Tuesday, January 12, 2010

As a Matter of Fact, Martha DOES Live Here!

Here's a scrumptious soup recipe to start today's post.

Northwoods Bean Soup

Chock full of smoked sausage, spinach and white beans, it'll cozy you right up on these cold winter days. It's super quick to make!

Recipe at the end of the post.

I wanted to delve into the realm of Home Keeping this week.

I want to talk about routines, menu planning and laundry.

I'm not apologetic.

They are three of my favorite topics.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of it, I wanted to talk a little bit about the attitude of homekeeping. Today will be more about the 'why' than the 'how'.

I want to be June Cleaver. I look a little more like Aunt Bea, but that's ok. She's a domestic goddess too. How cute she was with her baskets of fried chicken and biscuits.

I plan on wearing pearls and vintage dresses on a daily basis.

I've been collecting patterns and do believe I'll make this one first.

I almost can't stand it myself!

I wasn't always the domestic maven that you see before you. In fact, I didn't make a bed until I was married at the age of 21. Sad, but true. My mom was a perfectionist when it came to the house, so she pretty much cleaned up after us, and did everything herself. She said we wouldn't do it right. Ladies, please don't do this to your children.

After being married for a few months, my house was in chaos. Why weren't things being put away? Who made this mess? Glen lovingly reminded me that my mom didn't live with me anymore, and I'd have to clean up after myself. I resented the fact that I had to work a full-time job in the city of Chicago, and come home and keep an apartment clean, AND make meals. Why was it that "I" had to cook dinner at 7pm when I got home from work, and "He" didn't? I fought that for years.

Laundry? It was done when the last clean clothes were on my back. True story. Glen gets up for work, going to a new job that he's recently started. I'm sure you've heard this same scenario in your house. "Honey, do I have any clean underwear?" In my bitter mind I'm thinking, well, YOU should have done some laundry, but I say "Oh, well, I guess you are all out, I'm doing laundry today (now that I know you have no clean underwear)"

"Here, wear mine" I said.

He reluctantly wore them. (Can't believe I'm putting this on the internet). They were a tan satin panty with lace around the legs and top.

He wore my panties, ya'll.

After being at work for a couple of hours, he's called to the office. He's being sent to the Dr. for a physical.

He's wearing my panties.

That was my life in a nutshell.

Frustration, anger, lack of skills, sheer madness.

I'm really not sure what the turning point was for me. I just knew that I didn't want to live like this. I began to love our little apartment in Chicago, and I loved the feeling that I got when the fridge was stocked, the house was clean and order and plenty were restored. I began identifying myself with my home. I was no longer bitter. I no longer felt 'I'm above this'. I settled into a routine that kept the house clean, the laundry done, and food on the table.

It was a good feeling.

And then I moved into this 140 year old farmhouse. Holy moly, that was a whole 'notha story.

We've all seen the cute little plaques that say:

"Martha doesn't live here."
"My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it"

Have you ever scheduled a Tupperware party so that you would actually clean your house? *raises hand*
Have you ever hidden when someone knocked at the door cause you would just die if they saw the mess you were in?
*raises hand*

Why do we apologize when we are in a mess, and yet some of us feel the need to apologize for being good homemakers? Being overly domestic is seen as something of a bad thing it seems.

I want to encourage you to examine your heart today and see what it is you really feel about making a home.

Where could you improve?
Where could you relax a little?
Everyone standards are a little different.
Comfort and health should be your utmost concern.

I'll share my weekly routine with you.

I really encourage you to make a routine for yourself. For some of you, you may want to do all of your housecleaning in one day. I like to break mine up so I do a good cleaning of each room weekly, and keep the rest of the house straightened up. At the MINIMUM if you will make your bed, keep your sink clean and keep things picked up, you'll feel like you are top of things.

I grocery shop once a week.

I have a large garden, so in the summer, I try to break it up in sections. Obviously, in the winter, I'm not doing it, but I'm putting it here to give you an idea. I've taken a picture of the sheets that I've had hanging on my bulletin board for a year now.

Here's what my week looks like:

Monday: Laundry, clean kitchen (please note that the laundry is not done until it is put away)
garden section B

Tuesday: Clean office, plan the week's meals, garden section D

Wednesday: Grocery shopping, clean bathroom and porch, garden section A

Thursday: Clean bedroom and livingroom, garden section C

Friday: Clean upstairs, garden section E

This is what works for me. It's a guideline, not a law. I like it because it leaves my weekends free to pursue other interests, or go places without feeling like I'm leaving work behind. I don't want to give you the idea that my house is perfect. It's not. If you moved the stove, I would faint dead away from embarrassment. If you looked in my shed out in the yard, I'd have to kill you. For the most part, my house is clean, dusted, vacuumed daily (I know, it's just my thing, I really can't help it), and there is always dinner on the table. I don't cringe when unexpected company stops in anymore.

My daily routine consists of this:

When getting out of the bed in the morning, I tear the covers off and air the bed.
(more on this in later posts, as far as WHY)

After getting Glenco off to work, and having coffee, and blogging, and sending emails.....:-), I will clean whatever room is due that day.

I make the bed.

I go room to room after that and make sure things are in their place.

I vacuum.

I replace the kitchen towels with fresh ones. Washcloth, hand towel, and drying towel.
I clean the bathroom mirror and toilet.

Sometimes I vacuum again in the afternoon. It's a sickness.

Before I go to bed, I quickly walk the house, straighten the couch cushions, and make sure things are picked up.

I'm curious to know what works for you. Please feel free to share tips, thoughts, or anything else that you think will help.

If you liked this post, and would like to see more about Homekeeping, please tell me so. If you'd rather I stick to diapered chickens and mannequin phobias, please tell me that as well!

Obligatory chicken picture.
Stubs, the egg laying machine.

Northwoods Bean Soup

1 cup of baby carrots, chopped
1 cup onions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
7 oz. turkey keilbasa, halved and sliced
4 cups chicken broth
1/2 t. italian seasoning
1/2 t. pepper
2 15oz cans Great Northern beans, drained and rinsed
6 oz. baby spinach

Saute 1st four ingredients in a little bit of olive oil, or cooking spray for five minutes.

Add rest of ingredients, except for spinach and simmer five minutes.

Put two cups of soup in blender or food processor until smooth.
Return it to the pan.
Add spinach, and stir til wilted.

Makes 5 servings
From Cooking Light Magazine


  1. You're doing much better than I. Cleaning the house for me pretty much happens all in one day. Guess that's why Hubby always goes to the front porch on that day because I get just a teeny weeny bit pi**y about it.

    Soup looks quite good so your recipe is on my list of 'to make' meals from the blogging community.

    (I used to wonder why I had to do the cooking too.... then I got smart and quit working outside the home)

  2. I like posts like this, personally. I wish it was more acceptable to like being at home. I hate housework and am pretty bad at it, but like planning meals and being a housewife.

    I can't believe you clean your bathroom every day and vacuum twice a day. I feel like a loser!

    I've always thought about making a "schedule" because I just can't keep track, but thought it sounded like crazy talk....but now maybe I'll actually do it since I know other people do.

  3. I am so going to make that soup for me and Bob! We love spinach, white beans, and polish sausage, so I know we will devour it. The kids, well that's another story.....
    I am behind a few days of reading your posts, and I just saw your books you were reading. My great-grandma Bertha Johnsons (who by the way you would have LOVED, she did everything, even crocheting stuff and selling it to supplement her income when she was in her 80's!)had a loom and made rag rugs. My mom still has some of them, and my great-grandma died over 30 years ago. That is how sturdy those rugs are. The warp usually gives out before the material rag weave. One of my cousins has the loom now and refurbished it and is making rugs with it again.
    My grandma who just passed away two weeks ago participated in the Ladies Aid at her church. One of the things that they did was spend a couple of days every month making the rag "yarn" balls to send off to an Amish man who wove them and then they sold the rugs to raise money for their missions programs.
    I hope you are feeling better with your cold. I am still suffering a few symptoms of the terrible sinus infection I had over Christmas, so I feel for ya!

  4. I have that freaking "cleaned yesterday sorry you missed it" sign in my kitchen.
    And I LOVE Aunt Bea.....but girl, you are over the edge.
    Good God, your house is a shrine, and I am in AWE.
    You have set the bar WAY too high.

  5. Please come be my mother.

    Yes, continue on with this series.

    I love you.

  6. Oh, now I know why we get along so well! : )

    Know how you resented having to come home and 'work'? I resent having to go to work, I want to stay home and cook and clean and tidy and garden...retirement can't come soon enough! I would really, really like to meet the person who decided we should have 5 day work weeks...really now, did they have something against the number 4, were there issues with 3...I'd like to know!

    I have a problem with straightening cushions..I can't stop and now it has spread to the fridge and dishwasher...my family only touches them with food remnants on their hands. Any idea how that looks on stainless steel...nobody does at my house either because I clean them every half hour. There, I admit I have a problem, but I don't want any help. I'm quite happy the way I am.

    : )

    Be well!


  7. We are so much alike! I am an over-achiever though and always beating myself up over the things I do NOT get done...that's what I'm working on! SIMPLIFY! Stick to the basics and conquer the rest ONE thing at a time, lol! I love ALL of your posts..HUGS! There's a chicken funny on my blog right now, check it out!

  8. Thank you for the soup recipe. My honey and I are watching our eating habits and this sounds like a delicious low-fat option.

    I LOVE your blog. I am relatively new and have quickly added it to my 'favorites' list.

    Like you, I embrace everything home. I love to cook, clean and generally care for my house and my girls. Keep the posts with recipes and your housekeeping tips coming!

    Make it a great day!

  9. I knew I couldn't be the only one out there who vacuums every day!! Can't stand it if it doesn't get done. We also share the "do some housework every day" routine. I don't think I would like doing it all in one day. Certain things get done daily, for others I have assigned days. Works for me (or the family) and makes life easier. Oh, I've also stopped apologizing for being somewhat of a neat freak and enjoying housekeeping.

  10. Driven, some people are driven to be much better housekeepers. I used to be driven. I don't know what happened...yes I do. Twelve years ago I had back surgery and for the first time in my life I couldn't run the vacumn daily. I couldn't clean "top to bottom" like I had always done. You know what...the carpet didn't care, company didn't notice and I finally was free of the vacumn telling me what to do or I'd be reported to Martha. What I really need is a cleaning lady that is driven!

  11. Thanks for all the comments! I just wanted to re-iterate, that my house is NOT spotless, nor do I feel that I HAVE to do this. I have a lot of outside interests and hobbies, and to take about 30 minutes a day, keeping the house in order, allows me to do that. I'm very relaxed about things now, I used to be quite militant. I just wanted to make that clear, so you don't think I'm an overbearing clean freak!

  12. I am SO glad that I happened upon your blog. I thought that I was the only one in the world who wanted to wear pearls and vintage dresses every day!!! I don't, but I want to...people think I'm nuts enough as it is. What is so wrong with making life comfortable for others???


  13. Thanks for the soup recipe, and for the "cleaning" post. I used to be more like you, but the older I get...well,let's just say, the housework waits now until I have the energy to do it, or it is so gross, I HAVE to do it! LOL. Everyone thinks I am a clean freak...if they only knew! My real motivation is I need organization for my mind to relax and for me to function. When things are cluttered and messy, I am a mess.

    Thanks for being so real. You are a blast to read!


  14. How refreshing, Jayme, to come across others who enjoy being the keeper of the home! I loved today's post! I had always been one of those ladies who had one day a week that I cleaned the entire house (at that time was a huge old farmhouse)and then dared anyone to mess things up. Know what? That makes a nervous wreck out of kids in a hurry! I did finally overcome that before the kids left home. But then I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years back and had to learn to completly rearrange my life...including the way I took care of our home. Are you familiar with Fly Lady? She has a routine very similar to yours and her "ministry" is helping others do the same. Her idea is that anyone can do anything for 15 minutes! That is how I began learning to keep our home all over again...15 minutes at a time with emphasis on a particular room or area each day. What I love about your system is how you worked in your garden every day. I've not mastered that one at all...not even come close. So...YES...please continue on with this topic on your blog!

  15. Interspersing home life with chicken chores makes for a great blog! Keep on keepin on - love it!

  16. I am definitely going to try this soup. And give more thought to organizing my home....but I just love the outside part of it so much when the weather is nice! Nice picture of the chicken....I am Snappy Di's sis and appreciated your comments about my chicken pic:-)

  17. Jayme great article and keep em coming. I think an uncluttered house (well lets not talk about the basement)makes an uncluttered mind. Yeah I have to fluff every last darn pillow at night right before I go to bed as well. I hate walking into a room in the early morning and seeing a mess to start my day. Wonder why we all thought no one else was this way we should be much more interested in working outside the home or so "they" have always told us this for the last 35 years anyway. What do "they" know.And yes you need those pearls and housedresses my dear. Did you know June Cleaver (the woman who played her anyway)just turned 94 years old? She looks great for that age. Must be the pearls. nancy

  18. Several days ago I found your blog through Cottage Nest and have been coming back to read previous posts everyday. Thanks for honesty of how you went from one end of the cleaning spectrum to the other and the process you still use. The soup looks delish, I was wondering what to do with all the spinach in my fridge. Keep up the homecare posts, love them!

  19. I recently came across your blog, and it's great! I was wondering if you would do a post about your garden. I'm hoping to have a garden for the first time this year. What are some of your routines for prepping your garden for the new season?

    Thanks for beings such a great blogger!

  20. Oh, Jayme, wish I could be a better Homekeeper! I wanna be, it's just that nothing's ever clicked for me through all the years. Sadly, the only way for me to truly clean house is to invite people over. But, I really like your method a lot. It inspires me to really try some different (for me) angles, and make a plan tailored for me.

    Thanks for all the tips, humor, recipes! I'm printing this one out too :) I'll take all of your posts... from chicken diapers to Homekeeping. I really loved this one today a lot!! Enjoy your day!! -Tammy

  21. Jaymers,
    Like the others, I love more of this stuff, I think I will print out the schedule and try it for awhile. No garden here, hoping your gonna help me remedy that this year. I have the same panties story and for the same reason. Being a keeper of the home is biblical and I love the studies done on it. I love Cheryl's comment on making others feel comfortable, what a servant's heart, that's what it's all about. I make a soup simular but gotta try yours too. I can't wait to see your dress when your done, I know I'll want one. I actually could wear aunt Bee's dresses! Hope your feeling better. Pray for good weather this friday. Hugs, Me

  22. I thought I'd seen every cleaning schedule around. Who would have thought to include your gardening! I LOVE IT!! I'm on it!

    And while I'd love to hear more on the "girls", I always like to hear about domestic adventures as well. I laughed so hard about the "panty" story - won't tell my husband that one! Seriously, I went through some of the same struggles you did with learning to be a homemaker since I was raised to be a career woman. I'm now a SAHM and loving it! Wish I had gotten a clue sooner. Better late than never! (Thankfully, I'm raising my girls differently).

  23. Huh, a routine, wow, never thought of that....my routine is do what feels right that day or do nothing if that is what you want to do. I am so much happier now and content.
    That's just me. But, I never have company either. Don't need 'em.

  24. Jayme, you don't need to 'defend' keeping a clean house, or being so organized about it....it's a wonderful thing!! And I wish that style of living was one I could embrace. But different personalities have different priorities. Weekly meal planning is an alien concept at my house. Here it's all about spontaneity - each morning we say, 'What do we wanna eat tonite?' Then, if needed, one of us stops at the store (1 mile away) and gets what we need to make it. There's no plan at my house for ANYTHING. I'm not sayin' that's a good way for everyone to be, I'm just sayin' that's how WE like it. We both dislike routine and schedules. I admire your drive and your organization - but I also know it ain't in me, HA! You go girl!

  25. I love everything on your blog:
    The photos, chicken humor, chicken poetry, recipes, PW recipes, toe photos, health alerts, reader comments, musings... all of it.
    Its all enjoyable, informative and inclusive. Thank you


  26. I love posts like this. They inspire me. And I need inspiration. I'm having a hard time getting my butt moving but that is just what I'm going to do. I'm getting off this computer and I won't be back til right before bed because I think it is ruining any chance of productivity that I have. I'm going to work on my own schedule. You always, always inspire.

  27. I stumbled across your blog today and love your post. If you visit my blog I've posted as one of my goals to get back to making the beds! Our old house got so out of shape that we moved! [True--but we moved for a substantial pay raise, better job and close to elderly Mom!!!] I find it's much easier to keep up with my new SMALL house. WE purged and purged before the move and I'm still purging stuff. I was amused when I found the "fly lady" and the homemaking binder phenomenon. Still both got me thinking and [best of all] DOING. I also realized that the two teenagers in my house were not on disability. Now that we work as a team [most of the time!] things are so much better!! I look forward to checking back in with your blog! [P.S. I'm a Hooiser now living across the boarder in [gasp] Ohio...]

  28. Nothing works for me! I am a listmaker, so I make a list daily of "To Do" items, then if I do 1/3 of them, I'm content. They say hard work never killed anyone, but why risk it?

  29. Your hired! When can you start? :)
    Keep posting about what I need to do in order to get organized. I need every list and tidbit I can get my hands on. Recipe posted is one I will definitely try. Thanks for that.

  30. Jayme -

    Loved your post. Living in an old house myself I know how quickly they get dusty. Add animals to the mix and foe-gidabou-dit! Like you, I do chores daily.
    Recipe sounds like a keeper and one I will try in the near future. Thanks for sharing.
    I think the only way to redeem yourself for publicly announcing your husband wore your panties to work would allow him to do a guest post. (He didn't have any underwear because you were wearing his boxers. Admit it.)
    If you haven't realized it by now, I will continue to read you daily regardless of what you write about - cross dressing husbands or chicken poop.
    Can you feel the love?


  31. Jayme - Love today's post. The soup looks delish, will have to try it. I wish I was a better housekeeper. I live in chaos..can't have anyone over syndrome. I clean like a madwoman if I know someone is coming. I know I'd be better if I didn't work full-time, but to be honest, when I do get home, I'm tired. DH changes his clothes, gets in the recliner and does nothing else for rest of the evening. I fix dinner every night, do all of the laundry and if something needs cleaning, I'm the one that does it. Bitter much? Maybe you could address suggestions for getting other people to help around the house.

  32. I have always enjoyed being a "homemaker." My routine is pretty much the same as yours. I always make the bed in the morning. Tidy up before going to bed. Vacumn and dust when needed. I really like a neat home. If I am in the middle of a sewing project or something, I put it all neat at the end of the day.

    My Guy does all the grocery shopping and cooking. Yipee. I usually do the dishes after dinner.

    I do the wash and ironing as needed. We share the gardening when in Grass Valley.

    Thanks for the post. It got me thinking about how nicely My Guy and I share the housekeeping duties.

  33. This is my favorite post so far...
    Where else can you get chickens in diapers and men in silk undies?

    Love your daily routines.


  34. I also have a weekly routine for keeping the house clean, but it took me a long time to get to this point. I live in a 100 yr old queen anne in the country and I think that old houses seem to get dusty way faster than new homes.

    You write about what ever you want and makes you happy. I enjoy reading it all.

  35. Jayme.. girl just how much coffee you been drinking in the morning?? Whew.. I'm still spinnin from what you do.

    Okies okies.. now that recipe is close to the Northern Illinois recipe that I have but it has smoked ham hocks in it in lieu of the keilbasa. Hmmmm ummmm good it is.

    So.. will ya help me with my landscaping issue of trying to squeeze a garden in?? Looks like you've planned well.

    Now lay off the coffee.. let some dust gather in the corners and think about yourself my dear.

    with love,


  36. Okay, have to know the rest of the story with Glenco and the underwear. Did he actually go to the doctor? I would have had to go by Walmart and buy some new underwear. Too funny. And I think a guest post by Glenco would be great also.

    I enjoy all that you write about. I love being home and being with the kids, but I never was taught how to keep a house. I have been at it for 15 years now and there are no more excuses. It is just hard when there are five people (and one of them is three) in this little tiny house all day. I tend to start well, and never finish until it all falls apart seemingly at once and then I go all hyper and start again. Sorry for the novel.

  37. Okay, have to know the rest of the story with Glenco and the underwear. Did he actually go to the doctor? I would have had to go by Walmart and buy some new underwear. Too funny. And I think a guest post by Glenco would be great also.

    I enjoy all that you write about. I love being home and being with the kids, but I never was taught how to keep a house. I have been at it for 15 years now and there are no more excuses. It is just hard when there are five people (and one of them is three) in this little tiny house all day. I tend to start well, and never finish until it all falls apart seemingly at once and then I go all hyper and start again. Sorry for the novel.

  38. I happen to truly enjoy everything you write about. I like to know your life as well rounded. I don't vacuum everyday. But I'm a neatnik. (Is that a word?) I'm kind of anal about order. Chaos in the house is like chaos in my head. I don't think I've ever left laundry to get wrinkled. VERY anal about that for some reason. If I clean one bathroom, I clean both. I use to do everything, now kind of break it up. Of course if I'd get off the internet I'd get more done.

  39. i love your blog. i miss you when you dont post. i try to keep my home clean but i fail miserably. i have 4 beds in this house and i never remember when did i change the sheets last.... every year i try to purge. amvets stops by my house every month and yet i have a cluttered house. you inspire me and make me laugh! i wish my husband like beans or else i would try the soup. keep up the posting. why is pw missing from your favorite blogs. there is a story there im sure.


  40. Jayme! I'm so glad I found you.
    Thirty minutes a day is my goal, that's why I'm doing the purge and clean, so I can not be overwhelmed by what I know is lurking, and just maintain things....you put into words what's been rattling in my brain, and I thank you for that. Once garden season hits, my house falls to pieces, and that just cannot happen this year. I will not be cleaning the toilets every day though. And, I'm kind of scared to ask....why do you throw the covers back. Are there things in our beds that need to be set free in the morning? I can't wait to read that follow up post. I think.

  41. Oh, love the dresses! So cute. Thanks for sharing.

  42. I think when I hit about the ripe old age of 40 I started to feel real resentment! Not good at all. "Why do I have to do Everything?"
    I stopped making dh's lunches. I stopped turning all the clothes right side out before washing. I announced that how they hit the laundry hamper is how they will be washed; if the socks are bunched in a ball that is how they will be washed. I stopped putting everyone's clothes away in their dresser drawers. I now leave them on the dryer in piles for them to fetch for themselves. My meals are less "homemade" ( I'd like to change that now). Hubby sometimes makes simple foods for us to eat or if I am not hungry he fixes himself a sandwich or a bowl of soup. AMEN!
    Sometimes I declare it is "Fend for yourself night for dinner". That doesn't happen often but it sure takes a load off when it does. I started taking time for myself and taking care of myself. You know the saying if "Momma ain't happy".
    I like your posts anyway you serve them up!!! Follow your heart or chicken feet for the day <3 Julie

  43. I want more.

    But I feel lead to tell you - I'm a bit worried about your obsessive vacuuming.

    ps- Soup looks divine.

  44. Your Canadian FriendJanuary 13, 2010 at 10:29 AM

    OK, first things first, your house IS TOO spotless :)

    I can't say I enjoy housework, but I certainaly do enjoy having a clean and tidy house. It takes a weight off my shoulders. But when I go to bed at night, the kitchen sink has to be empty, the counters wiped down and any dishes loaded in the dishwasher. And the cushions on the chairs and sofas in the family room have to be returned to their proper positions and fluffed (if only the rest of my family agreed!). I'm getting better, but could really be a better housekeeper.

    Oh, and I'm with everyone else. I am SO making that soup this weekend!


  45. hi jayme,

    loved your post about housecleaning! it was great! i hate housecleaning but i love a clean house so i do it! i am horrible at dusting. it's a well-known fact about me. my house is almost always picked up and looks good. i can't stand a mess. my closets and drawers are in order. i'm working on the basement. my home is my haven, my nest, my very favorite place to be! i want it to look good, feel good, and smell good. i loooove to decorate it and make it homy and cozy. i was born to be at home. i really believe this! i couldn't love what i do more and am a good homemaker. i want my family and friends to know when they come to our home that they will get something good to eat and will feel comfortable, welcome, and at home. i want that to be my legacy. i loooove all of your posts and look forward to more. i'm thinking maybe you should come visit me in sd. we have starbucks!

    love ya,


  46. I too, love every last thing about you and your blog!

    It's fun and funny and it's real life. Love that!! :)

  47. Thankyou Dahling for posting your schedule!! I bought a book re:organization this week at Christian Bookstore. Now, where did I put it?? Seriously, I am gleaning tips from others on what works for them. Sister, books, you, other blogs and then putting into use what seems like it will work for me and the way God made me.

    When the kids were at home I had a list in each room with daily chores. Each kid and myself were assigned a room or two. Between schooling we all did our room list. So each room got deep cleaned each week. It worked!! I think your list idea would really work for me now that it's just me doing the work.


  48. P.S. Can I borrow a pattern and can you teach me how to make button holes????


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