Wednesday, February 1, 2012

on exercising

It's 8am and I'm sitting here trying to type with a purring, kneading cat lying on my forearms.
I'm drinking Irish breakfast tea.
I keep smelling an odd, bitter smell wafting around me.
Chores are just about done and I'm excited to work on my 'to do list'.
It's going to be a great day - I get the BoyChild after school today and I'm making a 'clean' meatloaf with red potatoes and a green bean salad.
I might bake him something.

Let's talk about exercise.

We all need to do it.
Most often we exercise our jaw more just talking about it.
We are all familiar with the Nike ad -
Just do it.

For an ADHD'r  like m'self - it's more like -
Just think about it.
Just talk about it.
Just plan it out to the last detail on paper, and then lose the plan.
Just don't do anything until you have the perfect exercise regime figured out and then doubt that it's the perfect one - so don't do it.

I haven't worked out with any regularity since the marathon.
I really need a workout buddy in order to stay consistent.

Oh I have bouts of exercise - a burst of it here or there - a few days or weeks strung together -
and all it takes is a few days to make me feel like I'm really something.

Truth is, I love to exercise - I do -
truth is my mind sometimes won't let me do it.

I'll be on my way up to exercise when I see that the back door window looks dirty.
The next thing I know I'm cleaning out cupboards or painting something!
Or  have thoughts like - gee - I really should try to clean out my inbox.
Does the cat have food?
Where was that article about the dangers of eating soy? 
 I need to read that again.

Case in point.
I went upstairs to get on my elliptical and have an awesome cardio workout.

As I'm starting to warm up on the elliptical - I notice that the room just seems so boring.
"This room really needs a pop of color".
"I'd really like working out up here if I redecorated a little bit".

The next thing I know I'm off the elliptical, off to JoAnn fabrics, and maybe a bit off my rocker.

I deliberate over fabric, sending photo text messages to Janie Fox.

I decide I just can't work out up there until I have curtains, paint the old dresser that has to be in the room even though I don't want it there, and find some scented candles that 'set the mood' just right.
I was proud of myself that the curtains only cost me $25 to make, and I sold that black shelf thing in the first picture on Craig's List for $25.
A no cost spruce up baby.

This willy nilly behavior towards exercise has not gone unnoticed by my body.
My weight loss has been maintained - because my motto is 'work hard at exercise - work harder in the kitchen' and really the equation of weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise - but lord have mercy, I need that 20%.

My Photo

Tomorrow I go work out with my Coach.
In real life person.
I'm embarrassed and scared.
I might puke, pass gas, or faint.
All three are highly likely, I'm just hoping they all don't happen at the same time.

My body is as lumpy as a newlywed's first attempt at gravy.
My skin - not as loose as I thought it would be - still gives my body the appearance of having a 'body within a body'.
I look decent fully dressed, but naked?
It's not pretty people.
My upper arms could beat someone to death if caught in a stiff wind.
When taking a bath in my antique tub, my breasts float - almost like they are detached from my body.

I have a feeling I'm in for it tomorrow.

I thought the dresser paint turned out awesome.  A pretty butter yellow I had hiding in the basement from projects gone by.
 The good news is that I have committed to exercise again and for the last week I've been consistent.
I tell myself 'you are doing it if it's the last thing you do' - and sometimes it IS the last thing I do, and I'm exercising at 8pm.

my yoga cat.
In honor of the late, great Jinksie - whom I still cry for nearly daily.
Oh how I loved that cat.

Today - right after I post this post - I'm going to go exercise.
As soon as I figure out where that puke smell is coming from.......


  1. I think you just described my willy nilly every day.

    And I love Janie Fox too.


  2. Clicked on your post today because my husband's got me in training to go hiking in the Alps. Where I will likely die if I don't get off this computer and go downstairs and exercise. But reading this was so much more fun. And I still need to make the bed, and I should pay that bill...

    And the upper arms thing? Priceless.

  3. I really needed to hear this today..I too have been putting off the exercise way to long. I do yoga but it's not enough.
    You sure do know how to make me laugh!

  4. You are TOOOOOO funny...and even as I say that I know you are being SERIOUS!! You are definitely ADD or ADHD (whichever you call it at the moment) is one of my sons, and my hubby somewhat...1000 different trails going around in that brain...when I used to tell middle son 5 things to do (chores)..he would tell me (unbelievably at a young age,too) "ONE thing at a time mom...ONE thing at a time... when you run off 5 things for me to do, it's like 5 little cars taking off inside my brain on 5 different roads and they are going in different directions and none of what you just said will get done!!"
    out of the mouths of babes...I learned - I changed. are amazing. :-) Keep on girl. it WILL all get done and even if you exercise at 10 pm!!!!! *like me sometimes* GOT DONE! so there. Hug coming your way cause you are still missing sweet kitty... :-( rah for thrifting and for your redo..looks awesome...and you will rock the workout - don't worry. :-) xoxo

  5. I love your honesty. You are not alone, baby -- many of us do as you do. I, myself, MUST exercise first thing in the morning or it does NOT get done. Also, I hate taking two showers in one day ... as for your debt ... can I recommend the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University program? I am currently in week 4 and am finding it to be very educational, common sense, wonderful stuff. Just a thought.

    Twyla in MN :)

  6. Perfect..somehow you described a typical day for me. Whew!! Glad to know there's another me out there. With the exception.. somehow you rise about your ADHD and DO something.. actually accomplish things!! Can't wait to get the report on your workout tomorrow with your coach. I ♥ your workout room and that big tiled mirror.. and the new color of your dresser is awesome. A visit to the coop keeper always makes my day ;) -Tammy

  7. I was up at 0-dark-thirty this morning and walking...there were still stars, for goodness sake! I must say that I did waste 30 minutes in the house checking E-Mail, commenting on a blog here and there first...also started a load of laundry. Sheesh! I am determined that this time I will reach my healthy goal. You are, thanks!

  8. Yeah- Welcome to the crazy world a lot of us live in. Going to the exercise room and ending up changing everything around BEFORE we can get started. Good luck on your first day back. I know you will do it....and do it well! xo Diana

  9. Keep it up! I think we all relate. My good friend would tell me that she never jogs because part of her body goes THAT way and the other part goes THIS way and it's body chaos. Since she prefers for it all to stay together, she never does anything but walk.

    Lana :-)

  10. Were you following me around the house the other day???? LOL That sounds like just what I do. I get sidetrack so easily but with the newest doctors appointment and lots of numbers that don't look so great like they use to it is time to get serious. :(

    You had me cracking up at the upper arms comment. But the breasts oh my goodness really there should have been a warning I almost peed my pants laughing so hard. :)

    Good luck!

  11. I am a slacker too. I go gang busters then get too busy with nonsense. Please come over and flog me if I don't do it next week. Tell the Coach I said "hey!"

  12. My days are very similar! I'm also having a hard time working in the workout and I always swear I'm going to do better tomorrow but my endless to do list seems to get in the way.


  14. Oh dear god you described me! From the willy nilly to the arms that flap in the breeze! I'm still laughing! You are so good for my soul, Jayme! xo

  15. I hear you.
    Heck, I AM you!
    I'm trying, trying, trying, to be consistent with my walking plan. Having a pretty good week, but I HATE to exercise!! Guess I'm really not you, huh?!

  16. okay, have to keep it real. yoga kitty is creepin' me out a little. you'll do fine on your workout. says i who sits here braless and fat. ;)

  17. Great material choice!! I bought the same for my outdoor dollhouse.

    Love the room, how great!! We need a house tour not had one for awhile :)

  18. Thanks for not being perfect! I haven't even officially began with boot camp and I am already intimidated beyond belief. But I did do some exercise already this morning! Love that you have decorated your exercise space. I need to do some things for my space too! Thanks for all the encouragement!

  19. It's always nice to visit you... it makes the ADHD/willy nilly behaviors in my personality feel so normal!

  20. Thanks for this post about exercise. It is me, Lisa (the difficult one from your facebook page!) I have been so excited to read about your weight loss journey and decided to start eating clean just a few days before you opened your facebook page back up. I love the challenges you have given us and worried when the exercise would come about.
    Keeping with being a 'difficult one' I have a fused ankle, not just your ordinary kind, but it was fused and grafted as a last ditch attempt to fix it and I have trouble finding exercise I can tolerate. That is until a few days ago when I was at my sisters and she drug out her Gazelle. I tried it out for about 30 minutes and I could still walk the next day! I am so happy to have found something I can tolerate. Mine should be here any day now!
    It is amazing to me how it is all falling into place and thanks from the bottom of my heart for prodding me along!

  21. I'm reading this while avoiding pushing the Jillian Michael's DVD into the laptop...I think you're on to something here.

  22. I am loving that quilt covering your friend!!!!....

    ..and, you're doing the right thing.. keep going, girl. You've come SOOOO far. I say do what it takes to make that room more interesting. I find getting out on the road and walking with the dog is the only thing I stick with on a regular basis. Atleast I can change up the location.

  23. Well, my dear, I could have written this post. I love to exercise but more in theory than in deed :) With a large weight loss, that worked for me for a very long time -- now that I am down to less than 20lbs to goal, not so much. I am trying to be better -- training for a 6k in May and this week did Zumba x2. But oh, how my mind thinks about the things I'd RATHER be doing :)

    Have a great weekend!


  24. love your blog! love the yellow dresser- How about putting in on an angle in the corner to show it off more?


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