Sunday, September 6, 2009

Take Me to the River

I was going to name this blog 'Freak Accident in Kankakee River ....Woman Loses Rearend' Tell you more about that later!

Today was an interesting day. I knew there was going to be an article in the paper about me, and I was excited, and nervous. Let me preface this by saying that Phil Potempa is a sweetheart. Such a nice guy to talk to. I thought he did a great job on the article, and it appears that I have a few new readers here to boot! Welcome!

I let the paper lay in the driveway until after 9am. I'm not sure why! I felt nervous. I finally looked at it, and I think they did a nice job. I'm not sure why my one arm looks so much larger than my other arm. Maybe the lens they used.

Other than that, it was a quiet day. I knew my sis was going to stop by around 1pm, so I felt a little stuck in doing anything. I didn't really want to get started doing something, only to have to stop it, so I putzed. Gosh I'm good at putzing.

Made this delicious Lemon Cream Pie today. If your gonna putz, do it right, and make a pie!

After sis and crew left around 4, I just felt so restless. I didn't really want to work around the house, I didn't want to sit down and plan Aaron's lessons.....argh...I just wanted out.

Glenco and I took a little ride down to the Kankakee River in the old little boat that he's been working out. It's a cute little runabout from 1956.

Here's me on the boat, playing around with the camera. The first thing I think when I see pic, is like, girl, you need some conditioner!

We rode on down to a little restaurant in Hebron called Marti's Place. I got a steak, Glenco got a Philly Sandwich. It's a pretty restaurant. They have a LOT of flowers. Here's a peek at the patio where we ate.

Here's our little boat docked at the restaurant. Looks so cute doesn't it? I pretended that we lived on an East Coast island, and that we had to take the boat everywhere. I imagined coming home with little paper sacks of groceries for our little island cottage. Life would be so charming there.

On the way home, it was about dark, and it was.....COLD. COLD. I shivered in the fetal position in the hull of the boat while Glenco captained us home. So dark it was hard to get the boat on the trailer. I froze my hiney OFF. It's gone. Poof. It's going to be quite uncomfortable sitting here blogging without a butt.


  1. Exactly what newspaper is the article about you in? Can I read it online? Congrats on being a celebrity!

  2. Never mind, Jayme, I just found the newspaper by Googling your name. It's a sweet article, nicely done. And I can vouch for the fact that your arms don't really look like that.

  3. Wow, you are famous! How exciting!!!

    Can I come and take a boat ride with you? I have some hiney that needs to freeze off.

  4. Hi Sparky! Thanks for testifying to that! The original paper article was very nice, had a lot more pics. There were a few facts wrong, nothing major though. Our hosue is actually 140 years old, and I don't have any immediate next door neighbors, I can't really SEE the hospital from my back door, it's about 5 miles away...but it's just cornfields as far as I can see out the backdoor. I have neighbors right across the street though. Super neighbors.

    Mama Hen...we would have a hoot on that boat! My rearend is back though, so it wasn't a lasting fix!

  5. Thanks for the call today, you were used mightily. I was dealing with some heavy stuff and the reminder of all that I love pulled me right out of it. The pics of the water and the pic of you are just simply put..... beautiful. I love your hair like that, didn't look fried to me at all, wind blown maybe. Thanks again for the chat, you didn't mean to but you saved my sanity today.

  6. I love Marti's, though I'm not sure if it'd be worth freezing your butt off. The flowers are so beautiful... I'm always inspired to go home and plant more flowers after we eat dinner there.

  7. Jayme, now for sure we know they don't report facts correctly.
    I loved the wind blown "do" but I like the pin curl look much better. Oh, to be as adventurious as you. Small boat, river, freezing butt, just to eat?? I guess I'm really getting old. :) I hope you can remain the same to a ripe old age.

  8. You are so darn funny! I love reading your posts because they are sure to leave me happy and smiling! I hope you'll post the article link. I don't often read about famous people I know ... sort of :)
    Love your boat. How fun! And I wish I could freeze MY butt off. Because I hate walking it off ... or starving it off. Freezing it off sounds easier.

  9. I seen your article in the paper and enjoyed it very much-I thought I would check out your Blog and I really like it too!

  10. R - you are in my prayers hon.

    Erin...ya, the food wasn't worth the freeze, but the adventure was. How many people can say they went to a restaraunt on a boat?

    Linda...I hope I stay the same too. I just don't like sittin' still. I like 'active' recreation!

    Jennifer...I always enjoy your blog and comments too. You are pretty funny yourself! if you go to, and search for Jayme Goffin, you should find me. :-)

    Pam...thanks for stopping by!! Glad you like the blog.

  11. Speaking of boat stories, Chris got this 1962 Kiekhaefer Mercury 110 9.8 horse outboard from someone I know at the marina in ec. Well, we go out to Cedar Lake to test the motor and to see if the 14 foot boat he's been working all summer is water worthy. Well, we're about to take off and he pulls the starter rope, and guess what happens. The motor was in the opposite gear. Instead of going forward, it went backward almost up the boat ramp with me hanging on to both the boat and the dock yelling would you kill the blanking motor! Turns out his buddy the night before whom had been working on the motor and boat w/ Chris the night before forgot to put the gear back into neutral.

  12. Oh Sabrina...that is a HOOT! I can just see you. Hey, rumor has it that you are in Gary that true?


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