Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Glenco

It's come to my attention that many of you don't know I'm married, cause I don't talk about Glenco much of late.  I was looking through Ye Olde Blog Archives, and I found this, and thought that I would just repost it for my new readers.  I'll also repost the Meet Aaron blog that my new readers know he's my nephew, not my son, although I consider him my son...and his whole story.  Also, and update on Aaron is coming very soon!

Happy Friday!

Glenco isn't his real name.
It's Glen.
Glenco came about 20 years ago and stuck.
Double G is another nickname.
G Force

Would you look at those little arms?
Is it me, or does everyone wish they knew their husbands as little kids?
If we ever had a little boy, I bet he'd look just like that.

Glen is on the left here, holding a turtle.
I have so many cute pics of him as a kid like this, always up to something. I love his clothes in this picture. Those little socks and shoes.

Here is a picture of Glen when we first met. He was in a Christian rock band called 'The Risen Son' Band. He still loves music more than anything, and still fiddles with the guitar some. He feels as if he's missed his calling, he would have loved to have done something in the music industry. He was the church sound man for about 15 years. He drives a truck for a living now, delivering scaffolding and scissor lifts. He starts work at unGodly hours like 4 and 5am, but he's usually home around 1pm. Never complains.

We met in the spring of 1982 in a little Chicago church. I thought he was rather weird. I thought he was old. (He's nine years my senior). I don't know what happened, because within two weeks, I knew he'd be my husband.
He didn't get the memo and avoided me for months.
I started taking pictures of his band, and he said one day he looked at me, and just wanted to go with me when I was leaving.

We've been together since. Dated two weeks, and got engaged. Married within six months.
We were in a hurry. That's all I'm sayin' about that.

It's been a pretty easy road. We've had our share of bumps and turns, and still do at times.
Glen is like a rock. He's so steadfast, and mature. He's always in the same mood, which is usually a pretty good one. He's very quiet until you get to know him, and oftentimes he's thought of as aloof because of it.

He has the driest sense of humor I know.

A little story to explain how laid back this guy is. We are eating in a restaurant booth, facing each other. There is a man in the booth behind Glen. We thought he was laughing, pounding the table. Turns out the guy is choking. Seriously choking. Glen, never even putting his fork down, turns, whacks the guy in the back, the guy vomits on his table, sucks in a huge gulp of air, and is thanking Glen. Glen, still chewing, raises his fork in the air, smiles, and turns around and continues eating. Never missing a beat. That sums up Glen in a nutshell.

He single handedly re-built this old house.
I dream it, he builds it.
That's our motto.
There is nothing he can't fix.
My Kitchen Aid mixer bit the dust this weekend.
I may or may have not put on the meat grinder attachment correctly.
Within minutes, it was taken apart and the needed replacement parts ordered.
I'm incredibly spoiled by this, I know.

Glenco loves the sea. Loves fishing, boating and scuba diving.
He loves old cars even more.
He has a '64 Chevy right now, but really wants at '55 Chevy.

He gives me a lot of freedom to be me. He encourages me to do whatever it is I want, and go where ever it is I want to go. He seems to be happiest when he knows I'm happy.

He's always getting me out of messes. Remember the Tab soda, sink story I told you to not let me forget about? Well.....I just really don't know if I'm ready to divulge that one yet, but Glenco saved the day, as he does all the time, rescuing me from the cornfields I've accidently driven into, the snowbanks I find myself in, and when I'm hopelessly lost, I can call Glenco for directions. He never complains, but just shakes his head and smiles.

That's Glenco...the keeper of the Coop Keeper.


  1. Oh Jayme, thats one of the sweetest things I have read in a long time. I want to go give my Sweet Hubby a big kiss now. I think older men are the way to go. Mark is 7 years older than me. They have had more years of getting somewhere and they are a great help when I get lost ALL THE TIME. Thanks for sharing about your sweet hubby with us.

  2. Oh I love him already and he's good looking too! Thanks Jayme.

  3. I am a sucker for a real love story, and yours is one of the the sweetest!
    Glenco actually reminds me of the Christian singer/evangelist Keith Green in that photo of him with long hair and beard.
    You guys sound like the perfect match, and tho I KNOW from experience, having been married nearly 39 years, that there is no perfect man, yours sounds just perfect for YOU!

  4. Jayme...

    I loved this...and I love that you love each other.

    Life is so very, very good.


  5. Lucky Girl...sounds just like my hubby...

  6. I love your Love Story! My hubby is 7 years older than me. Older men rock! Glenco is easy on the eye's too!

  7. Personal note to Mr G---Thankyou for being such a good guy to my new DarlingestFriend. Thankyou for fixing her KitchenAid and for helping her find which way is norht. Thankyou for letting her keep Helen in the house and for just smiling and shaking your head. I can't wait for you to meet CrazyGrumpy Unk. I wouldn't say he's quiet or loves to fix things but he's awfully nice to the Coop Keepers friend. And he also shakes his head and smiles so you have the most important thing in common.

  8. I got a little teary eyed at the end... Your hubby sounds like a great, wonderful, sweet guy. You're both very lucky to have each other.

  9. I loved this about Glenny! I love the whole thing, his humor is soooo dry, it cracks us up. Actually alittle cuter than Keith Green and he was my fav. Still have albums. I love the love story and he is perfect for you. So easy going, you both are. I adore the pic of you both, it should be sitting out or is it in the office? Put in living room. See ya tomorrow, weather permitting. hugs to you both.

  10. Nothin' better than a hubby who can fix things. My Hubby is the same way. Nice to meet you, Glenco! Happy Bday! B'gawk !!

  11. My first impression of Glenco was when I called for directions and you immediately handed the phone to him. I sorta panicked thinking "I haven't even met Jayme face to face and I have to talk to her hubby? What if I sound like a freakin' jerk???" Which I'm sure I did.

    I could tell right away he was laid back and wasn't easily ruffled. How could he be married to a woman who names her chickens? :)

    We would never be the women we are without our dear hubsters, eh? Great post....

  12. Ah, Jayme, sounds like your keeper is a keeper. I have one too and you know, I can't imagine how I would get along in this world without him. I definitely wouldn't be living in the country, I think you know of what I speak. : ) He reminds me a lot of the Artist...who loves his guitar, played in a band in university, worked in a recording studio, and fixes everything for me and the house. Isn't it amazing that they even know how to fix it, let alone do it? There's nine years between us too but we've never even noticed the age difference.

    Glenco was a cute kid! It would be cool to meet them as kids wouldn't it? I've only seen one or two photos of husband as a little guy. I wish there were more and while we are fortunate enough to raise a family together, and are thankful for that, it would have been fun to 'recreate' that little boy!

    LOVE the choking story...I'd say that sums it up quite well...he's a cool guy!

    Bee well

  13. My favorite memory I have of Glen is when we were in marriage class and you asked him if you could get up and share and he, knowing you QUITE well, asked, "Do you have a point?" You certainly got a keeper! :) It is a blessing in this day and age of divorce at the drop of a hat that you and Glen have found a way to make your marriage not just work, but flourish.

  14. Oh, what a guy... what a wonderful life you two have made together. I think you spoil each other rotten! And, in today's world, that's certainly a rarity. Bless you both! -Tammy

  15. Very sweet Jayme. I love hearing about healthy marriages and people that truly love each other. These are the stories that should be on the news...not the yucky ones we're hearing about of late...and the world would be a better place.

  16. Ah, we meet the great man behind the woman. Isn't it wonderful when we get to go through life with our soul mate? Your love for Glen clearly runs long and deep. You make a beautiful couple.

  17. Jayme, thank you for such a wonderful tribute to your hubby. I love the picture of the two of you...and the one of him sitting on the step in front of 222 1/2! Thanks for introducing us to Glenco. Now, if you will excuse me, I think I'm going to ponder a bit and then write my own tribute to my hubby to leave on his plate at dinner this evening.

  18. Now that is sweet!!! I wondered who this Glenco was and now it just makes your blog all the better to know the keeper of the coop. I love 'real' love stories and this is one for sure.

  19. Wow, thanks for introducing us to Glenco. I feel like I already know him. How does time go by so fast? My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary last year and it seem like we should still be in our twenties. I glad he has been here through it all. I couldn't make it without him. Sounds like you feel exactly the same.

    PS I love your new banner.

  20. Awwwww, what a great fella! I love seeing all the pictures. Steady, laid back guys give such a sense of security and comfort, always there, always calm, and dry humor is the absolute best kind. It's so nice to know whatever pickle we get ourselves in, our man will be there to bail us out! So nice to see you with your perfect match....that's a great photo of the two of you.

  21. Swooniest post ever goes to you, Marty. I heart Glenco. (Is that ok?) I love how he just looked at you one day and wanted to go with you. Your love for him is obvious and it makes me happy. He reminds me so much of Corco.

  22. Aw, what a great guy! I love true love stories too.

  23. Girl, you can hear the love. I am so happy to meet your special Glenco. He certainly sounds like a great guy.

    I have one of those wonderful men who loves me and loves to see me happy. He is my prince charming. Maybe I will share about him on here some day. You would like him. He's funny and makes me laugh.

  24. Awww. You are truly blessed. My husband blesses me also with all the things he does for me. He is the builder of my hen house that is sitting waiting for those first little girls. When should I order my chicks. I have gone throught the catalog and picked the most cold hardest for our cold Michigan winters.

  25. You are blessed. I too am younger than my husband. He's 5 years older and he's gotten me out of many jam as well.
    Thank you for introducing us to Genco.


  26. LOVE this post! What a blessed marriage. Great marriages should be the standard not the exception.
    Wonderful reading how blessed you are. Thanks for sharing!
    I too, have a great man, who also is 9 years my senior. Spoils me daily.

  27. Nice to have met your other half, sounds like he's a keeper to me.

  28. Jayme, I know you said, "I'm incredibly spoiled," but I want to reinforce how LUCKY you are to have a 'handy' husband! My sweet hubby doesn't know which end of a hammer to hold, can't fix a thing. He comes from a family of men who are very un-handy. The men in my family, my father and brother, are the same way, so I'm used to it. My hubby is an outrageously good cook (and does 90% of the cooking around here), and is sweet, affectionate, funny and smart, so I can't complain ..... but changing a light bulb is as 'handy' as he gets. Build something? HA!

  29. You are one lucky lady! Glenco sounds like one of those great stable, kind, hard-working men who loves you lots and lots. I am so happy for you. He IS a keeper.

  30. That was a lovely essay about your husband. He is a really sweet guy!

  31. I LOVED reading about Glenco. He sounds like a wonderful guy and I'm so happy that you found him. How long have you been married? There is nothing better than being married to someone that just wants you to be happy, is there?

  32. Who is this mysterious man, Glenco. How did he acquire such wonderful qualities? He cannot be related to mau. (sp)? Oh, wait a minute. The aloofness. I am known for that as well. Being a female though, there is another term for it. Yes, he's a wonderful man, is he not? :)

  33. How fun to meet your family! My own husband is much like Glenco... rock solid. Keeps gals like us with our feet grounded! Otherwise, I'd have done something hair-brained years ago that I couldn't have gotten out of!

  34. How fun to meet your family! My own husband is much like Glenco... rock solid. Keeps gals like us with our feet grounded! Otherwise, I'd have done something hair-brained years ago that I couldn't have gotten out of!

  35. It has been fun getting to know your man better. I was going to email you and ask what he did that caused him to wake up so early in the morning, but you answered it. My husband is also very handy, and fixes everything. That part cracked me up. Blessed, yes, but I never get anything new, because he keeps them running.
    Still want to hear the story about Tab...I think you are holding out on purpose to build up our anticipation.

  36. Hey Jayme,

    I've got one of those too. Isn't God great to have given us such wonderful men.

    Blessings Gail

  37. Definitely a Keeper. It is nice when they want YOU to be happy. Can't beat a man that can fix things around the home, wash the car, and build things!
    Oh the washing car part is about my hubby!!! <3 Julie

  38. You tell a story like no one else I know. You could be telling me how you brush your teeth and I'd be mesmerized and begging for more. Truly, Jayme. Truly. I hope he knows how lucky he is, that Glenco.

  39. Wonderful photo essay! Thanks for sharing. You are a talented writer.

  40. Jayme, That there hubby of yours has gotten more handsome with the passing years. Why is it that way with men? Oh well, tell him I said hello. Cynthia

  41. Jayme ~ what a sweet tribute to the one you share your cozy home with.
    He sounds like a charm.
    WhenI first saw Kevin, my now husband, I thought 'This is the guy!'
    We have been married for sixteen years(together for over 20).
    I will say, that I always had confidence that he could be the handyman that I hoped for, yet that didnt really show up fully until we began to build the coop for the chickens last spring. He did such a great job and everyday when I go out to get the eggs that the ladies give us I am thankful for him for that on top of all else that he provides for us as a family :)
    ~Andrea in NH ~

  42. He sounds like a one in a million find. Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if you hadn't met him? Probably married to some noisy, talkative lawyer-type who wouldn't have even noticed a dying choking man behind him in the booth and not had a clue what to do. Instead you have a great story to tell...and Glenco too! You are a lucky woman Jayme, The Coop Keeper!

  43. OOOH!....and handsome too! He looks like Kevin Costner, my Dear!

    What you said about him being happiest when he knows you are- that about describes MY Sweetie to a T. Guess we're both very lucky!

  44. i have a little tear in my eye. That's exactly the way I feel about my hubby, Jeff. He allows me to be myself and just smiles when I goof up. The only thing is that Jeff can't fix anything, which I am extremely jealous about!!! I guess I should just be happy that if I barely mention something that in a few weeks I will find a little gift on my desk and it is what I was talking about. HE remembers everythingI say, WOW!

  45. Oh Jayme, what a beautiful man Glenco they say only the best for the best.

    You made me cry and I wish you both all of the happiness that you deserve.

    They say any man can get a woman, but it takes a real one to keep one woman happy always.

    I love you both.

  46. I always say it's amazing when two people who get each other find each other....this is a wonderful LOVE STORY!

  47. That is the sweetest tribute to a husband I think I've ever read! Sounds like you definitely found your "other".

  48. This is the most charming tribute to a of a the coop keeper that I've ever read.

  49. Thanks for sharing your "Glenco" with us. Great to see two people who really "get" eachother. I can relate to the age difference. My hubby and are are a whopping 15 years apart. Me the younger, he the more wiser. ;)

  50. Well Jayme, I'm lovin' the fact that I stumbled upon your coop! And I can truly relate to your coop happenings on so many levels. I homeschool (would love to HS in a vintage camper), grew up raising chickens, I,too, am married to a humble man that lives only for my happiness (that's part's just between us girls, wink, wink) and I'd give almost anything for a Happy Squirrel memory maker like yours! Again, glad I found ya'

    Continued blessings on you and yours :)


  51. You need to re-post this one for the lady who asked about Glenco recently. In case you're wondering, yes I am having withsrawls, and yes I am looking back. You're writing is great! I like it even better now though.... It gives me hope for improving...... He is strapping.

  52. Just read this post... I am missing you on your break ;) I love Glenco now too. He sounds so much like my Stu manchu Your love for him is obvious too. He looked at you one day and wanted to go with you...ah Made me happy. Enjoy the weekend sweet girl!


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