Friday, January 22, 2010

Frugalicous Domesticity - Freaky Friday Edition

I've got some pictures!
I took the memory card out of the camera before shipping it back to Canon, took the disk to Walgreens and put them on a disk.

Here is my livingroom.
A bit uninspired in spots, but I'm just not going to do any decorating until I'm 'inspired'.
Forcing decorating is a sure fire way to waste money and time.
Decorating, although I love to do it, hasn't been on my mind lately.
See that door to the right, that leads to the upstairs.

You can see how simple I keep things.
I hate how our TV is too small for the entertainment center.
We had the tv before we bought that Sauder 'putittogetheryourself' entertainment center.
Glenco says Sauder is German for 'sawdust'
Now that's funny. I don't care who ya are.
We won't get another TV until this one dies though.
We only have the one tv.
Pray that it dies soon.

You can also see how small my rooms are, and by now, should have an idea of how small my house is.

I believe the smaller the house, the more vigilant you have to be about clutter, the more creative you have to be with storage. Just a few dirty dishes in my kitchen makes it look like a mess. I'm surprised at what a small space I can live in. Maybe it's from growing up in a tiny apartment in Chicago with six people. I shared a bedroom with my three sisters. I like small, nesty spaces over large open areas. I truly believe I could ive in a one room log cabin blissfully.

And now, the bedroom.

Stark isn't it? See the coats peeking out from behind the door?
That's Glen's dresser there. I also store the sheets in that dresser.
It's been in my family since before I was born.
I'm not sure, but I think my great grandfather may have made it.

This is my dresser.
And my hook.
What doesn't fit in the drawer, I don't own.

Now, today was 'supposed' to be the upstairs.
I was frustrated that I wasn't able to take pictures to show you the upstairs.
It has a nice 'feel' to it.
I'll get right on that when I get the camera back.

Guess what?
I didn't clean it today.
Glenco was off, so we opted to drive to Kalamazoo, Michigan and get loom supplies.
So, today, my chores took me about 10 minutes.
The upstairs of my house is barely used. It consists of one large guest room, my workout room, and a man cave for Glen. It's not heated, or air conditioned, so the dust is at a minimum. There is a space heater up there. Other than dusting once every couple of weeks, and a weekly ladybug carcass vacuum, I really don't do anything up there.

So, see, I'm not that big of a cleaning freak, am I?
I blew it off today.

I've got all my supplies now to start weaving, and a book on how to do it!
It was an early birthday present. I like to celebrate my birthday for at least a week.

We also stopped here:

I've never in my life tasted a better piece of chocolate.
Orange Milk Chocolate Truffle.
It was indescribable.
This little spot in Michigan has been featured numerous times on The Food Network, and in many many magazines.
Wonderful story about a woman tired of the corporate rat race, developing this company.

I've read all of your comments several times, and I've also received your emails.
I've been gone from the house way too much this week.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and tomorrow is a Garden Show that I'm attending.
I'm feeling very anxious because of it.
I may have to pull out the Clorazapate.
As I sit here right now, I never want to leave the house again.
I'm so behind in all of your blogs and responding to your comments and emails!
Give me a few days to catch up.

I do hope, in the deepest part of my heart, that all my crazy ramblings on about cleaning and de-cluttering your home has helped in some way.

Last night I watched 'Clean House', and in the show, this little old grandmother's things had been all packed away, and cluttered up in her son's home. They were in the biggest mess. Once Clean House was done, they had her things beautifully displayed. She wept. I wept. It dawned on me that when we live in such a disarray, we cannot truly give honor to our possessions, especially the ones that have true sentimental value. Our memories remain cluttered, our hearts overwhelmed with 'what to do first' and 'how', so we run from our homes and do nothing. I know first hand how that feels.

Now that this week of 'Frugalicious Domesticity' is over....shall we talk about how to conquer the clutter in the first place? Shall we talk about how to cut that grocery bill down? I would love to make this an interactive blog, where we could all help each other.

If you are interested, please email me your ideas on decluttering. What's worked for you? Where do you need the most help? Please email me your best frugal recipes, and tips that have helped you cut down your bottom line at the Piggly Wiggly.

Or I could just put Helen back in a diaper and take some photos.
Your call.


  1. Fun week at you great blog this week. I like the way it ends...with the chocolate. Yummy-yummy.

    Have a fun weekend.

  2. My comment is:

    You are one VERY SPECIAL lady, Jayme. I'm so grateful for you!

  3. Hi honey - I'll be the first to comment know I'm looking for cutting down on that food bill, there just doesn't seem to be that many coupons anymore, I remember years ago going to the grocery store with an armload of cleaning helpful hint is for anyone that has a walk in shower. The best cleaner for those glass shower doors is a dryer cloth like bounce. If you have a walk in you know you have to clean it while your in it so while the doors are wet wipe them down with that bounce cloth it removes all soap scum then just rinse with a washcloth and squeegee (sp). LOL

  4. Oh, you are too cute! I'm so glad I found your blog. I filled up three boxes with stuff out of my kitchen and pantry and I feel so good!
    Thank you.

  5. I'm going to keep reading. Don't know if it will sink in or not but hopefully some of your good thoughts and words will work their way into my life. If you would have kept driving another 2 hours north up 131 from K-zoo you could have popped in for a visit the today!

  6. Forgot to tell you how much I love your quilt, your dresser and your stack of suitcases.

  7. GREAT house! Love the size! I want one of those when I grow up!

    Please post peoples idea's for decluttering. I need to do that but I'm in a season of my life right now where I'm needed to care for aging parents many days a week and well, my home suffers from time to time.

    And please don't feel pressured to respond to each'll become a burden, then you'll need to take a blogging break...and we'll miss you like MAD! ;)

    Been to their peaches! ;)

  8. Miss Dorsey, Where do you find all of those adorable squirrel pics? I really want to get myself more organized this year. It's pretty difficult with two teenagers and a messy hubby in the house. It sure feels good though to have the house clean even if it's only for a short time. Your home looks so comfy and it looks so different from what I remember. Oh well, I'm rambling so I'll go. God bless. Cynthia

  9. That's it. I'm moving in. With a diaper.

    I'm actually working pretty hard at'd be proud. Still have rooms to go.....maybe by the time Sam graduates in 10 years I'll be living the simple live with diapered chickens running hither and fro.

  10. YOu have such a positive attitude about all that you do! I also love to watch Clean House and I am always so amazed at the difference there is. I know that I will learn alot for you!

  11. Love the site. Love your house. If I ever again get close to having an empty nest again (before I downsize to the nursing home) I think I want something the size of the Squirrel.;)

  12. What kind of camera the squirell is using and did you have to pay him with chocolate covered nuts from The Chocolate Garden?

  13. I think Helen would vote for decluttering. And I agree. I'm in the mood for that right now, going through drawers and purging stuff. I think it is because a move may be in my near future. Who wants to move a ton of stuff?

    As for frugal recipes, I should tell you that you inspired me to tackle the 5 inch thick file I had stuffed with recipes I had downloaded - most of which I cook from. But I had to dig through it each time (and I found a couple of duplicates). I'll be blogging on this before the week is at at - I hope!

  14. No, you are not a cleaning freak! You are doing what makes you feel comfortable in your house, both physically and emotionally. I have a very ordinary 40 year old suburban house, so no big open-concept sprawling rooms here either. I do know what you mean about even small messes making small spaces seem really messy. I sure agree with you on that. I do keep my house picked up and neat, but I know I'll never be as disciplined at cleaning as you are. I sure would not want anyone to do a white glove test on the top of my refrigerator. LOL! I have watched Clean House and think those are the folks that will on Hoarders in a few more years. I feel sad for them.

  15. Awww shucks, Jayme, my comment is --don't worry about us here right now. You've been so generous with all of your sharing (we know you'll have more later ;-)). Go out and enjoy that garden show to the fullest! And early Happy Birthday! And, I have friends in Kalamazoo - just had to mention that too. Have a great weekend, girl. Inspired here as always... thank you! -Tammy

  16. I have enjoyed all these posts so, so much. Your home is beautiful- just like you!

    Okay- the one thing that stuck out for me was the ladybug carcass vacuum. OMG- finally someone else that has this problem. They drive me nuts. Every morning we find new ones. I don't know what the heck they are doing at night.

    And small houses are the best. Cozy.


  17. I must say there is nothing dustier or mitier than a chicken. :) Love your posts your house your are doing wonderfully. Most of all satisfy yourself, make yourself happy . We are loving it out here.

  18. Good Morning Jayme, enjoy the garden show. I am headed to the winery we are having a chocolate making class today. Wine Chocolates and Truffles! Will post pictures on my site later.
    Love your posts. Your doing great with the menu planning. You serve on avg. 10 meals a day on less than $1.20 a serve. Awesome! I always plan our meals in my head but I never use a recipe. Read cookbooks as if they were novels pick and choose from each recipe what I like and don't like. Then create my own meals. Always go into the market with the goal of under $1.20 per serve. Your posts are a blessing to many. Like the idea of an interactive blog. What fun! I take many of my younger family members on weekend ventures of planning, shopping,prepping and serving wonderful meals in their homes. And they are always amazed at how little time and money it really takes when you have a plan. ENJOY your day!

  19. I love your house! Your living room is beautiful and your bedroom looks so cozy. The quilt and those stacked suitcases, be still my beating heart. LOVE IT!
    Enjoy your garden show, bet you'll see lots of inspiring things.
    The chocolate had my mouth watering...

  20. Yes, yes, and yes. I would like all of the above and lots of Helen thrown in.

    But girl, you've got to live the life to have something to blog about so just live and have fun and let us peek in everyone once in awhile. Although if I could have a 24 hour Jayme talking in my head I think I would get lots more done. You are so inspiring to me.

    I LOVE your bedspread!

  21. Love you! I will read what ever you post. My declutter tips are: Tackle one thing at a time. If you don't use it donate it. Keep only what you love. I go through and shred the junk mail every day. After I read the newspaper in the morning it goes straight in to the recycle basket. Also "Miss Thing" there is nothing wrong with a small house. I'd would love yours. Mine is smaller yet. Oh and those ladybugs, OMG. They make me crazy too. The find the teeniest places to crawl in.

  22. Well, we could all use some tips on how to save money at the grocery store. I had a $10 a week budget in 1970 when we first married, read about it...

  23. I really enjoyed this week Jayme and I look forward to your upcoming topics too! I've been limiting my trips out to 2 days during the week and 1 on the weekends and I'm loving it. I think I could actually be happy with just 1 day out during the week!

  24. So true about how clutter dishoners our beautiful things... I escaped a family of hoarders... so true. Can I have one of those chocolates? (Right, like I could stop at 1)

  25. Enjoy that garden show and dream of spring. What a great week of posts...very motivating!

  26. ooo, gone and done another great blogpost. And today you get a five-star medal for mentioning Kalamazoo, MI , the area my sweet hubby is from. Actually born in Lawton, but no one knows that place so they just say near Kalamazoo. I love all your ideas about developing your blog. And since we all probably read the comments to get even more tips comin' back at ya....this will truly become interactive. I like small and cozy too. However if I had any room I could enlarge in my home and have LOTS of space would be the kitchen. Really long room with a "Keeping Room" on the end of it with couch and chairs around a fireplace. BIG long country table with space to leave craft projects (unfinished) out and still have room for eating and papers...
    And lots of room for lots of hands to help cook and bake. Like a big island maybe??? My dream kitchen. Not fancy, just spacious.
    Anyhow, loved the post. I'll see you later! enjoyed visiting.

  27. Jayme, we may have something in common. Read my profile and you will see what size of house we live in on a 2 acre lot. Also, I love your plan for the interactive blog.

  28. Your house may be little (like mine!), but it definitely looks home-y, comfortable, and cozy! And that's what matters right?

    I LOVE your chicken posts! You take such good pictures. I have a little flock of chickens myself, but I find it so hard to get pictures of them because they move so quickly!

    And frugal meal ideas would be great posting-I'm always looking for some good recipes. I am going to try the black bean recipe sometime this week!

  29. I find your blog absolutely wherever your topics go...I will follow!!

  30. Jayme!
    I am soooo glad I found your blog a couple weeks ago. I have subscribed and have been reading it faithfully everyday and then go back and find older posts to read. I am on a mission to develop a cleaning system for here that is easy, no stress and works! I have joined FlyLady's ranks and it seems to be helping right now. I am working on de-cluttering a little everyday. I look forward to tips on the de-cluttering part!! I think it's a great idea to post about the food budget and menu planning. I love your house. My house is very old and there is no open concept here either. I like enclosed rooms myself.

  31. Jayme, I must mention that your little rooster in your signature inspired me to try and make my own, plus your beautiful blog banner. Well they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :D

    Love your decor,and your bedroom is so cozy and pretty! Thanks for all the helpful tips!

  32. First, I LOVE the photo of the squirrel with the camera in hand!
    And...your house looks like something out of a magazine!
    Small go girl!

  33. hi jamye!

    it's me again! have i told you lately that i love your blog? i love your blog! i've loved the housecleaning tips and am working on a schedule to do my housework. i have a fairly big house (i'd looooove a smaller house!)so a schedule would really help me. also, i just got done eating a piece of the no-knead bread you blogged about in july. it is the bomb! i love it! and so, so easy! i can't wait to tell everyone! hope you're have a greaaaat weekend!

    love ya,


  34. Your blog is certainly lovely! Your home is so warm and inviting. Very inspiring about de-cluttering. We are working on that currently in hopes of being more organized come spring. Thanks for sharing! Tramp #2


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