Friday, September 4, 2009

A Cup of Love

Today is day 7 of sickness. Pink eye in both eyes. Had a chest x-ray yesterday as the Dr. was sure I had pneumonia. I don't. I have to say I do feel better today that I've felt in a week, other than the feeling that my eyeballs have been rolled in kitchen cleanser and my throat feels as if I've swallowed bleach. I'm on the mend!

As I lay in the fetal position in my favorite chair, my little sweetpea Aaron made me a cup of coffee. The coffee I drink is quite a process. No ordinary coffee will do. It has to be Starbucks Verona. 2 portions of ultra thick syrupy espresso made with one cup of steamed skim milk. 2 teaspoons of sugar. I like my coffee like I like my men. Sweet and strong. Life is much too short to drink bad coffee.

What hit me today as I lay there suffering, was hearing all the little noises coming out of the kitchen. Spoons and cups clinking, espresso brewing, drawers opening and shutting. The sounds of life. The little background sounds that we all hear, but do we listen? I felt overcome with the sense of being loved as I heard Aaron in there clinking around making my coffee, knowing exactly how I like it. The look on his face as he brought it to me was priceless.

I'm loved today.

That fills my day.

Listen today for sounds of love in your house. I betcha you'll hear them.


  1. Oh my goodness Jayme, you have had a time of it, haven't you? So sorry.

    I love your post today and I hope you keep on feeling better each day.

  2. Lovely post. Do hope you're feeling better soon. I completely understand your special relationship with coffee. I live just outside Seattle. Take care.

  3. I sure hope you "kick" that sickness out of your body real soon. I know the coffee made by your sweetpea Aaron will certainly help. But, take it easy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am loving posting my blogs and having blog friends. Be well. Dogwood

  4. OH Jayme hope you feel better and quick!
    How sweet of Aaron to make your special coffee! It looks Yummety Yum Yum!!!

  5. Jayme, I hear those "sounds of love" just about every day. My husband is the alpha cook around here, and the clanging and clinking of his spoons and pots is music to my ears. I cook occasionally, like tonight, but he rules the kitchen - and I'm happy to let him.

    Sending you Get Well wishes!

  6. I do hope you feel better soon! How sweet of Aaron. You are right, those sounds often go unnoticed. I'll be listening today. And oh yum, the coffee sounds divine! I quit drinking coffee because I was sure the amazing creamer I used was causing me to gain weight. Guess what? I have gained two pounds since I quit. Ugh. (((hugs)))

  7. Jayme, I was told by a opthomologist a very long time ago to use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo for pink eye, suds up a washcloth and 3xper day wash your eyes...have them close! works like a dream. My son, Aaron, use to get pink eye all the time and this was the suggestion instead of buying the ointment.Hope your feeling better asap!

  8. Jayme, so sorry you're still not up to par. It's been years since I had pink eye but I do remember how painful it was. Itchy, scratch, scratch..
    The coffee sounded wonderful and what a great care taker Aaron is.
    I pray you'll be back on both feet soon...I know your body needed a rest. :) Try to rest up for the harvest time.

  9. Hi sugarpie,
    I hate that your sick but your on the mend. Am lifting you up to the Father for continued healing. Time for fun when your better eh? Great blog, even when your sick your so great at stuff like this. Hit some killer garage sales yesterday. Well gotta run, big day today, feel better. love you much, Rhon

  10. I came here via the article on The Times, and I'm glad I did. What a great message--I can't wait to read more of your blog!


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