Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet Stubs

Look at this pretty little girl. Boy, does she have a tale to tell. She was one of the original birds I got, and one of the little chickens that's on my banner. She is also the egg layer right now. Yay stubs! Love this little bird. She was called a 'Production Red' when I bought her.

She is the top hen. I was really surprised to find this out, since I re-introduced her into the flock after some time. She was the oldest, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not. I thought with her disability she would get pecked. Quite the contrary! She does the pecking!

She is ALWAYS the first bird out in the morning.

Here's her poor little chicken feet. I'm assuming a raccoon chewed her toes off. Have I told you lately how I hate coons? Oh yes. The feeling festers. While we were camping, a friend of mine kept my birds, and they were just little babies. She kept them all up in a rabbit hutch. Well something held little Stubs down and chewed her toes off! My friend kept her and nursed her back to health. I had Helen at the time. It was a regular chicken rehab around here!

I was so concerned that Stubs wouldn't be able to walk up the ladder, or do other little chicken things. She can't roost, or prepare her dust baths. Helen dutifully prepares them for her. She can't scratch her head, so I do that for her. Other than that, she's a full fledged chicken bird.

She's the first one to come a runnin' when I call the birds. She seems like she likes to be held. I play with her little 'flapples' all the time. I think they are called wattles, but I like calling them flappies. So there.

I told the girls all about our trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Stubs was quite intrigued. I think she feels a little left out with all the creativity about the coop. She can't hold a needle like the other girls. She wanted to try her hand at painting. Of course, I obliged. I'm never one to squelch a creative mind.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that it just looked like chicken scratch to me. She was SO pleased with herself. I'll hang it in the coop to encourage her. She's wanting oil paints, but I'll only get her the non-toxic latex paint. Can you imagine cleaning oil paint off of those claws?

She's pretty good at rolling out pie crust too. The other girls claws get in the way and shred the crust up. I can tell by the look on her beak that she takes great pride in that.

Oh little Stubs. How I love you. I'll scratch your itches and play with your flappies all day. You are my little baby sweet bird.


  1. Awwww...poor little Stubs feet! I am glad she has learned to overcome and hasn't let it get her down! You know, you could probably make a fortune with her paintings! :) She would be famous!!

  2. I left a message and then it was gone. Pooh! I will try to re-write it. I am always excited when I see a new post from you. I love your writing style. Stubs is a precious chick and so very talented. That is so nice that you have started her painting. Let us know when she has her first exhibit. Have a fun day. Dogwood

  3. Awww.ww..I'm so glad she's overcome her "handicap" but most of all that you love her still. But that's the "love of God" in you as I see you always loving the "un-lovable". Just one of many good traits you have. And bless little Helen for doing for her.
    Flappies?? I thought they had wings like all the other birds in the world. I've learned so much from your blogs.
    Gotta get out there before snow...

  4. It is great how you care for your chickens. Oh, and your're not the only one that hates coon. My FIL just lost all but one guinea to racoons.

  5. So glad you are feeling better and I was so glad to read yet another fantastic story about your famous girls. Stubs was a lucky one to bounce back to yet another one of your talented girls. I am glad to hear one of them likes the kitchen and the pie crust. Lordy , Lordy can't wait for another birdie story !! Your Great !!

  6. Jayme, you are so funny!!! You make me smile every time I read your stories...xoxo

  7. First of all ... HILARIOUS! You could probably tell your story and sell that masterpiece for a mint! Love it. And love your coop tales. Aren't hens just darling? I love 'em.
    So glad you're feeling better. Yuck! Who wants flu, let alone in August/Sept.!!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face! :)

  8. Hey Ladies! Thanks for all the fun comments. No chickens were harmed in the making of this post....just lettin' ya know.

    Linda...flappies are the little red things hanging off of Stubs face.

  9. Poor Stubs. What a sweet girl and such good natured with you. I really love your chicken stories. Glad you're her mom, and that I found your blog

  10. Sharon, thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you like the stories. There will be more soon if I can ever kick this cold/flu I've got. I've got pink eye in BOTH eyes now!

  11. Darn! I thought I had a secret admirer ;) What a great story and such a cute gal. Just yesterday someone told me I needed to get some chickens. I have the old coop...maybe one day.

    OK- I am leaving here right now with your address copied- to paste into my faves. Right now. I am doing it.

    Have a good one!

  12. Yeah Stubs you survivor girl! What foot action, what about dancing Stubs? Stubcassio!
    I am so glad we don't have racoons.

  13. Hi Jayme,
    Poor Stubs! I'm so glad you take such good care of her. I have one Production Red. Her name is Ethel. She is the smallest and oldest of my hens, and she is also the top in the pecking order!


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