Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vintage Finds and More

After reading Dogwood's blog about Friday pinks, I felt inspired. I'm sure the pink eye had something to do with it too. I snuck out of the house yesterday to go to the Antique Store in town. I was like a junkie needing a fix. I needed me some vintage goods.

I'd already had the bowls, but I just used them to stage the new dish cloth and buttons I got. The pic is a little dark, it doesn't really convey how lovely this is. Makes my belly ache.

Then....I found this nice hunk of vintage fabric. It said it was from the 1940's. It's in perfect condition. About two yards. I've no idea what I'll do with it, I just needed it. I did. Maybe curtains? A tablecloth?

Just a nice little thing that happened this week. That sweet Wendy, over at Long Days, Short Years sent me the nicest little note with some jelly. I've just loved meeting new friends through this blog, and staying in touch with old ones. Ya'll are great!

Found this at JoAnn's last week. I'm not a huge Halloween fan, I like the cute little vintagy decorations. I don't like the gore. Isn't this CUTE? I'm planning on making an apron out of it, cause every farmgirl needs an apron for every occasion. It's in the farmgirl handbook. I swear.

Another thing every good farmgirl needs is a little book with husband pleasing recipes. This is a little advertising cookbook from a shortening company called Spry. I have to do a little investigating. I've never heard of Spry. Only Crisco.

This falls under the vintage heading cause this is my dear dear friend Renee. She's the oldest friend I have...not in years, but in years of being friends. So she is my vintage friend. Look at those aprons we have on. Cupcake aprons...for making cupcakes of course! (Please refer to fifth paragraph in this blog) Renee stopped over to celebrate National Cupcake Day with me. She'd finished an apron I started long ago at her house, made zucchini cupcakes, and even brought me little farmgirl gifts! She is incredible. Sweet, thoughtful, and every other positive adjective you can interject here, she's it. She even brought White Castle hamburgers. It's a South Side Chicago girl kinda thing.

Lastly, I thought I'd show you my pincurl hairdo. LIke the little vintage earrings? Nice touch. Oh shoot! Just realized I forgot to take a pic of all the vintage dress patterns I got from Etsy. Anyhow, as you can see, I've a lot to learn, but not bad for the first try.

Thanks SO much for all of your sweet get well wishes. I appreciated them all so much. I do think I'm on the mend. I got a little canning done yesterday, and I'm in the mood to move furniture. It's a good sign.

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


  1. Tha fabric just screams "tablerunner and placemats" to me. Beautiful finds and beautiful curls.

  2. Jayme, now ya look like my "Aunt Ethel" with those pin curl curls. Really cute! Did you do those with bobby pins? I can do that really well. :) Always remember to put a bandana around them when you're all done. It makes the curls better or some "old wives tale".
    I'm glad you're on the mend.

  3. Jayme, I am so HAPPY that you included me in on your vintage finds, thats makes our friendship extra special. I am not only honored to be your vintage friend, I am so very proud to have you as my dearest friend. The pic turned out cute ! Ah yes, a apron for every holiday and occasion, watch out sewing machine, here we come.
    Your fever must have broke for you to sneek out, I guess you had a fever of a different kind.(the shopping kind, I know you were on a mission). A girls gotta due what a girls gotta due, sick or not.
    I loved your new hair do, my Mom always wore pin curls and a scarf on her head when I grew up. It really turned out cute. I can just see you next thinking about what kind of group you can form and head up about vintage housewifes, I see you now, wearing your vintage clothing and apron and jewerly, wouldn't that be fun !!
    Oh your too much, but I enjoy ever minute of you, past,present and our future together!
    Keep up your blogging, it's terrific !!

  4. Jayme, Just love your vintage finds! I shop at that antique shop alot too. I have found some wonderful things there. Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Jayme,
    Talked to my almost 85 year old mother tonight .
    I asked her if she knew what spry was, and the first thing that she said was it's just like the crisco of today. So you were right !

  6. Sorry I forgot to tell you that she also said since you have gone vintage, you now need to get a mickie apron. I remember my grandmother wearing one all the time.

  7. love the material you are collecting. I had a bit of a chuckle, it is quite alarming the differences in countries. When I read White Castle hamburgers I did a double take, as White Castle here is a bleach, that is here in dont think my friends would enjoy those!

  8. I love the pincurls! And the new (old) fabric. I see a tablecloth, but the placemats are a great idea also.

    Hope you enjoy the jelly!

  9. Anke...I am going to be so scared to actually cut it! Good ideas though!

    Linda...feel like giving me a few pincurl lessons?? you (((hugs))))'s so nice we have so many around here isn't it?

    Aussiemade....I'm going to think of bleach everytime I eat a White Castle now! lol

    Mama Hen..can't wait to try the jelly. You are so sweet to send it.

  10. Hi Jayme,

    I read an article about you in the Times this morning. Very interesting! I love all things vintage and farmgirl. I don't live on a farm or have chickens but a girl can dream can't she?

    Your blog is great. I'll enjoy reading it.

    I grew up on the Southeast side of Chicago on 107th and L. I went visit last year- just love
    the alleys and little back yards. I then moved to Oaklawn and became an official Southsider.

    I now live in Chesterton. I would love to visit your farm. Is that possible?

    God Bless,


  11. I too, read about you in the Times today~how delightful to meet a "kindred spirit"! We, too, would love to have chickens, a cow, you name it. We do grow a large garden, can, make jellies from our wild berries, tap our trees for maple syrup, love to wear aprons!! So you see, it will be so fun to read your posts from a local "farm gal". BTW, do you have the Mary Jane books?~they have some great projects in them.

  12. Jaym,
    I love,love,love the pic of you with the curls. I want one. It's so beautiful, does Glen like it? We are all Hearts of the Farm aren't we? I love your blogs and I love all the comments. Haven't read the paper yet but I will. Tay stood up in the quince last night and I'm still exhausted from it all, so glad it's over. Well I will have to bring our girl Lin out and do a pin curl thing. What kind of jelly is that, didn't recognize the label. Love u, Raundalee

  13. Jayme, just read the article about you. It was good except the picture sucks!! :) Now you're famous! Keep blogging!

  14. Your Canadian friendSeptember 6, 2009 at 4:11 PM

    Yup, sounds like you're back to yourself. I can always tell because just reading about what you've done in a day makes me tired :) I am so NOT a farmgirl, but you're definitely MY favorite one! You are just too cute my Jayme...I think of you often.



  15. Thought I'd say hi- I just read the article in the paper and I love a fun blog! I just started wearing an apron- makes my efforts at making our house cozy seem a little more real and heartfelt :)

  16. To my new readers...Kathy, Rachel Marie, & Rhonda D...thanks a bunch for stopping by! I hope you found it worth your time. Would love to have you around as regulars! Kathy, I don't know that there is much to see here at this time of year, but you are more than welcome.

    Linda...THANK YOU for being honest about that pic! I've always hated pics of myself, and that one is no exception. Why does my hand look so large?? lol....I just try not to think about it.

    Rhon...what is a Quince? It's muscadine jelly, similiar to grape.

  17. I really enjoyed the article in The Times about you and reading your blog. We lived in Griffith, moved to Wheatfield to enjoy the country life but moved back to subdivision life to be closer to family and work. We definitely miss living in the country.

  18. Cheryl! Thanks so much for stopping by. I so appreciate it.

  19. glad to have found your site thru the times.

  20. I think that material is perfect for another apron. You can never have too many aprons!


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