Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tour de Coop

Stubs would like to invite you of a tour of the chicken coop! Won't you join us?

You remember Stubs, right? She's toeless thanks to a wicked raccoon. She's the impressionist artist? If you've not met her, click on the archives and read 'Meet Stubs'.

Mother Plumtree! How did you get in here? I told you, wait your turn. She's so anxious to show you her stitchery that she just finished. It's hanging on the wall there. Cross stitched. I think she sat up many a night to finish it in time for you all to see it today. Looked how puffed up she is. So proud. Silly bird.

Here is what the coop looks like from my little brick sidewalk. I used to use that area as a potting area before we built the coop. It was a pretty neglected area, so this is a much better use of the space.

Here's the roost box that we built out of garbage....oh, I mean 'reclaimed' materials. We actually used the potting bench (found in the trash) and a couple of old windows (found in the trash). I'd been saving those windows for 10 years, hoping to one day build a cold frame. A few sheets of plywood that were laying around finished it up.

Aaron actually designed this little roost box for me. He wants to be an architect, so I figured he could do this. He did a great job. See how it opens for easy cleaning? I feel like the girls are pretty safe in there. I have opposable thumbs and sometimes I have a hard time opening the door for them. The coop is 10 x 10, which is supposed to be big enough for 10 birds, but I let them out to free range every day. Do you know what the definition of free range is? Destroy your garden.

Poor Stubs can't roost, so we built her a little small platform to sit up with the other birds since this photo was taken.

Aren't those old hinges cool? That is one thing I love about Glenco. He saves EVERYTHING and he is a scavenger. We see old doors and the like on the side of the road, he'll pull over and yank the hardware off if it's neat, or just take the whole danged door.

The latches on these old windows are what made me fall in love with them. They are old metal windows that we found by the trash in the historical district of Crown Point. I love trash night almost as much as I love bacon.

Here is another prime example of the ingratitude of chickens. Of course I want their little abode to be all cozy, so I planted a nice Hydrangea 'Limelight' for them to enjoy, and sit under. They ate it, and then dug it up for me. Thanks girls.

But I can't stay mad long, when I see the sweet little faces of my girls. What is it about chickens that I adore? Why do I want to hold them and kiss them? Why do I want to dress them and make little rolling pins and teach them to make pies?

Is there a medication for this?


  1. Oh my heavens, I have coop envy! That is the nicest chicken coop I have ever seen ... and the stitchery is worthy raving about. Your girls are very happy, I can tell! As soon as my hubby gets over me ripping green carpet out of a bedroom today, I'm going to ask him to help me spruce up our coop. ;)
    Have a great evening!

  2. Hey Jennifer! You do? Wow! Thanks...I feel like it's a little small. I have big plans for it though. You know...ya gotta keep the birds happy. :-)

  3. I wonder if the Chicken Pox vaccine cures chicken addiction? Yikes! Stay away from THAT one! :) I love your coop! It is absolutely fantastic. And Aaron did a great design job!! And what a great way to recycle too! :) Give them a hug and kiss for me too. I don't know what it is about the birdies, but they are just so lovable. I love my ducks, and now my guineas, and this spring I am going to get some actual chickens like yours and some silkies too to love on! Happy sigh.

  4. How cute! Aaron did a great job. I agree on your definition of Free Range. I planted flowers in the back yard and they dug them all up.

  5. Wow, I thought we had the Hotel Marriot for chickens, but you have us beat hands down. Awesome coop!

    I love that you hung crosstitch up for them. Love it!!!!!

  6. "oh my, your so much fun!!! i absolutely love all your stories. and if aaron is ever looking for a project, i am dyin to put pu a greenhouse and a rootcellar!!"

  7. Aaron did a really good job designing the coop. I also really like the antique aspect of the windows. Very nice.

  8. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I would love my hens to free range but alas, I have too many predators around my property. I'd have no chickens left by the end of the season. Sigh....
    (see my last post)

  9. Hi there..thanks for the visit! I love your blog too, but then I love chickens etc. You sure have a neat place..seems like all of us with things in common just seem to find each other! Come say hi again any time :D

  10. Your chicken coop looks great. I'd love to have the chickens and the coop here, but it's not to be (yet). Aaron is a very talented young man, somebody is doing something right raising him. :-)

  11. "We raised chickens on the ranch we lived on when the kids were little. When you let them "scratch" don't you think it makes the eggs taste different? I taught my little hens how to bowk bowk bowk, when Tana didn't know that I could see her watching me. I said, "ok girls, today we learn how to bowk bowk bowk". Strangest thing... they all stopped peep peep peeping and started to bowk bowk bowk. Tana thought I was the best teacher in the world!! Fun days."

  12. I don't know how you do it but you make me want to get chickens. I've told you I already have the coop. Darn you ;)

  13. "Why do I want to dress them and make little rolling pins and teach them to make pies?

    Too funny!!! Please, oh please, promise that you will post pictures when this day comes!!

  14. Jayme, as always, just loved it all. I haven't posted for awhile but trust me, I read everyday. I love the whole chicken thing and you just have a way with your words. By the time I get there you will have them doing pies. :)
    Aaron is going to be a great husband to someone some day. You'll be much rewarded as time goes on. I so applaud the "stay at home" Mom's. Do a mental check list and you can see the difference in those who did and those who haven't. I had no choice as I was a single Mom and my Mom was a single Mom so it was a way of life for me (or a curse). Keep pouring into Aaron.

  15. Love that chicken yard Jayme!! :)
    Don't you just love messing with the girls? I can sit forever watching their antics!

  16. Hey Blog Friends...thanks so much for all your comments! I really appreciate them soooo much. Glad you like the coop. I have more plans up my sleeve for it....of course I'll post when they are dressed in aprons and have their rolling pins!

  17. Jayme,
    I love your coop! Yes, I understand the true meaning of free range. I think my girls destroyed some daylilies dustbathing. They also don't understand that mulch is supposed to be IN the flowerbed!


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