Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Me?.....You People

Why Me?
You People.

Don't those words have a negative connotation?

I'm here to change that.

Most people use the phrase Why Me? to express a complaint of unfairness.

I'm saying Why Me? as in,
Why am I so blessed?

You people.
When I worked at the DMV, or, the BMV as we in IN call it, I dreaded hearing 'you people', it was never good.

I'm saying 'you people' as in you - my readers and friends.

How did I ever find 'you people'?
You people are wonderful.

Since I began blogging almost a year ago, I've found the most wonderful people and re-connected with childhood friends.
I've been humbled by the kindness of strangers.
The generous spirit of women.

I'm incredibly grateful.

Here are just a few examples of what I mean:

After just a few emails back and forth, we became fast friends. Her generosity, creativity and insight are wonderful. She stopped by here one day in late November with her husband on their way back from Chicago. She lives a bit south of me. Or is it East of me? Southeast?

The day I saw this photo, I called and made a hair appointment.
Can you say 'flat iron'?
We have some fun shenanigans planned in the near future.

Then there is this Sindy.

You've no idea how I've confused Aaron with these two girls, and given that his mom's name is Cindy, he really had no idea who I was talking about at times.

The picture says it all....that girl is a flat out nut.
She is south of me, a few hours. Right? South, right?
I'm incredibly directionally challenged.

I really can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy your emails and comments. You guys crack me up to no end, touch my heart, encourage and inspire me so much.

This is what put me over the top today with gratitude.

In a recent post where I lamented over using paper towels, Beverly graciously offered to send me some rags to use for a paper towel substitute.

Look what I found in the box.
Look at that tag.
#9? She doesn't miss anything.
So incredibly sweet.

The bee paper? Ack! I'm too old for this. It made me leak a little with excitement.

This isn't what was in the bee paper...but look at these great rags.

THIS is what was in the bee paper.
Stop it.
Don't you love this!?

All the seams were finished like this, no raw edges. The sign of something sewn very well.

There were little vintage touches all over the apron, and would you look at that fabric?
Dancing chickens and eggs!?
Beverly, you are too much.
I'm speechless.

Again, I ask.
Why me?
You people.

In completely unrelated news, Jinksie still has testicles.
I'm confused.
He has a tattoo in his ear to show he's neutered.
Did my cat have a vasectomy?


  1. Loved your post today. And yes...there are so MANY wonderful sisters out there it is just amazing. I have gotten connected with some moms of Marines who are going through the same feelings I am. I have gotten connected with some gals who love to thrift decorate. I have gotten connected with some farm girl wanna-bes, and farmgirls already (like you!!) who love to talk about all that's happenin' around the place, the weather, the animals, the cookin', the dreamin', trying to get fit and still cook good for da man...
    homeschoolin'.It's just outstanding. Lovin to visit here, and we just feel grateful to get to count you as a friend too. And I DO love your end quote.'s a day-in, day-out attitude of gratitude that truly gives us happiness. People who are out there still in the "pursuit of happiness,"...Just look at what you have to be grateful for, and you will catch what you are striving after. Big - Ole - Smile!!! Give one away. :-)
    Thanks Jayme. Have a good one. See you later....LOVIN THAT APRON!!!! wooooo-Hooo. what a great friend.

  2. When one of our male kitties was "taken care of" at the vet he still had had visible goodies.He still also would occasionally try to hump one of the females even though she was also fixed. Our other male who was done at the same vet didnt have anything visible when he was done and Im not too sure he was ever intersted in females. lol

    I guess it depends on the cat on what you see when they are done.

  3. I've only been reading your blog for the last week or so, but so many times I've found you wandering through my thoughts when I'm doing dishes, or laundry, or some other fun thing we do as keepers of the home. I'm so grateful to have come in touch with someone who sees keeping the home and hubby happy as priorities instead of acting as though both are some horrid task we've been plagued with. Thank you for today's post on gratitude. I have a whole heart full of it because of finding you in my path!

  4. Great blog as always, I really enjoyed it, I love the apron, it's too cute! We have to do a meet and greet with everyone that can. I got your phone message about the cookbook, glad your enjoying it, it's fun huh? I think I'll ring you, got some questions for ya. hugs and kisses, me

  5. hey honey, when they do a vasectomy, they dont actually remove the testicles, they cut and remove a small portion of the tube that connects the testies with the ... ummm, delivery system. :)

    you are a wonderful person and i am grateful to have you in MY life!

  6. I so love that apron! Dancing chickens? I want to find some of that fabric and have somebody make me something fun. (I don't sew).

  7. Wow this post is me when I say this, we are lucky to have you in our lives are a very special person Jayme.

    That apron is beautiful...I am inspired to make some of my own.

    Aaron is too cute for words....that kid should have his own show.

    Love always.

  8. You are truly blessed. What a nice package to get in the mail! And the apron is too stinking cute!

  9. You know my dear blog friend, it works both ways. I can tell that you are a wonderful person to others and deserve all that you get! I love the word gratitude. It is a keeper for all of us ladies.

    Fun pictures of you with you two lovely friends. Aren't friends the greatest! Oh, my girlfriends are so important to me.

    Cute package. Oh what great rags. That apron is so cute,

    Have a fun and silly Sunday...

  10. What a wonderful post today (well, everyday). Ok, this week I'm going to use 'why me' and 'you people' as positives and see how things turn around.

    Ahhhh.. sweet gratitude! Bless ya! (love your gifties too) -Tammy

  11. *mwah* You're the awesomeness-est. And, darling, you are 2 hours west of me. *snicker*

    GREAT apron! And the packaging? Oh. my. goodness.

    Yep, still didn't get my soap made, but I'm hoping yet tonight I'll get it in gear.

    I'm grateful for a warm house, homemade split pea soup, and bloggy friends like YOU who keep it real, fun, and just a bit weird.

  12. Why you? Because you deserve it.

    Aren't we all blessed beyond measure. And you, my friend, make me laugh. You seem so real, genuine, true to who you are. I love that.

    God bless.

  13. Gratitude is always the attitude.
    Great post.
    I have a cat named Jinx....and we often call "her" Jinxie.

  14. Hi Jayme,
    Loved your post today. You're such a possitive soul and that is why people love your blog and love you. Don't we all want to connect with people who are happy and not grumpy all the time. Keep up the good work and thankyou for reminding us all to be grateful.
    Blessings Gail.

  15. Gratitude is a word not used enough in this modern world. I think that people "expect" instead of appreciate what they have. BUT NOT YOU! YOu are so down to eath, practical, and find the worth in everything you do! You are a role model for me and all your other readers. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I found your blog!! Thanks for being you!

  16. Oh Jayme... would you please find out where the fabric for that apron came from... purdy purdy puh-leeze. *big smile*

    You know... it's really sad that nobody likes you. LMBO

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  17. Why you? Because you come across as a genuinely nice, honest, positive, funny, wise, all around beautiful person. Your write from the heart and it touches a cord with everybody that reads it. I know I'm grateful I found your wonderful blog!
    And all your goody's from Bev - AWESOME!

  18. I NEVER though blogging would lead to the following comment: What's up with vets? My 2 male cats came back from being neutered without anything where their "maleness" used to be; it was literally super glued (no stitches, mind you) shut. Then when I took Chili (my doxie) in for the same procedure, they removed the contents, but left the upholstery, so to speak; he came home with what looked like an uninflated balloon dangling where his manhood had formerly been. Vets, please make up your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm as confused as my boys!

  19. I'm always confused when it comes to the likes of testicles. So I will leave that one to those who know better. I so enjoy blog friends. How wonderful that we can sit in our homes and keep up with our friends round the world. Who cry with us and laugh with us and keep our funny bone tickled pink. The apron is beautiful. You bring out the best in folks!

  20. See what I mean? You guys are the best...what lovely lovely comments. I'm bursting over here! I've rec'd two emails so far that people are having trouble leaving comments, so I'm here, just checking....sorry if you do have trouble.

  21. Lovely post today Jayme. I'm so glad I found your blog. Love the apron too.

  22. Jayme..

    Yes, blessings on the wind come far and few between.. yet when they do come.. we rejoice!! And I've seen.. "ewe people" right here in North Carolina (did you get to hear that southern draw?).

    Happy day to you and wear that apron proudly!

    with love,


  23. Jayme, I love your blog it has done so much for my morale! I now have a stray cat named Helen,(kind of ugly,but beautiful to me). I am too often ask,"Why me Lord", but because I can't understand why He has dumped blessings into my life, I sure don't deserve it. You have sparked me to get out the old wheat mill and grind my own flour. Last week the results were a disaster, but I am pleased to say this week was edible. See how you have had an effect on some poor 56 year old woman from Ohio, who had stopped enjoying what really mattered in life?? Who knows, this may be the year I learn to make soap home made mustards. Shannan was right when she pointed me in your direction!

  24. Great post and I love your apron! What a nice surprise for you.

  25. What a pitch perfect care package! Blogging is the cat's meow!

  26. PS- I think my mom might love your blog more than mine...Not sure how I feel about that? ;)

  27. You People ain't proper language anyhow:P HAHA
    That apron is too adorable!

  28. So... I have a small wall space above the window above my kitchen sink (where outside of I watch my chickens play as well as the sweet birds that visit my feeders).
    For a long time I have been wondering what sort of wall word I would like to put up there.
    The one word that keeps coming round and round is: ~ gratitude ~
    Jayme ~ your post today seals the deal.

  29. Jayme,

    Wow do I have great timing or what?

    I am nominating you for a lemonade stand award!

    The Lemonade Stand Award is awarded for being a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude.

    You can find the details on my blog. Thanks for inspiring me and so many others!


  30. Just thinking...wouldn't it be nice if someone name was Gratitude(like the name tag)...I might use that next I hav to have one of those silly tags...

  31. Such perfect goodies for you.
    Jayme....source on the gratitude/ocean picture? That is just so very beautiful.
    Can't wait for this weeks Frugalicious series. Good things in store for us!

  32. So, I'm quietly and calmly reading my blog-friends...GrumpyCrazyUnk is reading behind me on the couch..I scroll down to the next picture and see that goofy face with darlingest Aaron and hollered top of my lungs, "AAAaack"!! Grump throws his magazine in the air and hollers right back, "WWWhat???" Then I pointed to the computer and he bust a gut and just hung his head, shaking it slowly back and forth and said something like, "that's my girl?".

    I so wish you'd have found that cute farmhouse down the road from me instead of waaay up NORTH. When's your birthday, I want to buy you a map.


  33. Love this! Your spin on these sayings gives a whole new perspective. I've had my share of 'you people' and I like your take much much better. Now you've got me thinking, why me? Thanks! : )



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