Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Chocolate Cupcakes. Period.

I have a confession.

I like baking.

There ain't no crime in that.
I'm a versatile blogger if anything -
blogging about my workout one day - cupcakes the next.
It's how I roll.
I recognize that not all of you want to suck on brussels sprouts and orange slices while swinging kettlebells.
I still love ya.

Today has been a lovely day - the sun is shining in a way that makes you want to get your seeds organized and dream of seeing little rows of lettuce popping out of the soil.

Aaron has been with me all day - and I'm sure you can tell by the photos.
I told him that my blog has declined a great deal since he decided to leave the Marmie Learnatorium and go to the 'Public School'.

Glenco just finished a brake job on the 1973 Maverick and is dozing on the couch.

I'm in the kitchen roasting a humanly raised, organic chicken.
Now - call me crazy - but how is it any different once the birds have been killed?
You raise them humanly, and you still kill them and roast them at high temperatures??
I'm so on the fence about meat in general.

But this post is about cupcakes.

You can put your search for the perfect chocolate cupcake to rest my friends.

A tender crumb.
Quick and easy.

Frost them with gobs of this:
1 stick of butta
2/3 c cocoa powder
1/3 cup of milk
1 t vanilla
3 cups of powdered sugar

Everyone who's anyone that's tasted them has declared them the best ever.

Now - this video might be a little disturbing - yes - I have the spatula full of frosting very close to my mouth as I'm singing right on top of it - rest assured that these cupcakes were consumed by family only.
I don't breathe all over cupcakes that I give to friends.
Or do I?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday friends!
As always - thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your Sunday. :)

  2. You are so enjoyable! Enjoy the rest of your game...I am off to watch the grandaddy of all games!! However, my team is not there..but..its FOOTBALL....wahooo...


  3. There should have been a warning at the top that said "go pee before you watch this video."

    you are hilarious!


  4. Too funny and wow do they look good. I need some chocolate now.

  5. OMG! It's a good thing that spatula thingy didn't jump down your throad and add pounds by osmosis! LOL I bake, too, and dasn't touch a bite for fear I will plummet into the sugar pit again. We can do this- stand strong and do what we must to stay on track! xo Diana

  6. After two years, I can't stand the smell of chicken cooking.
    Hamburgers, and steak still smell good, even though I don't eat them.
    but chicken smells like something FOUL and rotten.
    I can't take it.

  7. i love the video ... you have a great singing voice. so cute!! you are good not to eat a cupcake with them sitting right there in front of you. wow, that is pure willpower. or what? (:

  8. I detest my tile counter tops! However do you keep your grout clean?
    I admire your cleaning and cooking skills and how you can still maintain your healthy diet and life style!

  9. Are these as good as those pumpkin ones were?

  10. On a wickedly cold day here in SW France you warmed me up by making me smile as you sang your song. Thank you so much!

  11. Great Voice!!! jan

  12. Love the videos you and Aaron create, this one needs to go viral and then maybe it will be seen by some record produces and offer you a contract.

    I am inhaling the fragrance of your cupcakes but like you... none go down the gullet...

  13. Okay, I'm gonna be baking up some of these for da men around here...and I will confess ahead of time right here that I KNOW I am gonna try one. ;-) Hugs... thanks for the recipe share and the entertainment! Keep On! xoxoxo

  14. How fun! i would've loved to have been there to here that singing in person and lick me some icing. And get a photo lesson from Aaron.

  15. oh, those look good! Chocolate is my Nemesis and I have a welcome mat out for him...

  16. Hi,

    These cupcakes are the ultimate party food. This is a truly a rich,creamy and a great tasting chocolate cupcake. Thanks for guiding us about such a delicious chocolate dessert.

  17. I can't see yo vid.

    I want 3 of those cupcakes up in my belly. Stat.

  18. Although these days I neveah allow sugar to cross my lips, I still am a baker at heart. I never bake without a plan of just who is going to do the eating. I bring stuff to work, daughter's work, church and just about anywhere there are people congregated. What can I say -- feeding people is one of my love languages :)


  19. Oh, Girlfriend, I jus loves ya! You are a nut! Reminds me of the fun my gal friend and I had back in high school singing into our hairbrushes! Go, girl, go!
    and that chocolate just looks yummy. I have eggs running out my ears and when I have a lot of eggs I think "bake!"
    xo, Cheryl

  20. Scrolling through past posts...haven't visited for awhile. Aaron is so lucky to have such a fun Aunt. Too bad your quaint place is not a bed and breakfast. I would book a room for a week just to experience all your,down home goodness. Bees, baking,chickens, cozy camper and zannie would be too fun!


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