Tuesday, January 12, 2010

As A Matter of Fact, Part Two

Oh my oh my...I just had to add this tonight. Right now it's 9:11pm and I've been up since 3:45am. I'm a little delirious. 42 comments!? Thank you so much! I love it. I took Jinksie to the Neuter Scooter today and I have to say, I still see testicles, so I'm a little freaked out. He's sleepin' sloppy tonight, meaning, that cat is flat out of his mind. I started a new hexagon granny square afghan tonight, and I'm unsure of my color choices. I made frozen General Tso's chicken for dinner tonight, and I think I have a sinus infection....ok, sorry, rambling.

To answer a few of your questions.

I drink a POT of espresso every morning.

I'm allergic to dust. I live in a very old house, in the middle of a cornfield, and it's true that it is dusty, and harder to keep clean. If I don't keep the dust at bay, I get sick. Bronchitis. I only have carpet in the livingroom. Did I tell you my house is small?

I just wanted to say that I only spend about 30 minutes a day on the house. I have a very small house, and I have everything purged and in order. To clean my livingroom? I dust for like five minutes, if that, and run the vacuum for about five minutes. Flip cushions, voila...I'm done. I clean the TOILET everyday....I only have one. We have hard water, and two boys in the house....it freaks me out. I'm not washing woodwork every week, and moving furniture. Just wanted to clarify. My house is far from spotless. I do what works for me. One of the commenters said that they couldn't function unless the house was in order. I'm the same. I have ADD. I'm serious. If the house is a mess, it's like a huge block in my mind, and I can't function. I've learned that keeping things in order helps keep my mind moving forward. Do I work the schedule to the T every week. Of course not. Sometimes I say 'screw it' and knit.

Someone asked why PW isn't on my favorite blogs anymore. Honestly, it got too big for me, and overwhelmed me to go to it everyday. Seriously! I don't know how to explain it. It didn't seem too personal to me anymore, yet I do go there every few days and enjoy it. Love her recipes, love her.

Yes, Glen went to the physical in my underwear. If he knew I was telling you this....oh gosh. I don't know beans he'd be spilling about me. Maybe the fact that I don't even wear underwear anymore? There.....I spilt it myself! I feel like I'm smothering now if I wear them. He was called into the office, and to go straightway to an appointment that they'd set up for him. LUCKILY, he didn't have to take his pants off.

We are all so different and wonderful. We have different gifts, and interests. Homemaking happens to be my passion. I love to give of myself in that way. A warm, fresh bed to sleep in, a soft afghan to cozy up with in the living room a clean toilet to potty in. Underwear always washed and ready (for Glenco), the simple comforts of home. It's how I express my love.

Be happy with yourself for who you are, and where you are. If something frustrates you about the way your home is, change it. A little thing here, a little thing there. Please know that I can do it, so can you.

I'm here to cheer you on all the way.

PS That soup rocks.


  1. That's my girl, keepin it real! Ra

  2. Jayme, I loved Part I simply because I can relate to you. I have a side to me where I have to have order. Order, order, order. All my life, I've wondered how folks (women) could just slop through their lives meaning, house a mess, dirty clothes everywhere, sink full and they could just sit and watch soaps, chat on the phone, etc. But I have learned in life, they grow older as I have and some have learned it's better to have order and others just continue to slop! I always worked until about six years ago but I had to have my house in order just to function everyday. Good on those who can do differently.
    I also am an ADD's person and have learned to calm down only because of health issues. Even without being an ADD's victim, I enjoy having things in order. Life is so much easier for me. Order makes more sense to me. I feel sorry for those who don't have order. I think you rock. You do all you do and I know you couldn't without the order you have in your life.
    You should see my sock drawer. Color co-ordinated in a row. :)
    You've been an inspiration for me!

  3. I'm completely stunted in my house right now because there are piles of MESS in every room. Because we don't have a basement, and it's too cold to use the garage, crap gets moved from room to room until we can't even walk anymore.

    I don't know where to begin! Do they make shovels as large as houses?

  4. Jayme,

    Thank you for being my sunshine in winter. Perhaps we were separated at birth.


  5. Okay, aside from the silence I think it's the disorder that keeps me from getting things done. I feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. So that's where I'm starting. Getting rid of the disorder. Thanks for being my personal shrink. I spent yesterday afternoon sorting and filing and scheduling an Amvets pick up which always gets me moving. Thanks girl! You rock!

  6. I always feel better after reading your posts! You make me smile!;-)

  7. Oh my.
    I love your blog.
    I found your blog last night and I couldn't stop reading.

    The posts on your home and how you care for it are inspiring, and your Wednesday weight posts are mind blowing. I want THAT freedom.

    I will be emailing you soon-



  8. We do relate to you! You are our alter ego when you allow a chicken to be inside. You are our menu planner when we can't bear another
    What's for Dinner day. And we just love you because their's only one Jayme!

  9. PS. (from yesterday)

    I so want to make that soup, and by the way everyone loved those cupcakes,(what the dog didn't eat) especially me..don't know if I'll make them again too soon...well maybe when it's warm enough to walk a few hours after each one. : )

    And the underwear or should I say the panties...that started my day with a good chuckle which is ALWAYS a good way to start the day!

    Be well!

  10. Promise me that you will never, ever be w/in 30 miles of my home again and not stop by.

    I just like you.

  11. Your blog is just so cute... your experiences described with not too much humor, just enough. (I commented once before about your "chicken chat" post - have to see what you're up to when I get my 2nd cup of coffee and just as the sun comes up.) I thought your Christmas gift idea, that basket of homey goodies, was wonderful! And I wanted to ask if you'd ever heard of a "GATHERING APRON"? I have a few pictures of them but no sewing machine, or chickens, yet, so I just look at them longingly for now.
    But I thought how wonderful it would be for you, and to see your idea of one come to fruition... hint, hint!
    If you want to, just e-mail me and I'll send you the pictures (I have no idea where I found them online- maybe you can find them yourself with Google?)
    Have a good day!

  12. I completely understand. I can't cook until I straighten the kitchen. I can't sew until is finish the ironing and on it goes. Right now things ARE a mess because I am still SICK. I finally succumbed and stayed home from school today and will stay home tomorrow. I think I will go to a clinic tomorrow. I've had enough. It has settled in my sinuses. My head feels like it could explode!


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