Friday, January 1, 2010

How to Please a Man - 1932 Style

Isn't that a beautiful photo? It's the cover of the 1932 January issue of Woman's World.

When I was living in Chicago many moons ago, I happened upon a dumpster in front of someone's house.

Lucille Berg was her name, I deduced from what I found in the dumpster.

I found so many treasures.

A stack, and I do mean stack of vintage Woman's World and Good Housekeeping magazines were just the beginning.

I've only kept a few, selling most of them on eBay a few years ago.
I'm kinda kicking myself now, but I did what I thought was best then.
I was de-cluttering. Argh.

I saved my favorite covers from each season, and plan on framing them to represent the four seasons. I know! Cute idea, isn't it?

The magazines are a source of inspiration, wisdom and a bit of comedy, although I don't think they intended it to be funny.

The latest fashions:

Did you know this is how you were supposed to be dressed when you scour your tub?
I didn't know.

A handy New Year Menu!

I'm positively charmed by the thought of animals acting like humans.
It's a bit creepy, but I love it.

A kitty rolling dough.
I can't bear it.

What a timely an informative article!

And now, what's you've all been waiting for -
how to really please a man -

Coconut. Who knew it was so easy?


  1. I'll keep that in mind!! tee-hee! You're right...who KNEW it'd be THAT easy?

    Happy New Year!

    p.s. this post sorta made my mind stall a bit as I think about discarding unused THINGS. I'll get past it! :)

  2. Jayme, found your blog through No Impact Man's blog. After perusing your blog I though I'd pass along this info because of your desire to be a wanna be farm girl. Although I think you already are a farm girl. Anyway the website is Mary Janes Farm Mary Jane has a magazine which I came across in my local coop and then visited her website. She has everything a wanna be farm girl would need and then some. If you aren't familiar with her at all I hope you enjoy it. BTW I enjoy blogs like yours I'm sure to visit again soon.

  3. lol. My hubby does like coconut. He makes his OWN birthday cake every year (Dec. 30th), yes right after Christmas. And it IS coconut layer cake. The kind that sits 5 days in the frig. to just keep getting better and better before you finally cut it. Wow...I'll have to make it more often throughout the year now that I found out this treasure of a secret!! Thanks so much for all the sage and vintage, old-fashioned? traditional? ...or is it now "New-age" advice! lol.
    Will be happily visiting you here every day to see what's new in your corner of the world, and getting my fill of wisdom and laughs. Thanks for sharing with us peeps. Keep 'em coming. and of course I will be trudging right along with you to get in shape before I turn 50!!! this year.
    Blessings, Jayme!!!!

  4. Jayme, love the blog, and see if you could persuade Julie into sharing the coconut cake recipe with us? lol My hubby doesn't like coconut but after reading how good it is for women, I'm gonna start eating it. Your always full of surprises aren't you. Keeps us guessing whats coming next. Anxious to see you soon. xoxo, Ra

  5. I love those old magazines! The cover photo of sweeping the snow is precious/1 (I sweep the back deck after we get snow so I can let the doofus dog out...but I don't look that cute!)
    And the New Years dinner menu sounds right up my alley...bring it on!
    Looking forward to more of the Coop Keeper in 2010!

  6. I love old magazines. And, you have some great one. Thanks for sharing the pictures from them.

    A couple of years ago I found a bunch of magazines that were from 1961 which is the year I graduated from high school (now you know my age but I love being 66 years old). I bought the same magazine for the current year and gave both issues of the magazine to my high school girl friends for their birthday. They loved their gifts and we had fun comparing the articles and ads in the magazines. Lots of fun.

    Have a fun day.

  7. Well I'm hubby hates coconut! :)

    Neat mags!

  8. Where in chicago? My father's aunt is Lucile Berg. That is weird.

  9. What an awesome find. I love just about anything old! I have a very hard time getting rid of stuff.

  10. Okay, explain this to me, Ms. Head-Of-The-Chicken-Flock (which is for some reason how I think of you, herding chickens around). Why is it I cook with coconut (on the occasion when I actually cook), and I've been married three times? No typo. THREE times. Still married to the last one. But he isn't home much. He's a psychiatrist at the mental hospital about 40 miles from here. Which means he's gone quite a bit, day and night. Hmm. Maybe that's why I'm still married...

  11. How easy-peasy to pleasy your man! On the other hand "my man" does not like coconut.

  12. I'm surprised by the number of 'don't like coconut' comments here! It reminds me of the scene in It's a Wonderful Life' where young George Bailey says to Mary 'don't like coconut? Say brainless, don't you know where coconuts come from?" And then he bends over and she says in his bad ear "George Bailey I'll love you til the day I die". Sigh!

    Julie...please do share your coconut cake, or should I say your HUSBANDS recipe with us!

    Welcome Donna~ Thanks for stopping by. I am familiar with Mary Jane and I LOVE it! It's one of the only magazines I'll actually subscribe to. Thanks again~

    Brenda, I'm not going to even attempt to answer that question! Sounds like a question for Dear Ole Helen. :-D

  13. Oops..forgot to answer you Melissa....I actually talked to your aunt at your wedding, and that wasn't her! Apparently this woman had passed away and her family was just putting everything in a dumpster.

  14. Hi Jayme,

    I love this post.

    First of all I love the fashions of the day. I wish I could dress like that everyday. So much better then low cut everything that we are supposed to wear today.

    Secondly, the Bon Ami ad is implying that it is a gentle cleaner. At least that's the way I see it.

    Also, my husband loves coconut so I'd love that recipe!


  15. I'm flabbergasted that I've dressed all wrong to clean the tub all these years. Maybe if I dressed like that cleaning the tub and had a coconut pie in my hand it might work.:)

    Love the post...

  16. Jayme,

    What a treasure trove! I love the little cats rolling dough -- do you think they were the ones who invented Devil Dogs and later sold the idea to some duck named Drake?


  17. Jayme -

    After 10 years of being divorced...I FINALLY get the answers as to how I could have kept MY man happy!!

    It is frustrating to find that all it would have taken was a clean tub and coconut pie!!

    to change that sad miserable guy

  18. my sweet over-weight husband loves coconut...ANYTHING! I think, I'll bake him a coconut pie, before he goes on his first-of-the-year-DIET.
    just love your blog~ makes me laugh, love that!
    = )

  19. Love the pictures and post today - coconut pie, eh? Guess I better whip some up - and clean that tub in a flimsy gown, too!

  20. I always clean my tub in my long flowing silk nightgown. Don't you? And I never knew about coconut. And I'm 37 with four children. When the children ask about the birds and the bees I'll say it all relates back to the coconut. :)

  21. This year makes 40 for us and I disagree, it's not's potato soup! I knew I had much in common with you, I too have dumpster dived!

  22. Oh man, now I have to re-think my current purge and get rid of stuff binge I'm on. So hard to know what to keep! Please show us the covers you choose for the four seasons.

  23. Jayme--I love your "Coop"! You have me addicted!


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