Monday, January 18, 2010

Frugalicous Domesticity

Good Morning!
Starting today, we will have a week long series entitled
"Frugalicious Domesticity"

Oh how I love to say that.
I've been trying to re-write the words to Fergie's 'Fergalicious', but I'm finding it a challenge since the words are nonsensical.

"I'm F, to the R, to the U, to the G A L, boy I'm thrifty...."

What does 'Frugalicious Domesticity' mean?
It will mean something different to everyone, I'm sure.

To me it means:

Using my time and resources to my best abilities.
Doing my domestic chores with vigor and delight.
Looking cute while doing it.
Being the CEO of my home.
Making home the best place to be.

Today we will cover the kitchen, and the laundry. We'll go room by room in your house and talk about decluttering, cleaning and establishing routines.

We'll cover menu planning, and grocery shopping.

I hope you will join me!

If you would, please leave a comment and give me your definition of 'Frugalicious Domesticity'

Check back later today for the first installment!


  1. Jayme--you are the best!!!!

    I am so excited about this series.

  2. I'm not sure on the definition but I like the sound of it :)
    My trick is when I'm not in the mood for "Frugalicious Domesticity" I find that if I put on a cute apron it puts me into a domestic mood and make housework more fun.

  3. Hi Jayme,
    This is awesome, I'm on board!!


  4. Well,
    lets see...
    Frugal means>> living without waste, or being careful (watchful) with the use of our money and other resources.
    cious means >> full of.
    Domesticity means>> fondness and devotion to home life and household affairs.
    SO.... I guess I would say your big words today meant this for me:
    Because I am devoted first and foremost to my home and family, that I oversee the operation and routines and rituals of those two things with diligence...(meaning I really put a lot of thought and effort into it)
    I want to make the most of what we have and not waste, squander, or hold on to it too tightly. To be such a good steward of what I have that we have plenty, we are happy and content with it, not lusting for more, and are willing to share what we have with others.
    Truly, life is what we make of it, so I guess it's which side of any given line we're standing on, and how we're lookin' at what we got! opposed to what "we don't got"!!
    See the beauty in the small and simple.... :-) spread the joy, YES?
    Can't wait to see your post later today Jayme. Thanks for this one. Sure got me to thinking with those big long words!!! lol I like it!

  5. I am SO excited about this week's topic that I can hardly wait to read your first post later on today. "Frugalicious Domesticity" to me is all about loving to be the best keeper of the home that I can be...and loving every minute of it.

  6. "Looking cute while doing it?" Uh-oh. Looks like I'd better tune in...

  7. I love your words, "with vigor and delight." I love my kitchen, it's the laundry room that could use both of those words. I'm excited, can't wait to read more about frugalicious domesticity. It reminds me of one of my favorite words: supercalifragilisticxbealedocious. :)

  8. this reminds me of the segments you use to do at church, only all these girls won't get to hear all the cute music you would play to start the segment. I was your biggest fan then and still am, I still have the suzie homemaker award you gave me! I too am thrilled your starting this, it's so educational as is most everything on the blog. I love being able to print things out, gonna start a notebook I think with all the recipes and tips and such. Thanks for your time and sharing your life with all of us. I think Julie summed it all up with her definition so I won't be redundant. You remind all of us that are at home what a blessing it really is to do what we are doing. You are the proverbs 31 woman. Love you girl, Ra

  9. I have only been reading your blog for a few days, but something tells me we are in for some side splitting entertainment while you go about being both frugal and domestic. Is Frugalicioius Domsticity something like only using the cutest fashion pages from the Sears catalog in the loo? Or shouting out "five second rule" as you scoop the cake you just dropped up off the floor. LOL I can't wait!!

  10. I'll stay glued to your blog all week. Thanks, Jayme, for sharing your frugalicious domesticity. It even sounds fun :D

  11. o i am so looking forward to reading your blog this week. when i say "fugalicious Domesticity" it makes me want to go home and put on a cute little apron with my high heel shoes and full makeup and just start cleaning to high heaven!

  12. Frugalicious Domesticity
    Homekeeping with an eye to happily staying within a budget,moneywise and timewise.
    Can't wait to peruse your post later today.

  13. We are in for a delightful treat, I am sure. How do you find so much energy lady friend? Seems of late, the LAST thing I want to do it domestic housecleaning while looking cute. LOL. If you can help me in this, God Bless You!
    Bring it on.

  14. I know I am going to enjoy this and get some great tips along the way.

    You can practice at my place if you run out of rooms;) It's only a jump, skip, and a holler.

  15. WooHooo!! Waiting with baited breath! I just bought a book and it encouraged me to put up on my fridge where I can see and remember MY MISSION STATEMENT. I've been working on just what that I want to add "while looking cute". I think I would look much cuter if I had a dress I made from your vintage patterns after you teach me to make button holes.

    Can't wait till first installment is posted.

    And..what the heck is "baited" breath anyway???

  16. Whenever you're teaching, I'm listening. Will there be a quiz later?

  17. I'm all ears here~!!

  18. I'll be back to see all the fun things you have to say in you new series. Exciting.

  19. You never cease to amaze me!

    I would say, being the master and commander of my domain (ok...the farmhouse), by being a dollar savvy street smart shopper and uber-organized and loving every minute of it!


  20. hi jayme!

    i'm soooo excited about your frugalicious domesticity series! this will be awesome, and hilarious, i'm sure! to me frugalicious domesticity is making our home the best it can be, filling it with the things we love and the food we love, loving what it takes to make our house a home, and doing it as resourcefully as i can. i stay home so this is my job. i loooove my job! this is my dream job! and i'm good at it! there's always something new to learn and i can't wait to see what you have to teach me! you go girl!

    love ya,


    p.s. i've been reading your blog back from the beginning. the coon song? oh my gosh... i loooove the happy squirrel. i want one! i saw one last fall and it was gone before i could even ask about it! i'm going to bake the artisan bread in a dutch oven one of these days! love your garden! i'm a big flower gardener and vegetable gardener. we really could be twins separated at birth. i was born in 62, just like you! blah, blah, blah... i could go on forever!

  21. I am the CEO of my home - I like that, can I fire people here if they don't pull their weight? LOL LOL

  22. Jayme,

    This is a wonderful series! I will be here each day to learn from your experience.

    I am your Grasshopper and you, Master Po.

    Frugalicious Domesticity [Deborah's Definition]:

    Not wasting money, time, energy while expressing love, respect and gratitude for family and home. Taking joy in the blessing of having a family and home to tend to.

    - Deborah


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