Monday, January 18, 2010

Frugalicous Domesticity - Kitchen and Laundry

My laundryroom.

Ya, in my dreams! Be honest, didn't you just hate me for a minute?
What'd I'd give for that room. I'd be looking for things to wash.

Today we'll talk about laundry and cleaning the kitchen.
Two of my favorite things.

I really enjoy the routine of laundry, and the feeling of having it all done and put away. Order has been restored, and Glenco won't have to wear a pair of my panties to work. I love the smells of laundry, and the clacking of zippers in the dryer. I also enjoy ironing. I do find domestic work most enjoyable. I really believe it's because I have a routine, and there is something so comforting in a routine. If I could go as far as saying, I believe it's our domestic routines that make a house a home.

You are about to see something that friends I've had for years have never seen.
The bowels of the 1869 farmhouse.
My laundry room.

I'm in the process of trying to 'fix it up' the best I can. I'll be painting the walls.
I found those frames at a yard sale for .50 each.
I think it could look cool.
I won't fork over money for a nice washer and dryer.
I could, I just won't.
Not for this small intestine of a laundry room.

The image you are about to see is hardcore frugality.
You've been warned.
It's redneck, it's Green Acres, it's, it's....

It's frugalicious.

My homemade drying rack.
I mean, come on, there's a perfectly good heating vent there going to waste.
I sure can use the humidity.
I feel a bit like Alice Cramden from the Honeymooners, but I laugh all the way to the bank baby.

I've realized that I can't use the 'pin' type clothespins. I can only use the spring type.
It's akin to the cotton ball. The pin clothespins squeak.

I've been making my own laundry soap. I'll post the 'recipe' at the bottom of the page.
I do like it.
I like the smell.
I don't have super dirty clothes, so I'm afraid I can't report on how effective it is on grease, and ground in dirt.

It's frugalicious.

I have enough Snuggle left for a few more loads of laundry and then I'm switching to vinegar.
This is a tough one folks.
I'm not sure I can make it.

I really admonish you to try the laundry soap recipe. It's SO much cheaper than buying your own. There are also recipes out there for liquid if you prefer it. I personally like the powder. I really love that I'm not buying those big plastic bottles anymore.

I also encourage you to do all of your laundry on one day, instead of 'a load here and there'. I suppose you should do what works for you, but assess if what you are doing is working for you. Do you have clothes baskets full of clean, hopefully folded laundry sitting around more often than not? Does your clothes sour in the washer cause you forgot to put them in the dryer? I find it easy to throw a load in while I'm home, and keep going until I'm done. Done means, it's put away. Right? You put it away, right? You don't use your dryer as a closet do you? I'll be talking more about clothes when we venture into the bedroom later this week.

I like that Monday is laundry day, and it all gets done and put away, and I don't give laundry another thought until the next Monday.

Disclaimer * I don't have a house full of messy kids* I'll give you that.

Let's move on to the kitchen.
I set the timer today whilst I did my chores.
I really wanted to see how long it took me to do my things, you know...make the bed, vacuum, feed the chickens, scoop kitty poop, spot clean the bathroom and do my weekly cleaning of the kitchen.

Did you know I'm building a dollhouse?
Of course you didn't.
I've never told you.
I love miniatures.
I can't begin talking about it now, because I won't stop.
I had this dollhouse spread all over the island last night, and paint was drying, so I let it set overnight, so I did have this extra mess to clean up, and put back on the floor. I really have NO idea where I'm going to put this beast when I'm done with it.

I'm using pictures of the kitchen that I took last fall, just cause I didn't see any need to re-take photos. The fall decorations aren't up please look past turkeys, pumpkins, etc.

I've really pared my decorations down, so that cleaning is easy.

I always, always start in one corner of the room, and start from the top down. I have my all purpose spray cleaner out, and a small bucket of soapy water and a rag. I begin. Let me add one thing here, I work as fast as I can. Why? Why not? Do you want to spend all day cleaning? Why dilly dally?

I always start in this corner where the hutch is. I wipe down all the shelves, except the very top one. I take things off as I wipe, and put them right back. About a minute, or two tops is spent here. The very top shelf...heck, no one sees it, so I like dust it once a month, if that.

This area is next. That shelf only gets wiped every other week, and the items on it.
The bench, gets cleaned every week. The picture, which is now hung up, gets dusted, and the chalkboard. The windows on the door get washed, and the door itself is wiped down.

This area is next.
I wipe the shelves off every week, alternating, top and bottom. This week I wiped the bottom shelf, next week I'll wipe the top shelf. It's much faster than you can imagine. I don't remove everything and replace it. I pick up the bowls, wipe, replace, pick up the toaster, wipe, replace...etc.

I really have to fight the urge to re-arrange things while I'm cleaning, as I've never really been happy with this counter area. It's completely different now than in these pics a few months ago!

I do remove everything off the counters, and give them a good scrubbing. I run a dishpan of hot soapy water and put the stove burners in to soak. Once every few weeks I'll wash the fronts of the cabinets. I wipe the bathroom door. Those old doors collect a lot of dust.

Now I move to the fridge and stove area.

While the burners are soaking in the soapy water, I wash the front, side and top of the stove. Everything on the shelf above the stove gets washed, the shelf gets washed. The side cabinet gets wiped down and everything on it. I clean the front and sides of the fridge. I'm really picky about my fridge. I don't like things sitting on top of it, (like cereal boxes) nor do I like things like magnets, pictures, etc. It looks cluttered to me, and it makes it harder to clean. I only clean the very top of the fridge about once a month. It's just cause I'm lazy.
About every other week, I do empty the fridge and wash it down with a bleachy solution.
Fridges are breeding grounds for bacteria.
Just do it.

Now I move on to my favorite piece of furniture ever, the black cabinet that my cousin made for me. I wipe the top of it off, and dust what's on there. I make sure that my cookbooks are in order, and that the bowls, etc, are neat.

Next, I do the island. A good wipe down, top and bottom.
Then I wash the light fixture over it.

After washing and replacing the stove burners, I put on a big pot of water to boil, and scrub the sinks out. I pour boiling water slowly down the drains.
Badda bing, badda boom.

Sounds like a lot, doesn't it?
Trust me, I'm not even that great of a cleaner.

I did all my morning chores, including chickens, bunny, whole house vacuum (except the upstairs), made the bed, spot cleaned the bathroom, and did all the above in the kitchen in...

Fifty seven minutes.

Mondays are my longest days too. The rest of the rooms are a piece of cake.

That takes care of the cleaning.
What about the clutter?

I have a bit to say on that, and I truly hope that I don't step on any toes here.
I was a pack rat.
I was a gadget girl.
I was a 'I might need this one day' kinda gal.

Girls, just throw it away.
If it's chipped? Bye bye.
If it's a plastic cup with a super hero on it? Adios!
If you didn't even remember you had it? Seriously? Freecycle baby.
Exactly how many travel mugs do you need?

I challenge you to go to the kitchen right now, and throw away ten things.
Do it.

Be careful about 'one use' gadgets.
Alton Brown, my favorite Food Network guy, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting (and is seriously the nicest guy ever) says 'Death to Unitaskers'.

Do you really need an egg separator?
Do you really need all those gadgets that are only good for one job in the kitchen? They are such space robbers. A cluttered kitchen is difficult to clean, difficult to work in, and just not nice to look at.

I got rid of my bread maker years ago. It took up so much room! That's why God gave me hands! I never liked the texture of the bread anyhow. That bread machine took up so much room.

I know there are some of you reading this, that don't need it one bit. You have your kitchen just the way you like it, and it works, and you're happy.

I know there are some of you that sorta need this, and you can do a little better.

I also know there are some of you that desperately need this, and feel hopeless and overwhelmed, and can't ever imagine a moment where there are no dishes in the sink or Cheerios on the floor.

Take heart.
Be encouraged.

Take one corner at a time.
Clean your fridge out. Work hard to keep it clean thereafter.
Take one cabinet at a time.
Try not to let sentimentality, or 'I might need this one day' thinking take over.
That's what got you in this mess in the first place.

About twice a year, I do go through all of my cabinets, and if I haven't used something, it gets tossed. I can't allow clutter to accumulate again. It's at that time that I wash all the drawers out, and move the stove and fridge to clean.

Try instituting a routine into your life that works for you. Maybe you can glean something from my routine that will help you. If anything, maybe you'll be inspired to just try a little bit harder, or work a little bit faster.

Frugalicious domesticity isn't just about saving money. It's about saving time too. Time to me, is much more precious than money. I can always get more money.
My time, once gone, is gone forever.

I do not want to live my life with an attitude of frustration over the house, which will then spill over to my family, as I act like I'm doing them a favor to cook them supper, or do their laundry. My time, not spent wisely, robs them of time with me. Time laughing, time walking, time dreaming, or time just spent being.

It's just too big of a price for me to pay, to live cluttered up, feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and helpless.

Apron up girls!

You'll be so glad you did.

Oops...almost forgot the soap that I'm off my soapbox, here it is...I'm just posting the link for you, cause you can print it off this website much easier than you can here.
It's from the Duggar's, it's the third recipe down.


  1. Okay, Jayme, I confess! When I saw the first picture of the laundry room I thought, "No wonder she likes to do laundry!" When I saw your real laundry room I was so humbled. The 'bowels of your 1869 home' look like what our root cellar had in our old farmhouse before we relocated 10 years ago. I am blessed by your not whining and looking at ways to fix it up. Those yard sale finds on the wall were QUITE the find. I have some like that in my bathroom and let's just say I paid more that 50 cents each for them. ;) I love your routine. I'm working in my bathroom this week, but when I do my weekly cleaning in the kitchen I am going to try this picking up, wiping and returning immediately to see how much time it saves me. I have always had the habit of moving things from the counter to the table, cleaning the counter top throughly and then putting it all back. So, I can understand how your method would save time. Thank you for your willingness to share with us ladies the tricks of the trade that you use in making your house a home.

  2. i am so tired and wore out after reading this, i can't believe it only took you 57 minutes to do all of that! You go girl!

  3. Okay lady,
    you got me inspired this morning, so I did some dustin, scrubbin, sprayin, movin stuff around, threw stuff away, Hung a new wall decoration, pulled some unused picture hooks out of the wall, organized my junk box and put a new one from my closet in its place. Went out and got a new little red whistling teakettle, since the old one was scalding everyone. I'm feeling pretty good, and I still have to go and do all the other stuff you now said in your second post so I can hit that domesticity bell at the top of the tower.! Wow Am I inspired. Can't wait to finish it tomorrow. Ohhhhh, gotta tackle my fridg...ugh... :-) thanks Jayme!

  4. I did keep my house up like this when I was not working but now I find that I just do not have it in me to be the domestic diva. I am over 50 slowing down a bit. I did love being able to just do laundry every Monday and be done for the week. I do miss that. Youngest daughter just made the Duggar laundry soap this past weekend. She said that it does smell good. And she has a 3 and 4 year old I'm sure they're cloths were dirty.

  5. I love your blog! It always makes me smile. If I didn't know better I'd think we were twin sisters except that I'm a year older than you. I also love that you say "dilly dally". Keep doing what you're doing.

  6. Oh, Jayme,
    You put me to shame! I am doing good just to get the tub, sink and toilet cleaned and floors vacuumed and mopped along with laundry on Saturday and Sunday! I only do that sort of serious cleaning in the summer when I am out of school. I do try to run a feather duster through some shelves. I gotta save some time for the yard, blogging, clogging and maybe some sewing or crafting! haha!

  7. Totally printing this off and using it. I used to be so good when the kids were wee ones. Then they grew, their stuff grew, messes grew.

    They'd get angry when they couldn't find it and come accusing me "Mom did you garage sale my .....???!!!" I think I just gave up.

    I'm ready to start anew.

    Laundry detergent. I've made and used this over the years. I find if your water is hard, the clothes get dingy after awhile even with a vinegar in the downey ball rinse. I just used tide with bleach like once every couple months for one weeks laundry. Then back to the cheapo stuff.

    Something that bugs me about it though, is that it only dissolves in very hot water, and I've been trying to conserve energy by washing in cold. Perhaps I should just get a cup of wicked hot water and dissolve the detergent first...another step for this family who goes thru 12-15 loads of laundry a week. *sigh*

  8. Girl! I looove your blog and will be back for more! :-)

    From a fellow chicken mama :)

  9. Oh I just love this! This is what I love to do on Saturday mornings. Get all my laundry done and clean (and claim) MY kitchen back after a week in the hands of my husband. I love having all the laundry done and put away. I challenge myself to meet the buzzer on the dryer and hang everything up pronto. I have very little ironing to do any more. Our rat-a-tat washer dryer combo bit the dust this summer so we purchased a front loader and boy, I can't believe how little time is needed to dry anything. I still want a clothes line this summer's on my list. One thing we've noticed with the high efficiency washer is the soap makes our towels STINK! We've been seriously looking at making our own soap, I'll check out the link. Our only concern is finding a suds inhibitor as too many suds=early doom for the washer. I have purged two items from the kitchen by repurposing, does that count? 8 more to go.
    Oh and I love the dollhouse!

    Bee well! ~Andrea~

  10. Love the dollhouse! As far as laundry, Monday is my day too, but I get distracted so easily it usually takes another day to get it all done. Must stay focused!

  11. I just found your blog through Flower Patch Farmgirl. Wow, you are one disciplined girl! Very inspiring post! If Andrea in the comment above reads this, I too have a HE washer and I have to rinse the towels twice so they won't smell.

  12. What a great post!! I am trying to do all my laundry on one day (Monday's also) sometimes it takes 2 w/ sheets and towels but that's okay. I agree about the expensive washer and dryer. We think out dryer is nearing it's end so I have been looking to see what's out there & I just don't think I can spend a ton when the less expensive ones work just as well for me.
    Your doll house is so cute!

  13. Yes, I think I probably have used the dryer as a storage closet on occasion.
    I think you have the cleanest kitchen in the country!
    And now I am just waiting for the installment on cleaning bathrooms!!

  14. Jayme,

    We have the same cellar with the exception that mine floods so often I cannot put anything down there, except pain in the ass relatives with life jackets. My washer and dryer are upstairs off my kitchen in my pantry. I wash twice a week; clothes on Friday and sheets on Monday. Much of our routine is alike, but I am obsessive/compulsive and pull out the fridge and stove every time I vacuum and wash the floor. You are so right, old houses = dust. Add dogs and cats = killer tumble weeds.

    - Deborah

  15. I hope that in 4 years when I retire I will be more like you! I am just too tired after teaching young children all day, going to workout with my husband( if I don't go...he won't go and he had bypass surgery 5 years ago) and cooking supper every night.
    I am sad to admit that I pay someone to clean my house-she does an good job, I would do better, but her husband has cancer and they need the money and right now I can afford to pay her.
    I have made the soap, I like the liquid better and I have a garden and bees but I just would love to be at home, being like you!

  16. Love that homemade detergent. It has been the biggest cost-saver I've found in a long time. And, I'm craning my neck trying to figure out your homemade drying rack. I dry as little as possible in the dryer. Everything else is hung up to dry (my method isn't as pretty as yours). I'm counting the days until I can hang clothes outside again.. c'mon Spring. I will indeed print your cleaning tips & routine out. Thank you so very much! I need and appreciate this :) Today I was so inspired by your frugalicious domesticity, I even did a couple o' cleaning projects. Woo hoo. This could be the beginning of a very good thing. Thank you again! -Tammy

  17. Hi Jayme,

    I also make my own laundry detergent, but I use liquid. I love being able to do this. I also make my furniture polish and all purpose cleaner. I tried several recipes for dishwasher detergent and never ever found anything that worked well. I had way to many spots and way too much film on them when they were finished. So, I have gone back to a cheap dishwasher detergent.

    I enjoy getting my house all nice and clean and love to be organized. I homeschool our three children and seem to find it hard to keep things as clean and organized as I would like to. But, that's okay.

    Love your kitchen and love reading your blog. Your words make me smile.

  18. Just some thoughts after reading your post:
    you have inspired me...I am smack in the middle of cleaning out a two-car garage sized storage unit of "stuff". We moved a year ago and this stuff just got shoved in there 'cuz we moved into a much smaller house.
    *on unitaskers: I just purchased a "used" breadmaker about 4 months ago for a whole $25. Haven't used it once. But it's taking up a LARGE amount of space in my now smaller home. But you know what? I've made homemade bread with my own HANDS several times. I don't need that darn thing! I'm gonna sell it on my yard sale I'm having in the spring.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Things we have in common:
    1. I also do my laundry all in one day, for the most part. And it's usually on Monday.
    2. I also detest clutter. (What do you do with piles? Piles of paper? Piles of "artwork"? Piles of junk?)
    3. I started using vinegar on my towel load and I liked it. Then, I used it on a normal load and I'll be honest - static cling, baby. But I'll probably push through and keep trying, because I just bought a huge jug of the junk.

    Things we don't have in common:
    1. The whole cleaning routine. (Although keep talking...I'm nearly convinced.)
    2. I throw stuff away if it's NOT chipped. I chip my stuff up on purpose. I love it more that way.

  20. Wow! That is a most insiring post. I do like the way you break it down. But it's still alot of work. Thank you for helping us to feel like 'yes we can' do this.

  21. Wow...I need you to come an inspire me! I have been giving my house the "once over" for FAR too long, I'm afriad! I NEED to detail it so badly...and I'm coming back to this post to give me the gumption to git r dun!
    I've tried the homemade detergent and it just doesn't get my whites white anymore. Maybe it's my water? I have 1/2 recipe that needs to be used up yet, so I'm alternating it between loads. I sure wish it worked b/c I felt so domestic when I made it! And that pink shredded "cheese"...well, if it weren't soap, I'd have shoved a handful in my mouth it was so pretty! : )
    A GREAT post!! Thanks!

  22. Loved this post so much Jayme! I also do laundry on Mondays although I do linens on Fridays. That way I can throw something in with the towels if I absolutely have to. I like that you only worked on the house for about an hour. I think when I get home from groceries today I will set the timer for an hour and see how much I get done. As far as cleaning out and getting rid of stuff, you wouldn't believe all the crap I just dragged out the door for Amvets to pick up today. What an awesome feeling. I might even post a picture on my blog later! Thanks for this post. I can't wait for more!

  23. Well, I'm inspired and amazed that you can do all that in 57 minutes! It would take me several days. But the old saying, "If you don't start, you won't finish" applies here. Did you know the Duggars live only a few miles from us? I see them at Walmart or Aldi. You can't miss them, they FILL the store!

  24. Very inspiring post Jayme. I love how you have a routine for everything. Makes it so much easier, I think.
    I've been making our own detergent and we are very happy with it. We also use vinegar instead of fabric softener and it works great. Ok, there's a little static cling going on in the winter month, but we're ok with that. Doing laundry in one day doesn't work for me, but that's because I line dry and I don't have enough space to hang more than one load. Summertime is different, laundry gets hung outside to dry.
    Your kitchen routine definitely inspired me, now I feel like I need to clean my fridge... as in right now!

  25. Loved the first laundry room photo but would be thrilled to have your laundry room as well. A laundry sink would be divine! I used to do my laundry all on one day but we have too much laundry and too little clothes...which doesn't make sense but when husband's three pair of work pants are dirty he needs them washed before the week is over. I am curious if the soap recipe works well on stains, every time I've switched from Tide my clothes have more stains or someone breaks out in a rash.

  26. Hi!
    Just wanted to share that vinegar as a softener is GREAT! I'm never going back. My clothes smell...freshness and crisp air (I dry them outside, in the balcony).
    Jeans and towels never been softer
    And I'd like to add my homemade recipe:
    1 cup olive oil flakes
    1 cup baking soda
    1 cup borax
    20-25 drops of essential oil of choice.
    Mix all in a container and use 3 tablespoons per load

  27. Oh, Miss OrganizedCutiePie!
    How you help motivate me!
    I can do 57 minutes!! But not 58, put my size 10 down at 58!

    I make my own laundry detergent too. Love the smell. And re:dissolving it, I just run hot water in the machine till it's dissolved (only an inch or so), swirl it around with a big spoon I keep nearby and then switch to cold water. Even for whites.

    And about whites getting dingy? Every couple of months I wash my whites in Brite White. I found it at WalMart, with the Rit Dye. It brightens whites back to "like new". Cheap too.

    I also LOOOOVE my Downey but now it lasts for months and months. I put a very small amount on a wet rag and throw it in the dryer. All are soft, static free and smell lovely. When GrumpyUnk was in school and making 0$$ I would smell my neighbor's dryer exhaust blowing and I vowed to use Downey when we "made it". Sorta like Scarlett and carrots, eh?

    We have a septic system and were advised to do no more than 3 loads a day. I have waaay more than that so have to break up my laundry day into day's'. That's ok by me cause it makes me feel all homey and accomplished.

    Can't wait for more wunnerful tips! smooches

  28. You've said a lot in that post and I can't keep up with it in comments! Wonderful, lots to think about, lots to do! Thanks!

  29. Ya done good girlie, told ya. This is your thang Sweetie, anxious to hear more. Can't wait til Friday or Thursday, let us know. And where do ya get olive oil flakes? Never heard of that. Gotta find some. Time to go clean something and plan this weeks recipes. Thanks for sharing and love ya! Smooches from me too!

  30. Another great post! I love routine especially since I'm back to working f/t. My mother in law has a cleaning routine and in the 26 years of being married to her son, I've never seen her house messy or dirty.

  31. Love using vinegar when washing my towels! It freshens them up so nicely! I would like to try the homemade laundry detergent - maybe next grocery trip.

  32. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, I love my Union Loom :-) I'm posting more photos of some finished projects this week.

    I'm glad to have found YOUR blog! I'm inspired to hit the kitchen and toss TEN things this morning.

  33. Jayme, what a wonderful post. So inspiring! Do you realize how many people do not have organizing skills or were never taught how to clean, cook, etc? Thousands!! I was born with the organizing skills and my precious Aunt taught me the cleaning skills. Put all that together with OCD and it's a great combination. :) I use to apoligize for the way I am but finally decided this is who I am and I like me. I just need the desire to like to cook. I am on my way to pick up a bread maker for 10 bucks this a.m. Can't use our hands like we use to so this will work for us. I have a "gadget guy" who is retired now and he uses everything he can in the kitchen. The things I've tossed, he's replaced at thrift shops. He is a blessing so I can't complain and he cleans them, I don't. :)
    Great blog girl...don't ever stop!

  34. Great post! I love routine. We are living in our home as we build, which at times can be challenging. Even with all the debris from construction, my mind requires organization. I am always amazed at how a few minutes of cleaning and organizing as you go, saves hours later. You are inspiring!
    Love the dollhouse and I LOVE the galvanized sink in your laundryroom.

  35. Girlfriend~you have a great system. Oh, how I would love to have that laundry room, but I don't so I will just be jealous of those that do. Not really.

    Thanks for all the fabulous ideas. I am going to try the soap.

    I love your blog and your writing style.

    We are getting lots and lots of rain here in California...

  36. Oh, I so hope you answer my questions!

    1) Where do you purchase Fels Naptha?

    2) Please explain the vinegar as fabric softener please? Do you add it to the washing machine??? How much? It doesn't leave a scent behind, does it?

    THANK YOU!! Your posts are too much fun!

  37. Jayme, yesterday I forgot to mention that you can also use a Mexican soap called "Zote" instead of the Fels Naptha. I have found it at our BIG LOTS store. If you have a BL you can check to see if they have it. It actually makes your powder 'pretty in pink'. I also did a post about my soap making and that was the title.

  38. Love your blog, very entertaining to read about the mundane task of cleaning. You make it sound fun!

  39. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I've enjoyed your blog over the last several months but didn't leave a comment until now! I finally jumped over the cliff and started my own blog yesterday as a way to chronicle my adventures and dreams of my 40 something life!! Like you, I love chickens, in fact, building a coop right now! Also, am on the lookout for a vintage Field and Stream or Shasta camper. AND, want to live the frugal life! So, with that, I say "Hello!!"

  40. Of course I was hating you for such a cool laundry room because of that sink!! Then I saw your "real" laundry room and I am envious of that sink too!!!!!! I love it, reminds me of the years we lived with my father-in-law and I had to do laundry in a little basement like that only on a wringer washer.....complained at the time but I would give my right arm to have those days back now!!!

    I am building a dollhouse too. I got it as an early Christmas present and I couldn't believe how many little bitty pieces there was to it! I finally had to put it away til I can get some more time to work on it. I thought my husband would like putting it together but he said it was all mine!!!!!! Dagum it!

    I have made my own laundry soap for about 4 years now and wouldn't change that for anything. I also have a folding dryer rack in my bedroom over a heat duct that I use daily. I can't seem to get on that wash on Monday schedule yet, maybe you will help me with that one too!!!!

    Thanks for all the tips!

  41. Vinegar works great!! I use it frequently and it does not leave any sort of smell behind. I haven't ever had problems of static cling. Perhaps the person that does isn't using enough? Not sure. I probably put in about 1/2 per load.
    I especially love it for towels. I don't use any type of softener on towels as it makes them less absorbant, but vinegar doesn't! Vinegar softens them, takes care of static cling and doesn't bother their absorbency.

  42. I want to know where you hung that picture? LOL!

    O, we have a "galvanized sink" just like your's in your laundryroom, in our "booth"/"store" at Canton First Monday. It's a great display piece.

    Fun post....

  43. OK, I came across your blog tonight. I love it. And this post inspired me, really. We did a "throw out things we aren't using in the kitchen" about 2 weeks ago, but it really wasn't a hearty effort. After reading this post, I went back in the kitchen and just got rid of enough things to fill up an entire drawer. I mean, really, do we need 14 different sharp cutting knives? And 8 different stirring spoons of different heights?

    Our answer, for just the 3 of us, was NO. does feel good to get rid of things that I know I'm not using. Clears up the space and kind of clears up my head, just like you were saying.

    So -- THANK YOU for these "Frugalicious Domesticity" posts. Keep em' coming!

  44. OK, I came across your blog tonight. I love it. And this post inspired me, really. We did a "throw out things we aren't using in the kitchen" about 2 weeks ago, but it really wasn't a hearty effort. After reading this post, I went back in the kitchen and just got rid of enough things to fill up an entire drawer. I mean, really, do we need 14 different sharp cutting knives? And 8 different stirring spoons of different heights?

    Our answer, for just the 3 of us, was NO. does feel good to get rid of things that I know I'm not using. Clears up the space and kind of clears up my head, just like you were saying.

    So -- THANK YOU for these "Frugalicious Domesticity" posts. Keep em' coming!


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