and talk about 'the good ole days'.

Had my yearly mammogram.
It hurt much worse since I've lost weight.
She kept taking films - do they take films? - well whatever it was they were doing - they kept doing it to my left boobie.  It concerns me because that's the one I had the biopsy on years ago.
As I was getting dressed again - I thought of all my friends - six to be precise - that have been battling breast cancer in the last few years.
I've never been the person to say 'why me?' - but more often I'm the person that says 'why not me?'
Every time I get a clean mammogram - I'm so extremely thankful.
It makes you realize how quickly what you call life could change.

On the way down in the elevator I met the most adorable old man and his mentally handicapped son.
We struck up a conversation and I immediately wondered if the lady I met earlier was married, and if this old guy was married and if not ......
: -)
But mention his wife he did -
He was the kind of man that just made you happy to look at his face.
I know first hand the challenge that it is as you are aging to take care of a handicapped adult.
My mom struggled so - as she was elderly to keep my sister Vivian home.

So I've just been up in here doing laundry, mopping floors and thinking.
My very favorite kind of days.
Ordinary ones.
The ones with routines, chores, peace and order.

Planning a nice spaghetti dinner.
You heard me! 
Spaghetti baby!
I haven't had a noodle in nearly a year.
I found Tinkayada brown rice noodles at the grocery this morning.
I'm not wanting to make it a regular part of my nutrition - but once in a while for a splurge.
Picked up such a beautiful head of romaine lettuce today that it was almost pornographic!

I've been thinking about life again - and I know I'm not the only one that thinks this way - perhaps I think it more than the normal person - because I've cultivated a life that gives me a lot of time to think

I always want to know that I'm doing 'the right thing'.
Doing what I've been put here to do.
Making a difference somehow - somewhere.

Until I figure out what it is that THAT is -

I will mop the floor.
I will do the dishes.
I will plan a spaghetti dinner.
I'll text Aaron and tell him I love him.
I'll call Glen during his lunch and chat.
I'll take care of myself.
I'll feed the chickens and pet the cat.
I'll continue to blog here about my flatulence, gaggy healthy recipes and my search for life's meaning.
Such are all the things that make me happy.

Because - as a wise old bird once told me -

"When you feel that you don't know what your purpose is - do the work that's at your hand."
Actually, no bird told me that - I just made it up - but didn't it sound better to say that a wise old bird told me?

I think you might be surprised when you find out -
that could be your very purpose.

So when you go up to roost tonight...
Ask yourself this question.

Am I being the best me I can be?


  1. Oh my goodness, Jayme! This is a lot to chew on here!!

    1. Mamograms...I hate when they focus on something...makes it feel like it is NOT routine!
    2. Doing what comes to hand. I love, love, love it. Sometimes when I can't figure out what to start I just start picking up or doing dishes until a better idea comes along. That way at least something good gets done!
    3. Love what you said to your new BF about the people on the couch.
    4. I think you're a wise young bird, actually.
    5. Spaghetti sounds good to me!
    6. I have a handicapped's hard.

  2. There will never be another Helen, but maybe you need a wise old bird in the house some days so you can talk about life.

  3. Well Jayme I think you HAVE found your purpose in life. I think you are doing an absolutely great job at setting a positive outlook on life for others through your example. Oh and right now, my sister in Joplin is getting ready for her biopsy of her remaining breast. We are waiting to hear the results. Keep her in your positive thoughts please.
    Peg from Decatur

  4. Girl, this is what the "winter" is all about. The New Year and contemplating how to move ahead and who and what are important. Craig and Tana are off to their new jobs today and as I stay home after 18 years of working with Craig, I've had to fight down some feelings of not being to "productive". I've decided that I like having time to think and pray and read your blogs and putz around the house. I guess we are all pretty normal. Blessings!!! Kathy Collins... when I try to post using my google account, it just takes me to a place to sign up for a blog. So, I'll just sign my name in here and post as Anonymous. Good thing I highlighted and copied before I tried to sign in. That has happened to me several times.

  5. You are a dear woman who brings light to a January morning!

    Thank you!

  6. Oh how I love your yammerings!

    My task at hand today has been cleaning out the "old" important papers. It's a task I am not find of and therefore have spent about a week on it, on and off. I've already shredded about three grocery sacks full, disposed of twice that into the regular garbage and just managed to come up with another bag for each category! That's what two years in a fog will do for ya! But, oh, my closet looks divine!

    I'll be praying for that left boob of yours. Did I say that out loud? Law... but I will. For realz.


  7. Mop that floor, go out and take a deep breath and soak up that wonderful 52 degree air (or at least it is here!!

    Looks like you made quite a few people smile this morning including all of us :)

  8. spaghetti is just delicious!! i think i'm party italian ... i love that type of food any old time. i really don't look forward to mamograms at all ... as a kid i remember finding my mom's purple sheet with two boobs wondering what the heck is this ... MOM was is this sheet? she would always oops i meant to put that away. you were not suppose to see that. the stories she always tells scares the pooh out of me. not excited about looking forward to that. yuck-o!! you are a very, very smart lady. you are too kind to love the elderly. they really probably needed your kind words. thank you for that. you never know if your words are they only ones they hear all day. it's special. so special. we are having sleet her in VA & it is 36 degrees. a big brrrrr!! ha. ha!! (:

  9. One of my favorite hymns reads, "Time flies on wings of lightning, we cannot call it back, it comes then passes forward, along it's onward track. And if we are not mindful, the chance will slip away, for life is quick in passing, 'tis as a single day." Yes...too many words, I know, but your post reminded me of this song. Am I doing what's really important and taking care of our home and family? The new year is a great time to ponder, and maybe make some needed changes. Thanks for a post that makes us stop and think. -Mary

  10. Could it be that this is my favorite blog post eva. .. then there was the one, and the one about. . . I'm thinkin this mean I have to send you a really big birthday present doesn't it. . .

  11. Great post! I soak up everything you write. And the photos of those chickens are so sweet. Thanks for making my day.

  12. I do the brown rice pasta every once in a while, too. It almost tastes "real"

    You are a good soul. The fact that you respect your elders and chat them up says more than anything else about you. You just keep doing what you are doing, girlie, cuz you got it right-

    July 18th first day-today~ down almost 50 pounds- xo Diana

  13. You make me want to try! Thanks.

  14. I have to ask how the McDonald's experiment is coming along?

  15. Peg in Decatur- I'm praying for your sister in Joplin and your family- and Jayme, I sent one up for you too.

  16. a truly giggly post sprinkled with a bit of inspiration. love it.

  17. I know the feeling, waiting for the report. You don't expect bad news, actually just the opposite. I am shocked when things don't go my way. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. I had a special needs little brother too and somehow I placed my Darling Dad who has been gone for too many years as that face you looked into Jayme - you hit my 'tender spot'..... I felt blessed.

    Your write this day was a full cup Jayme; left me with reflections to ponder once I scoot from here. Just a personal viewpoint on your purpose Jayme, but, I think your being such a wordsmith of encouragement and laughter and a sweet mix of a great stretch of topics -- now, THAT'S a gift you've definitely got and give....just a layer of your 'onion' with deep layers to go!

    Love the encouragement to your new best friend-to-be....sweet!


  19. I just the love the pace of this post. Kind of meandering and chalk full of good stuff. Just wanted to let you know your attitude rubbed off on me. Better go mend one those fences...I haven't given the Mr. much attention tonight. Have a wonderful week. Patty

  20. Jaymers, this is the best kind of post. I feel just the way you do about stuff. My left is the side I had a biopsy on, too. We must be left boob sisters. I hope yours is o.k. It is good to get a good report. I just had my mammo and my pap and I'm good for another year.
    xo, Cheryl

  21. I have been thinking a lot about my purpose too. I've been unemployed for the last 9 months, trying to find the right part time work for this stay at home mom of 25 years. I'm getting a lot of house work done!

  22. Love your the photo of chickens on the roost...looking a little skeptical about the photographer! My purpose was taking care of Don during his final my purpose is creating art, in one form or another, after years of pushing it to the background!

    "Am I being the best me I can be?"

    No I'm not...I'm on the journey to bestness...I hope it's a long one!

  23. Thank you for your posts....whether you believe it or not, they have meaning to just the right people! Today, that is me...I still love the ones that make me laugh, but this one has touched me...and by the way...please tell the boy child that HE IS BRAVE TO WEAR FLIP FLOPS IN THE CHICKEN COOP! Oy! Chicken poop everywhere.!


  24. I just do what I can... I remember my Great Grandmother said that she did what she could do everyday... as much as she could do and she got a good nights sleep every night. I try. Enjoy your spaghetti! Love the photos!

  25. Good post and pretty pictures. Ah the dreaded mamograms. I find, for me, they don't hurt but I find them embarrassing and intrusive because of having to be "handled". As for the flatulance I could skip reading about that as I feel like I talking to my smelly mother. I love my mom but there are foods she eats that don't love her and she isn't safe to be around when she endulges. Yikes.

  26. Love your photos.. and the sentiment. I often think the same things, and try to bring something better to the world. Sometimes even a kind word and a smile can change a person's day.

    The mammograms... oh, the worry. Every time I get that call that says everything appears normal, I am so thankful. My mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer, so a new page it turned. So far it looks as though hers was caught early and did not spread. Thankful for this, anyway.

  27. Good morning Indiana girl...mammograms...I don't think it's the PAIN we dread near as much as the "possibility" of hearing that something may be amiss...I hear ya...My mom's cancer started out with breast cancer, so it is never far from my thoughts. BUT KUDOS for getting checked and posting reminds others to just go DO IT...LOVING that last photo...what's up with the rebellious girl there? :-) lol...Knowing our purpose in life Is HUGE! yes? for me - it is knowing I live for something bigger than myself...(it's not about me)...Kind of helps put everything in perspective when I am going through trying circumstances...HUGS to you Jayme!
    xoxoxoxo had fun seeing all the Coop Ladies! hope one day I will have some again....!!

  28. I love your post today. I haven't been the least bit productive today, but you have given me a bit of hope that I will be tomorrow! Hope you get your mammo results back quickly so that you don't spend another second worrying about it.


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