Monday, September 14, 2009

Wanting Your Opinion

Just thought I'd ask ya'lls opinion here. Isn't it ironic that I wait 21 years for a new window, and I can't even see it. I 'know' it's there though, and that gives me peace. I still have to spackle and touch up a spot over the window that I scraped, and the windowframes themselves need a touch up.

Here is the 'finished' product, after I put the furniture back. My question is, do you think I should pull the curtains back, or leave them as they are? I just can't decide. Now that I think of it, I so should have enclosed a pic of the curtains pulled back. Doh! It's too dark now to take it. Do you guys think that the lamp is too big for the table?

I need to go shopping for some new doodads for the living room. I have an entertainment center, and some shelves over the couch that are in dire need of merchandising. That is what I call decorating. I used to work at Pier One, and we would 'merchandise'. What is it about fall that makes you want to nest? I plan on shopping soon, buying whatever strikes my fancy, coming home, playing with it, and then returning 90% of it. It's the way I roll.

Do you think the berries in the vase on the coffee table is redundant, since there is a vase on the floor with berries? These are the kind of things that keep me up at night. It's terrible. If you only knew the extent of my disorder. It's frightening. I'm sure there's medication for it.

This winter when there aren't so many outside chores screaming my name, I plan on scanning pictures of the house when we first bought it. Oh my. How it smelled, how sad it was. The livingroom has gone through quite a few changes. I used to be VERY country primitive. Then, not so much....more traditional. I'm not sure what I am now. I really love Pottery Barn. I want to incorporate a few more rustic things in. Big Flea Market in Kane County, Illinois that I'm going to in October. I sure hope to find some treasures.

Thanks in advance for all your comments and help!


  1. Hi Jayme, I think your living room looks lovely. The lamp and the berries (on the floor and the table) look great. Personally I would pull the curtains back, but that's just me. I just want as much light in a room as possible...

  2. My opinion is......the vase is a bit big..but it does not look bad at all. Pull the curatian back.but I am into no curtains at all! (live out in the middle of no where in do not need them.)No....the berries are not redundant. Beautiful room..beautiful window! Great blog :)

  3. I'm beginning to want the curtains pulled back. They always have been, and this just seemed different to me, and sometimes different is good. It's a southern exposure window, so it gets a LOT of light. I'm a no kinda curtain gal too Joy...but our road is starting to get rather busy. So good to see you by the way!

    Anke, thanks for the input. I really appreciate it! Come back soon.....more help needed!

  4. I don't know what you should do with the curtains...I probably need a pic of it both ways to decide...but I just want to say you decorate beautifully! I have the decorating sense of a turnip, so I am way jealous! I love that room! Looks so cozy. :)

  5. You know me, always different, I love the pic exactly the way it is. I think the room gets plenty of light and I enjoy the curtains as well. Lamp isn't to big, as always everything is gorgeous. Can't wait for all your fans to see the place at christmas! Love ya, Me

  6. The curtains on the window give you a different look for the fall/winter season. Then you can pull them back in the spring. The table looks good there in front of the windows.
    As always your home is a showplace, good job.
    You have such a creative nack in putting things together.

  7. I love the colors, and it depends on the direction your window faces if I would leave it open or not. If it faces the south you get quite a bit of sun in and it will fade things like your carpets etc.
    Like you I love merchandising especially in the fall. The lamp looks just right!

    Now, about The Chicken Whisperer... How do I get chickens to quit chasing my toes when I go out with sandals on? I tried changing my polish color but that didn't help...

  8. Very warm, inviting and just lovely. Looks like a magazine picture. Can you do the curtains open in the day and close at night? They look fine the way they are but I like the outside light to come in through the day time. As always Jayme, good job!!

  9. I am so the last person to give decorating advice! I have been living here 5 years and just got curtains for one room. It's like I am frozen when it comes to decorating decisions.

    I like the curtains to have to close at night, but I like windows to be sunny during the day. Could you put some kind of little decorative hooks on each side where you could pull them back during the day and then let them down at night?

    Looking forward to my jam!

  10. Ladybug...I always think of you when I look at that table. You sure have been with me through a lot of my decorating madness!

    Rhon..thanks. I keep thinking about your downstairs room. It looks so good! We need to finish up that trim!!

    Susan....keep your shoes on! LOL.....Thanks for your input! I appreciate you stopping by.

    Linda...thanks! I value your opinion a lot. I do think I will end up pulling them back during the day, even though it's a southern exposure. I like a lot of light.

    Mama Hen....your jam SHOULD arrive today! I get frozen with decisions too, that is why I end up obsessing.

  11. Hmmmm, after reading everyone else's opinion, I hesitate to respond with my first thoughts. But I'm a "tell the truth" kind of girl so here goes...

    First of all, it doesn't matter what those decorating books/magazines/gurus say. You're the one who lives in your home and if YOU like it, that's all the matters. Not even a friend's opinion should make you change what you love.
    That said, I do think the lamp is a little large for the table that it's on. I tend to have lamps that are too small 'cause I fall in love with 'em at Goodwill or in the clearance bin & then I have to "lift" them with old books.
    I'd probably fool around with moving the vase from the coffee table to the spot where the lamp is so that it ties into the one on the floor. If it's too tall, I'd try pulling the berries out and putting it sort of sprayed across the top of the table.
    And here's my personal foible when it comes to window treatments...the mini blind in between the sheers would bother me. It doesn't look cohesive to me. Are there blinds under the sheers? Can you put a sheer over the middle blind?
    That's my $.02. Please don't hate me for offering my opinion and I love you whether or not you ever take my advice.
    I "nest" in the fall too. I'm a few days away from putting out my autumn "stuff." When Halloween is over some of it will get put away but the rest stays until it's time for Christmas decorating.
    Okay, this is long and I've got to get myself around. Hugs, Leslie

  12. Leslie! I absolutely love your honesty! Thank you! The lamp is bothering me a little. I just used what I had, and it is the matching lamp that is on an end table that you can't see right now. That end table is in storage right now, much to my husbands frustration. (I change things....ALOT). Although, he agrees that he likes this table better.

    The wooden blinds and the curtains. You've no idea how I stressed over this.....the wooden blinds that I purchased were from Lowe' know the nice thick old fashioned kind? I was able to get them right off the rack for all the windows, but those little skinny windows, would have had to be custom bllinds at over $100 a pop, and that is why I opted out of that. I'm way too cheap to pay that for blinds. Therefore...I did the curtain thing. Argh.

  13. You must be so excited to have the new window. Looks great. I like light in my rooms so would probably leave the curtains open during the day. But it does have a warm and cozy look with them closed. The room looks so inviting to me. I would not change a thing. Sit down and enjoy. Dogwood

  14. What a beautiful, warm room. It's lovely!! And here's my vote for some merchandising tutorials from you over the winter!
    My two cents: I love it closed up - so cozy and a little nest away from the outside world. I'd want the option to light it up, though. What about a nice big rod that spans all the windows. Hang it above the trim. Hang curtains on each side of the window. So the curtains are there, but not necessarily closed. Add wooden blinds to each window (when you save up the $, for texture and privacy when you want it darkened. I'm thinking Pottery Barn look, here. The lamp looks fine to me. And I think I love your coffee table! :) Thanks for sharing!

  15.'s my fifty cents worth (I always give more than is required...just my nature).

    The blinds and curtains look fine... monochromatic with the walls,furniture, etc. Also, you pull the brown fabric into the room with the throw over the arm of the corner chair. Leave the curtains down as they lend a bit of traditional formality to the room, while you remain in control of the blinds to allow for light/privacy/etc as needed.

    The berries are fine where they are... especially since I notice a similar motif in the hutch with the photo of your mom (I loved seeing that..). As in gardening, you are appropriately and creatively adhering to the rules of three... Odd numbers RULE in these symmetry for engineers and men who paint the white and yellow lines on the roadways. :) Peggy

  16. p.s. The size of the lamp is fine...don't just look at the table...observe how the top of the lamp goes above the base line of the corner hutch...It drawsa nd moves the eye above the window sills and across the room...

    Ya done good, kid.

  17. Hi Jayme,
    Thanks for dropping by Cackleberry Cottage. I have enjoyed visiting your blog! Curtains, what curtains? I couldn't get past the beautiful mouldings around your windows! I live in a "new" (now it is 11 years old) house. I only have wood on the window sills!

  18. Here's my two cents. I give interior design advice every day since that's what I do for a living. First of all...if you like it...leave it. That's what I tell many of my clients. So many people get hung up on those flipping magazines. Pardon my French. I had a lady that loved borders, but everyone was telling her that borders weren't "in" anymore. I told her "Who cares!" If you like it stay with it. Btw wallpaper and borders are making a comeback!

    That said I like ,personally, the curtains open. Some days leave them open, some days close them. The lamp is a tad big, but not enough to worry about. I'd change the berries in the vase on the floor. Maybe something a bit taller and yellow to add a bit of punch to it.
    Thats me.


  19. I can't even begin to tell you how tickled I am to get all of your feedback!!! This is just too much fun. Peggy, Jennifer, Dogwood, Lorilee and Lisa...thank you so so so much for stopping by and taking time to comment like you did. I have read your comments several times. I appreciate it so! I've decided to use some old school room hooks as tie backs, to open things up when I want to, and keep them closed in the evening or when needed for that cozy feel. I'll post a pic just as soon as I can. I can't wait to get your opinions on other areas that are in need of merchandising!

    THANK YOU!!!!

  20. Your room looks like a picture right out of a catalog girl! EVERYTHING is FABULOUS! Looks like the perfect place to snuggle up with a good book! Curtains opened or closed, preference. I would open the blinds during the day to see what's out there and close them later-just me. The blinds let you tweek how much light you get, great idea. The window framing is beautiful! Love the detail!


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