Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lookin' Like a Fool With Your Pants on the Ground - Wednesday Weigh In

It's Weigh In Wednesday.
Guess what?
I'm not weighing in.
I will once a month.
Once a week is too much for me to break the cycle of dieting and worrying about my weight.
I hope I haven't disappointed any of you.

This much I know.
I'm lookin' like a fool with my pants on the ground.

Since I've made an American Idol reference, was it just me, or was last night rather lame?

The new jeans that I bought for the Pioneer Woman book signing event are laughably large.
I could shoplift in them.
Carry my groceries home in them.

I thought about trying to take them in, but thought I'd end up with one big pocket in the back, so off they go to Goodwill, or maybe they'll end up in a rag rug. I hate to do that to them, they are still so new.

I wish I could say that this has been 'a piece of cake', easy peasy, no problemo.

It's been tough.
I've nearly cried at times.
I'm not hungry.
But I want to eat.
I still haven't figured out why, unless it's just the habit of nibbling constantly.

Last night, I wasn't hungry for supper.
I'd made dilled new potatoes.
I wanted supper.
I didn't eat any, cause I wasn't truly hungry.


It's NOT easy.
I'm not perfect with it.
But I'm SO much happier.
My mind isn't so preoccupied with 'what will I eat today, what will I not eat today'.
I no longer think 'oh you did bad today Jayme', or 'wow, you did great today Jayme'.
I just ate when I was hungry.

It's almost like thinking....'geez, you just really breathed too much today', or 'you really need to breathe more'.

Bad analogy, I know, but you get the picture.

Food should just be what it is. Something to make us not hungry. Something to sustain our life.

That's all I've got on this subject today.

The Frugalicious Domesticity continues today.
Menu planning was yesterday's post in case you missed it.

Today is grocery shopping and the bathroom.
Riveting. :-D


  1. Pants on the ground...even Simon knows it's gonna be a hit, lol! It's gonna be a hit at my house too! You inspire me, Jayme, and I appreciate it so very much!

  2. Jayme, I wanted to tell you that when I found your blog a couple of weeks ago I was in week 2 of my weight reduction program. I'm just trying to make good sensible choices and cutting back on my portion sizes. I've been incorporating different "tips" I've found...including yours. This is NEVER EVER EASY. But you and I are in this thing together! Glad to hear about those jeans being so big on you now! Congratulations!

  3. If we could discover the secret of why food seems so important to us we could make a fortune..or at least keep our weight down to what is healthy. I think you are on the right is just food...we can't let it control us.

  4. Hey there Jayme,
    Great post today! I know what you mean, I purchased a new digital scale and it's tempting to get on every day but like you, I'm going to try and weigh less, probably every couple weeks but I know what you mean about the "hunger". It's a whole new world for me. I am so glad I found your blog.


  5. Too funny!!! So glad the PW pants are too big! That's a big pat on the back, better than too little, and NO don't make one big pocket on the back...LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    Yes Idol was totally lame last night....a big joke!!! I did like Shania on there though!!! She should be a judge!

    My husband told me last night after eating his dinner and about 3 more helpings and dessert.....that I was killing him one meal at a time!! So I am in a different lifestyle mode today too. To save my husband.....I gave up on saving myself a long time ago!!!

    Have fun at the grocery store today!!

  6. Oh Jayme,
    Thanks for the post. And you are inspiring, inspiring me to hang in there. I have lost 2 pounds. Not much but it's a start. And coming here to visit and read about your journey is keeping me in the game. And that song is TOO funny. I want to see my pants puddling on the ground because they are too big. YEAH! And all this work you are inspiring me to do....? That is gonna help me burn more calories. YOU GO, girl. Keep it comin' at us. Okay? I'm counting on it. Good for you for scaling (get it??) back on the weigh in days. That is probably better in seeing the Big Picture. You are encouraging!
    Have a Great Day.

  7. Jayme, great job on the big pants!! That is such an incredible feeling. I would like to be wearing the 'too big pants' soon. Oh yah, I need to actually take some action in order for that to happen, eh? ;-) Thanks for the total inspiration - mind, body, soul :) Hugs, Tammy

  8. LOL....I literally laughed out loud at the breathing analogy. Isn't is pathetic? I mean, our obsession with food?
    You are so right when (I think) you said that "skinny" people don't sit there and dwell on food all day....atleast I don't imagine that they do. They aren't counting calories, I think they just eat sensibly. I really don't know, never been a "skinny person" myself.
    Keep on keeping on!

  9. I'm so proud of you and your looking great, keep it up, what's the ol weight watchers saying, Nothing looks as good as being thin feels. Not that you need more energy, Lord knows...but kelp drops kick in the metabolism and it reduces your want for food. Just a thought, it does so much more for womens health too. Girl stuff ya know? And there's no taste to the drops. You know how I hate seafood. Anxious to see the next blog. Thanks so much for your time. Let's never say Pants on the ground again huh? It's all Ta sings around here. It's already a remix on her phone. Smooches Baby!

  10. I finally got rid of my scale. Everytime I would gain or lose I would freak out. Neither in a good way! There is actually a song quote that I think of when i try to get proper control of my eating habits.

    "Starve the emptiness and feed the hunger."

  11. Am I the only one out there that has never seen American Idol? I feel like I might be missing out!
    Really enjoying these journey posts. Be careful with those pants. I witnessed a man trying to stuff things into his ever so big pants..pants on the floor,

  12. Way to go Jayme! I weigh in every week, and wonder if that's too much too. It sure does put pressure on me to "perform" or "behave"...but I guess I am looking for that accountability at the moment. I don't want to become obsessed with my weight...I need to take it all into balance with everything else. I just want to have more energy and feel better.

  13. w usually don't watch Idol until they are in Hollywood and then it's not every time. It is the only reality show that I watch except for the cooking ones. I know what you mean about the guilt of what did I eat or not when you are hungry. I find that if I drink a big ol glass of water before I eat it helps! Have a good rest of the week!

  14. Since I moved to the country last summer, it's amazing how much more I can eat and I don't see it settle... oh yeah, no more sitting at a desk 40 hours a week stuffing my face full of candy out of misery. The flock and dogs keep me so busy, it's magic!

    Call it the Calorie-Burning-By-Poop-Scooping Diet :-D

    I loved your menu planning post, too - you've got the MOST FAB handwriting ever!

  15. Yay for you girl! I've been weighing too often so I'm trying to get myself down to once a week. That will be a big step for me. Love your attitude!

  16. Suddenly owning a pair of clown pants is the best feeling in the world! Congrats!

  17. Eating when you are hungry=Smart

    Doing a once a month weigh-in blog=Smart

    American Idol=I like it better once the Hollywood stuff starts. I miss Paula. I will be interested to see how Ellen does.


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