Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Did I Do to Deserve This?

The pillow is still missing.
For reals.
The house is scoured, and I do mean scoured.

I have no idea where this week has gone.
Now that the BoyChild is on summer break, and here more often than not - I feel fragmented.

We are up to tom foolery all the live long day, and there is part of me that thinks I need to be more regimented, and another part of me that will rue the day I regiment myself when he's grown and long gone and I'm alone, again, naturally.

Here's the week in photos - not sure that words are necessary.
What do I see here?

The beauty of summer, the frivolity of youth, and a life where clocks are paid no never mind.

A life who's to do list is started with
'find the beauty'.

photo by the BoyChild
A life deeply breathed.

A life in slow motion.
Where the breaking of beans keep the time.

A life that finds entertainment unplugged.

A life ripe with possibilities.

A life where joy, happiness and appreciation are cultivated with the same fervor
that berries and beans are.

 A life where we promise each other to never get old in spirit.

A life in which the weather is measured by how fast the laundry dries on the line...
photo by istockphoto

And the summer nights are spent watching nature wind down for the day.

So, would somebody please tell me what in the sam hill I did to deserve all of this?


  1. You didn't do a danged thing!!! Can't earn this stuff. You are blessed beyond belief, and you're grateful.

  2. Jayme, your happiness is all over your face. So peaceful, so pretty. Your place looks so beautiful. I so envy the quietness you enjoy. Bless you!

  3. Youses grateful for the things you got!...that's offen howz we gets 'em.

  4. Yep, you don't have to do a danged thing! Sometimes you jes git t'enjoy the good life! yay! xo

  5. You are an absolute gem! So glad you and Donna came last night.
    You sure don't deserve the missing cushion mystery. I hope you don't find it on the trails of Turkey Run?
    What does it look like? Maybe you should post a photo so we can all look for it.
    If it helps..I am missing a new shirt that I washed and dried that is the last I remember of it. I have looked everywhere in the house. I wonder when and where it will appear??
    LOLOL that first pictures cracks me up.

  6. WHEN you find the red pillow, look and see if my husband's pocket knife is under it. He says I lost it, I say I never saw it. One of has to be right!
    Keep cool!

    103.5 here today in Mizzouree!

  7. Many people live the same life but don't recognize the blessings. The key is that you recognize it and are thankful.

  8. Your posts are like crack. I can not get enough.

    OK, so not that I know what crack is like. I'm just sayin...


  9. Yore just gorgeous, Marty. Yes, I said yore. I want to break tough beans with thou. And Aaron's coneflower picture is just gorgeous.

  10. what a great post! And such the reminder I see the beauty that's all around me. Every. Single. Day!

  11. We don't deserve it...not one last thing, but God, who is rich in mercy, blesses the socks off us and more! And I SEE YOUR COLLAR BONES!! ;)

  12. Now I see why my keeps talking about you...(we send emails about what blogs to read). You are fabulous!

  13. Well despite the missing pillow and all the tom foolery, you look Fab-U-lous!Great job at all that you do. After your post I was inspired to scour my own home at 11:40 at night. LAW!

  14. Sorry you are just one very lucky woman!!!

  15. You make me smile.
    I love that.

  16. This is just pure happiness. Love it.

  17. The plot thickens...someone either really likes the pillow and needed it.... Hummmm?

    God delights in giving just like we do when we give to others. He has blessed you till your cup overflows.

  18. you be YOU that is what you do. You are infectious. I lovest thee.

  19. Did you check out your travel trailer, isn't that where your guest stayed? Just a thought about the missing pillow.

  20. Beautifully said...and yes, you're very blessed. I'm a list-maker, a must-have-order kinda gal. But when it come to the kids, and summer break, it's all so fast...and then it's over. It's now when I have a looser to-do list, and try to be careful...I don't want to miss a thing. I'd say you're right on track...enjoy every minute.

  21. ahh summer...soak it up! I'm off to take pictures of a train trestle in Benton County, wish me luck!

  22. You my dear are inspiration!

  23. Don't pay those clocks no nevermind. God is good! You are one blessed gal. law.

  24. You recognize and appreciate the gift. That's what you've done.

  25. You worked hard and found the real meaning in life...something that some never do. Enjoy!

  26. God is gutt. Ha, I always have been a closet Amish woman. You are the best. I love your home and wish I was a close neighbor so I could drop by and see youuns. Yes, youuns, thats how our horse and buggy neighbors talked. I can't wait to see how I am supposed to spell that! I really got a kick out of the big black fur ball with the white polka dot on his tummy, and ahhhh, the chickens,why can't I have a hubby like Glennco, so I could have some lady like feathered friends??

  27. you Look BEAUTIFUL!!! jan

  28. I've enjoyed summer much the same way. At times I am working hard to get something done and marked off my list, then I am stopping to videotape the kitten playing or play with him myself. I am starting to get anxious because the time is almost over. I have to go back to work/school on August 12. WAAAH!

  29. Your a kindred spirit, that's what you did to deserve it! WE should all be as thankful for all the beauty in our lives as you are each day. I love reading your blog, keep it up, I would be lost without it!

  30. My first thought was, "something right". :)

  31. You go on my list of One Thousand Gifts! I am so thankful for you and how you make me smile (o.k. so some times it's more like snorting out loud, but I thought smile made me sound dignified!!)

  32. What a wonderful life you have. I'm glad you share it with us.

  33. There's nothing to earn. You simply created a life on who you are. Thought + action = results. But mostly I think your life and what is, or is not, around you is simple based on who you are inside.

    More simple put your life is a reflection on who you are.

    OK I'm getting redundant, time to stop. But you get the idea.



  34. You have a lovely life.
    You are a lovely lady and deserve your lovely life.
    Love the photos.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  35. You are counting your blessings, and appreciate all that you have. You are a rare spirit, because most people do not do this, so well done you. You are rich beyond measure!

  36. Haints ain't gota chance in a house that full of love! "They" say that the love you spread comes back twofold (at least)... Well just look how much love you've been a spreadin' here! It's no surprise to me!

  37. What a lovely blessed life you have right now -- I say, soak it up and enjoy! :)

  38. The distorted photo of you just cracked me up. Your pictures are beautiful. You are living a charmed life.

  39. Pillow, pillow... where art thou? I vote for the cat. Our cat used to drag pillows away... but where?

    Summer joys! You are one lucky lady!

  40. I was really enjoying your post... then I got to the "evening" picture... with THE fancy wire fence! We are putting up a fence just like this around our veggie garden, it is my birthday present this year... well we've had a tough time finding pictures of how this fence can be put up and have driven all over looking for local houses to no avail. Would it be possible for you to email me some pictures of the fence?


  41. You're blessed. And such a pretty girl!


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