Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pour a Chore

Just when you think that I couldn't possibly be any stranger, (know anyone else that finger paints with a chicken? I rest my case) I introduce to you.....Pour A Chore.

Everything has to be fun for me, or I at least try to make it fun. Chores are no different. On days and weeks when I feel a tad overwhelmed with my to do list. (Um, everyday) I look to my Pour A Chore to help me through.

Today's list was well, frustrating to me. I had over 20 things to do, besides home schooling and working at the BMV. Granted, these were things like phone calls, emails, cleaning out the chicken coop, the car, making appointments and the like, not big deal things. The little things that just eat at your mind, that only take a minute. I get squirrely in the head when I have a lot of those on my mind.

The first thing I do is write it all out. Now, I don't write things like 'redecorate the bedroom' on this list...this is the list that needs to be done NOW, or at the very least, tomorrow.

After I write it out, Aaron will cut them up and fold them.

Then (this was his idea, because he is like the KING of procrastination...gee...wonder where he learned THAT at?). We put them all in the coffee press.

Then, he gives it a good shaking. We pray that something quick and easy will fall out first. We always make a pact that we'll do whatever falls out, even if we don't 'feel' like it.

It makes a little game out of it in a way. Sometimes I even use this method with cleaning the house. I put all the rooms in the jar, or we do it for school, each subject on a little separate paper. It seems to motivate Aaron to see all those little papers disappearing.

Give it a try!


  1. That's funny Jayme. I have always been list oriented, still am and more so than ever as I've gotten older. If it's not on the list, it doesn't get done most times. A reason so many things left undone. :)
    I make an outside spring and fall list as well and it works for us especially since he became retarded..oops, I mean retired. :) I think lists are great for everyone, especially those who procrasinate. Because of my OCD, I have to get it done, get it done...:) oh the wonderful little world I live in...

  2. Oh, I just love you! You are so creative. I love your idea!

    Sometimes when I feel like I have not done much on a particular day, I will write all the little things I did on my "daily list" at the end of the day and immediately cross them off. Makes me realize that I did do a lot!


  3. I make list for myself all the time and I think it helps me get things accomplished. I've tried to get my girls to do the same, but so far no luck. Your idea might just do the trick...

  4. LOL :) That is a fantastic idea! I'll have to give it a whirl. I have gotten to the point that I ignore my lists, thinking "It can wait til next month or next year or forever..." :) LOL Captain's Wife - Jennifer

  5. Hi Jayme! I just found your blog and I really like it. I too make a list of things to do but I usually don't get them all done. I saw the article about you in the paper and it was very nice. I look forward to reading more about you in future blogs.

  6. Linda...I hear you are a real wiz at keeping things tidy. Would you come live here?

    Dogwood...thanks! You are so sweet. I used to put 'brush my teeth' on the list. I kid you not!

    Anke...let me know if it works for your girls! might be surprised how the kids will love it. Makes homeschooling fly by!

    Hi Cyntthia! Welcome! Hope you enjoy the blog.

  7. Jayme,
    LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, the idea ! You are so clever.
    Anthing to promote things getting done, whatever it takes. List making or pour a chore, such a wonderful idea. Wish I had little kids again around the house to try that one. Now I make Honey Do lists, which works also.
    Keep up your wonderful blogs,I enjoy all of them very much !

  8. Hey there stranger! Glad you are feeling better. I am waaaaay behind on my blogging. Tough to balance it all. Hope you have a fabulous weekend...I am started a little vacation! Wooohooo!

  9. Clever idea and fun too!
    It brought to mind one of Richard Simmon's diet aids - Deal a Meal. I believe the premise was (AFTER sweating to the Oldies) you pulled a card from each food group/course and then planned your meal around the same.

  10. Bella Della! Thanks for visiting again. I've unfortunately had a little relapse. :-( Sore sore sore throat. No energy. Blech.

    Kim...hi! I think it's a great motivational tool.

    Peggy...I totally remember 'Deal A Meal' I had that!


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