Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aaron Does PW's Onion Strings

This kid kills me.
Gosh I love him.

What I really love is how he goes in the kitchen, picks up a cookbook,
checks for ingredients, and starts making stuff.
Love it.
I just wait for the goodness.

If this is your first visit today, welcome! There is another post from today under this one, and before I'm bedded down for the night, there will be some pics of Helen with her diaper on.

She's kinda embarrassed.

On to the onion strings! Get the recipe here.

Aaron did all his prep work.
I've let him cut things with the chef knife since he was about 7.
I don't think I knew any better.
He still has ten fingers.

Marmie - "Aaron - Ease of preparation?"
Aaron - "They were very simple, only nine steps."
"Well? Did you like 'em?"
" I LOVED THEM. They stayed crispy. I would give it TWO thumbs up."

I, Marmie, would give them two thumbs, eight fingers and all my toes up.
Help me, these were good.
I couldn't get over how crispy they stayed, even when stone cold.
My onion rings always turned to mush.
'Oh, it's a keeper' (you have to say that with a good Minnesota accent)

Check back later tonight to see a chicken in a diaper.
You can't find this kind of entertainment in Hollywood folks.


  1. I haven't tried that one yet, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE onions so it is definitely on my list! Tell Aaron thank you for the review!! I loaned my PW cookbook to a friend at work. I had to share the love. :)

  2. Boy Howdy...Aaron needs to make these when I come visit. Tell him I said so.

    Then you and I can devour orbits mints or tic tacs for the next day :)

  3. Oh, and can't wait for the pic of Helen in her diaper! I'll be checking back later!!

  4. Waitin for Helen's fashion show....

  5. It's 8:11 here and I'm staying up to see Helen. I'm so excited. Aaron did a great job on the Onion Stings. I wish we could all just reach through for a sample.
    OH...thanks for helping me correct the recipe I posted. Coffee don't keep me up lately...but I'm staying up for Helen...

  6. Those onion strings look soooo good!! I'm one of the few out there without PW's cookbook, but it's on my wishlist... Thank you for testing and posting this recipe.

  7. Still waiting for my copy from the library, but boy do those look good!


  8. Oh, I'm gonna have to make that recipe! Thank you so much for doing it first and reporting back to us. Better yet, maybe I'll come there and you can make them for me!

  9. Give that boy a hug for being a man who cooks! Give yourself a pat on the back for teaching him; some lucky lady will thank you both in the years to come!

  10. Does Aaron do parties? You should consider hiring this chef out in the summer!

  11. They really stayed that crispy? I don't doubt Aaron. Or you.

    You are a posting fool, lady!

  12. Oh yeah, it is a keeper. When I first made them I thought something was wrong with my husband...he complimented dinner. After 40 years he ummmms as he eats, and then goes back for seconds. So when he said "These are GOOD," I nearly fell out of my chair. Yeppers (said with a Maine accent) they are dang good! Thanks Aaron for another great review, what's next???

  13. Thanks, Aaron, for another great PW review! I happily received PW's cookbook for Christmas. I may just jump right in with this recipe! -Tammy

  14. I wonder if Aaron will end up being a famous chef someplace. He is way beyond me. I have never made those onion things. But then my cooking is almost nonexistence since My Guy does most of the cooking.

  15. Okay, is Aaron single? Oh wait, I'm married. And, like, old enough to be his mom. SO I'm also creepy. Oh dear.
    Anyway, that boy is going to make some blessed young woman very happy one day!
    We also made your onion straws and had them with barbeque cups for supper - delish! Thanks!

  16. I am going camping this weekend. Do you think I could make these ahead of time and re-heat them on a bbq (given they dont fall through the slots)?


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