Friday, July 8, 2011

So Let it Be Written

So let it be written, so let it be done.
I shall keep my drivel here.
It was an overwhelming response!
Thank you all so much - I was astounded by your kindness, and rendered
speechless by gratitude yesterday.
You are all such an incredible blessing to my life!

Obligatory Chicken Photo #1

I promise to limit my weight loss drivel - although from the comments and emails I've gotten - y'all need some encouragement and motivation. 
I shall consider it my life's purpose!

Obligatory chicken photo #2
But, I am camping again soon - so there will be tales of horror and woe, and the garden is positively kicking a$$ right now and photos must be shared.  I somehow ended up with six roosters, hens are broody, and The Pink Chicken - although alive, is in Intensive Care at the moment.  There are more embarrassing moments and photos in the archives, my cotton ball phobia is alive and well, Janie Fox will be at the Coop this weekend, and life keeps rolling on at an alarming rate.

The only thing I have to say about the whole thing today is this - (AGAIN with the - !)
Be careful that you aren't treating the symptom (overweight) instead of the cause (why are you eating so much?)

We'll go into that in depth soon.
We all medicate with something.
Mine has been food.

Today I'll close with gratefulness for each and everyone of you.
I swear that I want to have you all here, and sit down one at a time with you and thank you, and talk and laugh and get to know you.
Blogging seems so one-sided, you know?

'Now taking reservations for the Squirrel!'

(for my new readers, that's what I call my vintage camper)

Thank you - again.
My heart is full.


  1. You with the --- I am all over the ... I may have to change mine up a bit and use yours... well-- you know.. I cannot wait for Sunday and our crazy fun! I am planning to medicate with Jayme humor!xoxo

  2. I love the --- myself, and your drivel. Postively, anything you want to drivel.. I will be here -- with bells on. Thanks for being such an encourager! We will still be here rooting you on as well. -Tammy

  3. You are so sweet. - Thank goodness for the poultry pictures - perfect pick-me-up!!!!!!!!

  4. Glad you're keeping all your musing in one blog! I'm riveted anyway! I am struggling with the food issue too. Lack of exercise and huge stress are my major factors...cookies seem to assuage that somehow. LOL That, or wine. ~grin~
    Keep us posted on all and sundry. We love hearing from you!

  5. I am so jealous of Janie.

    The end.


  6. Can I just say, you make me want to run and get and a bunch of chickens! ;) have a happy weekend!

  7. Your birds are beautiful! I can only imagine the craziness of you and the Lady Fox! Have a great time!

  8. I'm a, and a -er as well. And I can't seem to stop myself from starting an alarming number of sentences with the word "and".
    So here's my question of the day, Keep. Is it at all possible to over eat just because you simply love food? (As I'm sitting here eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream with Reese's mixed in.)

  9. Yes, keep those gratuitous chicken photos coming! I love them.
    I am also looking forward to hearing more about the weight loss/boot camp journey.
    You are looking great!
    Kathy from TAS

  10. Gorgeous chicken photos and inspirational story about your health goals. Is juicing part of your diet plan? I just got into this last week, using the Juice Lady's Turbo Diet book. Love it!

  11. No garden walk this year? Where will the funny accent lady go? jan

  12. You tell Janie hi for me! And give her a hug from way down here in North Cack-a-lacky!

  13. Well I for one am a big fan of Janie Fox as I got to meet her in person a year ago. Hugs to both of you!!


  14. Have fun! I look forward to hearing all about anything you want to share.

  15. Your blog title reminds me so much of the old LONG movie... Ten Commandments. We used to watch it... and we would all vow to see it through to the end... yet all 3 of us kids never made it past the parting of the red sea, lol.

    Glad you are sticking to this one blog spot...

  16. You just make me want to hug my chickens more! Thanks for such a lovely post and encouragement! Stay as beautiful and funny as you are!

  17. Then I am medicating 'something' rather large.....300+ pounds worth. :'( I can't stay on a diet or program for the life of me.

  18. I love reading your blog, can't wait to hear more about the weight loss journey.

  19. We'll all look for your words to encourage and inspire us. How about a little Coop Keeper Boot Camp of your own? I'd love to get on a plan that actually's a toughie with kids in the house (oh, the cookies we live for!) -Mary


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