Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Day of My Birth

'Tis my birthday today!
I like to celebrate like a kid, for days and days, sometimes all month long I pull the
'but, my birthday is this month' card.

I have a four layer coconut cake in the kitchen that I'm gonna get on like a snake on a rat.

I thought I'd share some humorous, embarrassing photographs of myself today.

I was born the 4th girl to my parents.
They thought for sure I'd be a boy, and picked out the name James.
That's how I was named Jayme.

I happen to believe I was the most beautiful baby in the world. Sad story surrounds my birth. I was quite unplanned. My parents really weren't too happy about it at all. A few weeks after my birth, my father had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for six months. My sister, extremely jealous of me, nearly bit my toe off in the crib, and I had to sleep in a dresser drawer for a month or so. My mom, alone now, her hands full with a 13 year old mentally handicapped daughter, a four year old, a two year old, and the most beautiful baby in the world - me. She told me that she'd wake me up after 10pm, when the house was quiet, cause that was the only time she had for me. Other than that, I stayed in the crib all the time.

Isn't that one of the saddest things you've ever heard?

Here is me on a horse, or technically a pony.
I've only been on a horse twice in my life, two times too many.
I'm rather frightened of horses.

Kindergarten Graduation.
I still remember this day vividly.
My paper hat was sat on at home.

5th Grade
Mr. Rabeckis was my teacher.
I loved him.
He double promoted me to 7th grade.
I was a huge John Denver fan.
I was quite the popular girl in class.
Um, not.

Don't you just love the eye wear of the 70's?
I loved to sew, even as a young girl.

Ok, I dyed my hair platinum blonde, and it's true, blondes do have more fun.
I was painfully shy all during grammar and high school.
Once contacts were in place, and bleach was applied to my hair, I blossomed.

Here's something I really didn't want you guys to know, but I'm gonna spill the beans.
I went to Columbia College in Chicago for photography.
I had my own darkroom and was obsessed with photography.
I hesitate to say that, because the pictures on my blog really do not reflect this.
I can't seem to take a good picture anymore for the life of me.
But I know one when I see one.
I think since I don't have a digital SLR I feel doomed to take poor photographs, and I really don't put that much effort into it.

March 12, 1983.
My wedding day.
My parents and Glenco.

This was perhaps the most awkward job I've ever had. As a 5'8" gal in socks, I towered over all my co-workers, except for Mr. Akizawa, seated to my left. Put heels on me, and I'm about 6'.
I still remember all their names. Mr. Akizawa, Mr. Yasui, Mr. Goto, Mr. Sato and Mrs. Hayashi.

I used to have to serve tea to visitors from Japan. They'd all be seated on the floor as I carried trays of tea in, and I had to somehow gracefully get to their level to serve it.
I didn't last long there.

Please, please, please don't let me forget to tell you the story that involves Tab soda, a weak bladder and a sink on the wall.
It's classic Jayme.

I have no explanation for the following photo.
Perhaps I found myself at the mall with $300 burning a hole in my pocket and I thought one day I might get a Realtor's License and need a photo for my business card.
That, or I thought I might go into country music.

Again, no explanation for this either.
These were the pensive years.

As you know now, I'm no longer painfully shy.
Quite the opposite.

I'm older today.
I like that number.
I'm really enjoying my 40's despite the old lady skin that has cropped up in the last year, and the fact that it feels like someone has poured cement into my joints and my breasts are pointing due South.
I don't feel 48.
Sometimes I forget the fact that I'm old enough to be a grandmother.
Say what?

It's all in the attitude baby.

And I got a good one.

I'm gonna rock 48.


  1. WELL HAPPY 48TH!!!!! Celebrate like it's going out of style. When I saw your baby picture and before I read any of the text I thought "what a beautiful baby". I have only said that one other time, about my youngest brother, he was gorgeous. Love the, through the years photos, don't cha know we all got those kinda photos lurkin about in our albums. Great group girlfriend photo.
    Have fun

  2. Happy Birthday to you! I love all your pics, you are quite the gal!

  3. Thanks for making me laugh again today. You inspired me to clear out some stuff in my kitchen and I gave you a well deserved plug in my blog!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. When things start to sag, and things start to drag, when you stand on your head, they don't look so bad! Like you said, its all in the attitude, and you have a very good one. Just remember, youth happens, but age is earned!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Wooooot!!!! Happy Birthday you goofy girl :) That Glamour Shot gives mine a run for the money. I may be bold enough to show them. I did it when they were doing the 'Glamourous 40's' thing. I looked like a cross between judy garland, and well, judy garland on drugs.

    Chris says you look like a southern gospel singer who did realty on the side. Just thought I'd mention that.

    So, I got you a birthday gift already. I'm taking you to the bloggy meet up in Chicago in a few weeks. Surprise.

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Jayme!!!! Loved the post!!! Have just the best month!!!

  7. Jayme, I LOVED this post! The 'rose petal' picture is priceless, I'm still laughing. I have NO doubt that you will indeed 'rock 48' !!

  8. Oh Jayme, you were the most beautiful baby in the world because look at you now.

    Happy, Happy Birthday Ms Glamorous.

    This is the best after having a horrible day at the hospital I needed a lift me up.

    Thank you.


  9. Happy Birthday, Jayme! Love the photos. Thomas said he recognized the one of you with the rose petals from the Bored Housewife sight. HA! (Yes, I am laughing - again!)

    You could look at you baby story as tragic and sad or blessed and loved. After a hard, long day tending to a 13 year old mentally handicapped daughter, a four year old, a two year old and having the stress of worrying about your father and your family's future I'm sure she was exhausted. Yet, she loved you so much, she woke you up at 10 PM to make sure she got to spend time with just YOU. What a wonderful gift!

    And...quite yer bellyachin', just think of what your poor brother-in-law goes endures due to your sister's foot fetish!

    Seriously, my friend, you look more beautiful now than ever. Perhaps it's because we are finally comfortably in our own skin! Continue to enjoy life -- it's all we have.

    - Deborah

  10. Good God, I really must proof comments before sending.

  11. Girl - you's like a fine wine...

    Also - is that true about you staying in your crib all day? Saddest. EVER!

    Also - Have we seen any up-to-date pics of Glenco?

    Also - Why Glenco? (Or is that really his name? In which case...how/why?)

    Also - Glamour shots?!?!?!?

    ps - Happy birthday, my friend.

  12. What a beautiful baby! I mean really. So pretty and just got better. Happy Birth day my sweet friend. What's happening in that last pic? I shutter to think. We'll talk later, lol. Just wanted to say hi and hope your cake and chicken is the bomb. Love you lots, me

  13. Hi Jayme, I have some of those same pics! The glam shots are priceless. I feel blessed to have shared some of those crazy times with you. I know your birthday will be shared with loved ones and I hope it's a great one. I do remember the dresser drawer story and the toe story as well. Hope to see you soon. Cynthia

  14. Happy birthday, lovely lady.

    I hope your day is absolutely joyful.

    It was a sad baby story, but it warmed my heart that your mother would get you up at night to spend time with you; just you.

  15. Hope you have had a wonderful day! I'd love a piece of that cake! I so enjoy visiting your blog, Happy, Happy birthday. Oh and today is one of my cousins birthday she resides in the Hoosier state also. Well all my family resides there but me and my children and grand children.

  16. Happy Birthday Jayme! 48 is a great number! I'm loving it. You are a funny funny gal. Great pictures and great story. The early 60's must of been the years of the dresser drawer. Makes me want to ask my mom if that was the vintage use of the day..
    Oh, just love the glamour shots!
    Happy Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday...so very glad you were born!

  18. Love, love all the pics....What a great snapshot of your life. The pony picture is my favorite. So cute. Happy Birthday, Jayme!

  19. Happy 48th Jayme. I will follow in 2 days with mine...but it will be 49 for me. Wish I had some great photos go show off like you. I may have to work on that one.
    Thanks for the journey of your life. Very cute. Enjoy the coconut cream cake.

  20. Happy Birthday!!!
    Have a great day.

  21. Happy 48th!!! (pssst.. I'm a year and a half older than you). I love all the photos and the snapshot of your life. Didn't we all do those 'glamour shots'?

    Hope your day has been delightful, just like you! -Tammy

  22. Happy Happy Birthday,
    I hope you're feelin' fine.
    Now go and have that yummy cake, and pour a cup of wine.....cause you only turn 48 once girl. And 49 is just fine too. I'll be the big 5-0 this year, and well, I guess it will be just fine too. I'm planning on it. Have a great week. Eat a piece of coconut cake for me too.

  23. Well, don't know whether you want to hear this now, but the fifties are even better than the forties, girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I laughed all through this. I remember wearing those HUGE glasses too! Cement in your joints and no matter which direction your breasts happen to be pointing, you're definitely one of my very favorites in Blogland!

  24. You were a beautiful baby, you were a beautiful bride, an you're a beautiful 48 year old. I hope your birthday is a very blessed one.


  25. Happy Birthday Jayme! My youngest son Tristan came into this world on this day 23 years ago, all 11 lbs. And yes it was natural, BTW I still have not recovered!

  26. Happy Birthday Jayme! My youngest son Tristan came into this world on this day 23 years ago, all 11 lbs. And yes it was natural, BTW I still have not recovered!

  27. happy happy birthday jayme!

    hope 48 is a greaaat year for you. i'll be 48 in a few months and i expect it to be great! thanx for sharing the photos and thanx for being you!

    love ya,


  28. happy happy birthday jayme!

    hope 48 is a greaaat year for you. i'll be 48 in a few months and i expect it to be great! thanx for sharing the photos and thanx for being you!

    love ya,


  29. Baby...

    You never looked better!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Did you see Rich's picture of himself on the pony in front of our porch on Ewing? You guys could have taken the picture the same day and not even known it. I just learned he lived in the Caruso's building for a year or so when he was very, very young.

    Love you.

    Hope to get together before spring...

  30. Oops...

    Just realized you now have another Peggy who comments on your blog...

    From here on out I will truncate my name to Peg to avoid confusion...

    P. Berryman...

  31. Happy Birthday boo boo great support team too!!!! heehee..

    Age seems to creep up on us.. then bang I look in the mirror and ask.. 'who in the hell are you'.. must be a third party going on issue.

    Well my dear.. I love your abilities and your creative mind.. so I send you love wishes and many blessings to come.

    with love and birthday kisses,


  32. I love your childhood pics. I think it's cool to see how we change as we grow.

    Man, you looked young when you were married, but then you still do, you don't look your age, so don't worry about not feeling it. That's a good thing!

    Happy Birthday Bee Girl!

  33. PS. What's with the Japanese photo pose of the man beside you? Is that normal?

  34. It would appear that at 9:30 pm I am last in line to wish you a Happy Birthday. By now your day of celebration may be coming to a close...but then at 48 maybe not. :) Thanks for sharing such a delightful post with us on your special day. I loved the pictures! We both graduated in '67...you graduated from kindergarten and I graduated from high school. LOL Isn't it wonderful that age doesn't put a wedge in friendships?! Hope you enjoyed every bite of that coconut cake! Happy Birthday!

  35. Forget the (sadness of) the past.
    Look forward to all the days ahead and to being the wonderful person that you are!
    Happy Birthday to my new friend!
    ~Andrea in NH

  36. Happy Birthday to a person who is destined for greatness, hey you are already there! It's great that you have friends who "support" you!

  37. Happy Birthday Jayme - Your photos were wonderful. You were such a beautiful baby. Hope you've had a terrific day my friend. It's only 6:45 pm here on the west coast, but I'm sure you've headed off to bed by now. Thanks for sharing your birthday with all of us.

  38. Again, happy birthday!! Loved your stories and photos and you look smashing!

    I wish I had your enthusiasm for gaining yet another year... I'm avoiding the fact that I lept into a new decade today, thankyouverymuch.

    I refuse to be 40... I feel like I should be, like, 33 for quite a while still. I like that number best, it's roundish and perky.

    Anyways. Onwards and upwards, yes? ;-)

  39. Happy Birthday... all month long!!

  40. Happy Birthday, Jayme. Hope it has been great!!

  41. WOW! Enjoy your birthday month!!

  42. I love this post Jayme. I laughed so much. Mark had to come over and see and he was laughing at the pensieve years. You were a beautiful baby and I think it is sweet you mom would wake you up. But ouch on the toe thing. The last pic is the best!

    Thank you for blogging Jayme. You have no idea how much your posts mean to me.

  43. Happy second day of being 48!! It's a lovely number!

    Isn't God so clever? He allows our skin to sag, our jowls to droop, our chest skin to crease while the sisters move to southern climates BUT at the same time He makes our eyes so messed up we can't see what's happening! I look in the mirror and see the outline of some girl, or is that my Mom?, and think, "not bad from here".

    Hope your month is wunnerful!!

  44. Warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and love-filled day! Celebrate as it is YOUR day!!

    Many happy returns!

  45. Hope your 48th was GREAT! I enjoyed your photos - what a walk back in time for ALL of us! I recall many of the styles - hair, glasses - so "hip" and "cool"! And here's hoping the rest of your year will be marvelous!

  46. Happy Birthday Jayme! I hope your day was wonderful. I bet this will be your best year yet. You are getting better with age girl!

  47. You're awesome! Thanks for sharing all those beautiful (and fun) photos... what a hoot!

    Hope you had the best birthday ever! I celebrate mine in the same fashion as you... all month. I love my birthday and it's so great to hear someone else say that too!

    Happy Birthday Jayme! :)

  48. Better late...than never!! Happy Birthday to my Pioneer Woman Book Signing Pal!!

    what a gal

  49. Great blog! Love the photos. You are a fun and lovely lady. I was out of town on the day of your birthday...so Happy Belated Birthday to my dear blog friend.

    Hugs Dogwood

  50. Look at us and the FUN!! :D LOL

  51. Happy Birthday Jayme-
    Now where the same age! 48 is great!

  52. Happy Birthday! Love your blog!
    Oh to be 48 again, how I wish!

  53. I'm sorry, I've been so busy trying to earn Swagbucks, I forgot to stop by on your Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday then!

    You SERIOUSLY were a Beautiful baby! Your features are so perfect. Gotta say I enjoyed this post too! Thank you for sharing!

  54. Your last pic made me cry. I miss you SO much Jayme! I hope your birthday was every bit of wonderful like you deserve! Maybe this summer I can make a trip to see you....that or we could get you Don and Lis out here....either way a Ya reunion is in order!

  55. Jayme...Happpy BELATED BD!!! I just got back from a beautiful week in Phoenix visiting my daughter and her family and am just catching up on your blog!! hope your day was awesome!! Loved your post on Glenco too...what a feller!! : )

    P.S. It's cold here!!!


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